Many cases are mentioned with the definition: Clinical death! So what is clinical death? Death is death, why is it still clinical? Clinical death high survival rate?

What is clinical death

?Clinical death is one of the very rare conditions in humans. This state is one of the problems that contain many mysteries that science is still discovering and understanding. The phenomenon of clinical death is simply understood as a special state in which there is a limited existence between life and death.

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When falling into a state of clinical death, the person will have the phenomenon of cardiac arrest, brain inactivity. However, this person does not mean dead. They are like in a certain third state, between life and death. Clinically dead state, the cells in the human body are still alive.

The most difficult to explain clinical death

Usually, people will stimulate the heart to vibrate and warm the body to save lives. But there are still many cases where life cannot be revived, and most cases of cardiac arrest are not favorable.

This state of clinical death is currently being applied by science to a number of complex surgeries. Surgery on parts of the brain due to cerebral edema. This is a very dangerous disease, the mortality rate for this disease is often very high, so the treatment with this phenomenon is also very difficult.

Clinical death is like an inexplicable sleep

Professor Rant Bagdasarov has spent 29 years studying “clinical death”. He asserted with full scientific evidence that only when the body’s tissues and cells begin to disintegrate and cannot be restored, can the dead person be considered dead.

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Cardiac arrest, brain shutdown is just a warning of the danger of death. Meanwhile, the body is still living in a state of “waiting” to see what will happen next.

Clinical death can be considered as a good night’s sleep

With the right medical effects, the body can come out of that “waiting” state that has been misinterpreted as “clinical death.” Perhaps clinical death or the waiting state is just a special sleep. The patient can “wake up” or “sleep peacefully”… The problem is only the responsibility of the doctors: Wake him up or let him go forever.

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Professor Bagdasarov said: “The mistake of all researchers is that they repeatedly question patients as soon as they experience clinical death. He had to answer questions in a predetermined pattern, before he was awake enough to understand what had happened.

As a result, they obtained a translation of the patient’s sensations during awakening, expressed in common language with pipes, bright lights… that is, exactly like in the Bible.

However, atheist patients can’t see anything or even remember what happened after clinical death.

Bagdasarov observes: “That’s clear: When you wake up, the brain quickly goes through all of the memory, so what patients tell scientists is just something that has been registered in their brain before. , no more, no less”.

“We have studied more than 20 pagan patients who regained consciousness after fainting. They also talk about feelings of lightness, about pipes, bright lights, relatives, angels… although it is clear that the fainted person is not yet at the boundary of life and death, nor can he see the world. across.

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This further confirms the notion of rapid memory review during the patient’s awakening, whether in syncope or clinically dead.

This conclusion makes us ask again: What is the nature of clinical death? Is the boundary between life and death as we still believe now accurate?…”, Bagdasarov said.

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Thus, clinical death is not a new concept. But to explain the question of where the soul goes is not simple. Clinical death can be considered as if we were in a deep sleep. You can refer to the article => Drinking too much water at night is dangerous? is a production and business unit of hotel supplies, hotel sanitary ware, trash cans, hotel laundry carts, housekeeping vans, cleaning tools, industrial cleaning machines, cleaning trucks Born large hotel amenities in Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience, so if you have any needs, please contact us for the most dedicated advice.