Phuc Gia® – Liter Unit is one of the important concepts necessary for businesses to determine the capacity of equipment according to their needs. For the most accurate information about this liter concept, please refer to Phuc Gia® for details in the article below!

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What is a liter?

Liter Unit Definition:

The liter is a metric unit of volume. The liter is not an SI unit but, along with units like hours and days, it is listed as one of the “non-SI units accepted for use with SI.” The SI unit of volume is the cubic meter (m³).

The symbol for liter is a lowercase L or an uppercase L. The handwritten l (ℓ) is also used, but is not accepted by the BIPM.

In addition, we can also convert Liters (L) to SI units according to the ratio:

1 L = 0.001 m³

Above is some information about the Liter unit that Phuc Gia® provides to consumers, hopefully with this information you will be able to better understand the unit of measurement of capacity as well as prepare the appropriate equipment. to use. In addition to providing information about Liters, Phuc Gia® is also a leading provider of the fastest Energy Labeling and Refrigerator Conformity Certification Service. Customers who want to be consulted and use Customs services at Phuc Gia®, please contact us immediately to receive in-depth advice and services to apply for a prestigious import-export license. best!


Phuc Gia® – Leading Customs Service Provider:

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The reason why every business chooses Phuc Gia® is the leading unit in Food Safety Conformity Declaration Consulting and Conformity Declaration for Food Safety Regulations, Energy Labeling, Conformity Certification, Cosmetics and Logistics Service Announcement:

1) Phuc Gia® has more than 5 years of experience in the industry, is the first unit capable of providing Customs services for more than 500 large and small domestic & foreign units: Sharp (2012); Samsung (2012); Hitachi (2013); Electrolux (2013); Panasonic (2013); LG (2013); Sony (2013); Siemens (2013); Mitsubishi (2013); GE (2013); Haier (2014); Toshiba (2014); Carrier (2014); Philips (2014); HappyCook (2015); General (2015); TCL (2015); Alaska (2015); Casper (2015); Gree (2016); Hai Ha (2016); VinMart (2017)… 2) Phuc Gia® owns a team of Professional Consultants and Workflows that can answer all questions of the Enterprise, helping customers to optimize their time, mind and energy. as well as minimizing risks in the process of transporting goods and applying for a clearance permit. 3) Phuc Gia® is the first & only unit to announce the Global Listed Price on the Website & Free Insurance for Customers for 1 year in case the State’s laws change!


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This is also the concern of many customers before choosing Phuc Gia® as a customs service provider. Over the past 5 years, Phuc Gia® has served more than 500 domestic and international large and small enterprises, More than 90% of the businesses that have used the Customs Services of Phuc Gia® commented that the quality of the Service is worth the money they spend. Customers commented that: “With the price, businesses have to pay for it. When using Customs Services of Phuc Gia®, it is much cheaper than the cost and time required for enterprises to learn by themselves to complete tasks such as: Bringing products to test by themselves; Self-study to compose a profile; Working with ministries and agencies to complete the dossier; Making your own customs clearance…” Phuc Gia® is committed to optimizing time, mind, energy and money in the process of customs clearance of goods as well as MINIMIZING RISKS during the licensing process!

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