Thuc Thuoc is the tuber of the field plant, a nutritious medicine that has the effect of promoting health, clearing heat, and fighting inflammation.

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The hollyhock is the tuber of the locust tree, a nutritious medicine that has the effect of promoting health, clearing heat, and anti-inflammatory. So what effect does it have? What disease? Let’s learn about this unique medicine with An Quoc Thai Herbal medicine!

What is the land of the earth?

The scientific name is Rehmania glutinosa Libosch, belongs to the dog muzzle family. Other names such as fenugreek, tuber, etc. The tree is grown quite widely in the northern mountainous regions, coastal areas of China, and cool, stable areas all year round. This is a rare medicinal herb with very good health effects.

It is a tuberous root plant. Each tree usually has from 4 to 8 bulbs, the bark is slightly red. Plants are usually 10 to 40 cm tall. The tree has an elongated oval shape, the leaf margins are slightly serrated, uneven growing in clusters under the tree.

Field flowers are bell-shaped with 5 petals, red, the inside is yellow, flowers usually have 2 -3 pistils, 1 male and 1 female. The fruit is ovoid, with many brown seeds.

Pictures of hollyhocks

Distribution, harvesting, local processing

It is widely distributed in the adjacent areas between China and Vietnam, such as Lao Cai, Cao Bang, etc.

Harvest by digging for tubers, choose large, soft, black, non-sticky bulbs are good ones. Field tubers, after being harvested, will be dried and used gradually.

Chemical composition

Its root contains many excellent nutritional components, such as vitamins A, B, C, D Aucubin, catapol, Jioglutolide, other excellent anti-inflammatory compounds.

What are the effects of sage treatment

?This is a medicine with many great effects on health, this is a famous oriental medicine, often used in medicines to treat blood damage. , blockage of blood vessels, body weakness, etc. Here are its useful effects for those who are looking for it:

Effects of locust to help fight inflammation

The researchers tested the field effect on the animal parts, and found excellent and pronounced anti-inflammatory properties. After taking this medicine for 3 days, the symptoms of inflammation, pain, swelling are very well reduced. Therefore, using it on the human body is completely safe and has good health benefits.

Effects of locust to help lower blood sugar

With cool properties, helping to clear body heat, this medicine is very good for the body, has the effect of helping to stabilize blood sugar gradually.

How to use: Use about 10 grams of shiitake, 6 grams of five vines, 15 grams of medicinal herbs, 15 grams of crown ginseng, and drink water daily.

Effects of locust to help increase the immune system

The decoction from this medicine helps strengthen the immune system, corticosteroids. This use helps to enhance body functions, especially for the kidneys, prevent side effects, good for the cardiovascular system, anti-radiation, anti-fungal, liver protection, etc.

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Tac loc has the effect of helping to prevent body weakness and anemia

Oriental medicine has recorded, slightly bitter taste, cool, good for the body. When using this remedy, the body will recover quickly, increasing the amount of red blood cells in the blood. Helps blood circulation, skin is ruddy, health will be much more stable.

Body fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, no strength… body weakness. Too weak a body will lead to a much more difficult illness.

How to use: Use the field, trach description, spiritual restoration, dan der, father of each type about 10 grams, cinnamon nutmeg 3 grams, bring the decoction with about 1 liter of drinking water, and then divide it into 2 servings, morning and afternoon.

Lotus area helps to regulate menstruation

When women have bleeding during childbirth, menstrual disorders, uncontrolled bleeding, taking it will have the effect of enhancing the function of many organs.

Usage: Thuc Dia, Dan Ginseng, Bach Thuoc about 20g each, Hoang Ky sugar, 10g each. Bring the ingredients to a saucepan with half a liter of water. Cook until empty, 2 bowls left, then stop, drink in the morning and afternoon.

Locs of land has the effect of helping to nourish the kidneys and yang

It has the effect of helping to increase blood sugar, helping to treat hot blood diseases, helping to prevent moderate congestion, and tonifying the kidneys. In addition, it also has the effect of strengthening the glass, providing excellent kidney protection.

How to use: For men, use about 30 grams of field, soaked in wine with 50 grams of dried silkworms, three sizes, painted enemies, ox socks, sex yang or chives. Use about 1 cup of wine a day, drink continuously, within 2 months the disease will be cured.

Lotus is effective in treating constipation

Using about 100 grams of field, stewed with lean pork, it will be very good to eat. This remedy is used to treat constipation effectively, and at the same time, treat internal heat, rash, nosebleeds, blood in urine, increase blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain, … in combination with herbs. other will have the effect of enhancing the function much more.

Uses of zucchini to treat headaches

Use about 200 grams of field land with 100 grams of Son Thu Du, Trach Ta, Hoai Son, Bach Phuc, and Peony Spirits, about 30 grams each, decocted with drinking water. It will make the body much healthier.

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Uses of shiitake to treat joint pain

Use about 20 grams of field, 10 grams of humiliation, dried and then ground into a fine powder. Mix with honey and then complete the tablet, drink 2-3 times a day for 1 month.

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How to use the field

This medicine has many uses such as soaking wine, boiling drinking water, cooking porridge, high cooking, stewing soup, soup, … has the effect of helping gas, opening blood vessels, promoting health, yang, and kidney. Here are some ways to prepare the field if you don’t know how to use it:

How to soak local wine

Using dried rhizomes, this tuber is more colored than black, very firm, tough, soft and does not stick to hands. Take a large tuber, soak it with samosa wine overnight, cook it thoroughly for about a day and then dry it in the sun. Do until the medicine is dry and flexible, you can use it.

How to cook in the field

Arrange the large tubers and small grass on the top and cook until cooked. Boil with glutinous rice wine, when it boils, scoop out the wine from the bottom of the pot and pour it in. Cook dry, dry for 4 days, drain and then store.

Some other uses:

Soak in wine to tonic kidney, yang yang: 100g of each location, three sizes, lustful yang, goji berries. Soak with 3 liters of wine, after 15-20 days can be poured out to drink. Use 30ml of wine per day, preferably after each meal.

Treatment of high blood pressure: Use 20g of field, cook with 1 liter of water, drink regularly 1 month a day, use continuously for 1 month to see the effect.

Stew the field for blood: Use 100g of the field, 1 pair of chicken feet, 100g of pig’s blood, stew together until cooked. Women with blood loss, postpartum should eat at least once a week to help replenish blood very well.

High cooking: Use about 1kg of dried tubers, good quality, cook with water continuously for two days, add honey to make it easy to use. Cao field can be used for a long time without fear of damage.


Store in a sealed container with a lid to avoid the entry of insects, vermin and termites. Use a little at a time to slice thinly, cook into high or dry.

Field users

Sick and weak people

People suffering from night sweats, spermatozoa

Patient with joint pain

People with ear infections, tooth infections

Physiologically weak gentleman

Tab taboos

Thuc Dia has a sweet taste, is very easy to use, but is not used together with other ingredients such as Ba Mu, Voi Di, Tam Bach, La Ba, Phi Phi, Thong Bach, and Cuu Bach.

Do not use for people with welding condensate, the body is cold.

Do not arbitrarily combine other drugs without indications.

Toxicity of the field

If you do not cook carefully or buy it from an unreputable place, the product is of poor quality, it often has a slight toxicity. So people with diarrhea, stomach pain, dizziness due to not being able to breathe, nervousness should cook the field first. when using.

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Is it good to drink a lot of kumquat? This is a benign Chinese medicine, drinking a lot has good effects on health if bought at reputable places, carefully processed. Ordinary people can also drink kumquat to clear body heat.

Where to buy terracotta

?Currently, there are many places that sell continental but the quality and price are not guaranteed. So where is the best place to buy it?

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What do customers say when buying fenugreek at An Quoc Thai Herbal

?“Thuy dan is an extremely valuable and extremely good medicinal herb for men. Those who suffer from residual sperm, dream crystal, physiological weakness, frequent body aches and discomfort, will be very good to use.

You should choose tubers that are more colorful than black, have a better smell, and are not bitter. Because the market is very complicated now, but it brings a huge profit, many people often use this to make a profit for themselves. You should choose a reputable pharmacy to buy.

Personally, when I buy herbal medicine to treat other people’s diseases, I trust An Quoc Thai Herbs. This is a place specializing in providing the most prestigious quality herbal products in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.” – Herbalist Nguyen Van Luyen shared.

How much is the local price

?On the market, the local selling price is different in many places, you must be careful when buying to avoid buying poor quality goods, when used will not achieve the cure effect. disease but waste money in vain.

The cheapest local selling price is at An Quoc Thai Herbal, the price is only: 200,000 VND / 1 kg.

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