In Vietnamese, Head, Deputy Manager, Manager means the head of a department or an equivalent position of a certain department. They will be the ones who perform functions such as organizing, operating, supervising, checking… as well as taking all responsibility when problems arise before the company’s director. So what is a manager, deputy, manager? Take a look at the article below to better understand the head of the English department. As well as some vocabulary and examples of positions in English.

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What is a head of department in English

?Chief of department Head of department

+ Chief: the head (boss)

+ Department: council, committee, department.

In addition, depending on the positions and job characteristics, the department head is classified as follows:

Personnel manager Head of Human Resources Department Marketing manager Head of Marketing Finance manager Head of Finance Department Accounting manager Head of Accounting Department Production manager Head of Production Department Technical manager Head of Technical Department Sales manager Head of Sales Department

Ex: Today, our branch will welcome a new finance manager (Today, our branch will welcome a new finance manager)

Ex: Our company is lacking a technical manager to manage construction sites (Our company is lacking a technical manager to manage construction sites)

What is a Deputy in English

?Deputy Deputy

Similar to the head of the department, the deputy head of the department is also divided into many different types such as:

Deputy HR Deputy Human Resources Deputy Marketing Manager Deputy Head of Finance Department Deputy Head of Finance Department Deputy Accountant Deputy Accounting Department Deputy Manager of Production Deputy Head of Technical Department Deputy Head of Technical Department Deputy Business Deputy Sales Department

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Note: In the current businesses and companies in Vietnam, not all companies have the position of deputy manager, depending on the current business capacity of the enterprise to recruit suitable personnel.

Ex: The branch office complimented the Deputy Manager for selecting the best employees

Ex: This afternoon, the Deputy Head of Finance Department had a hot meeting with his employees about the company’s current revenue situation the company.)

What is a manager in English

?Management is similar to a department head.

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Business management Business management

Ex: I appoint Mr. A to be a business manager, instead of me managing the work when I’m not at the company. (I appointed Mr. A as the business manager, to manage the work for me when I was not at the company.)

Meaning of titles in English of other countries

Meaning of English titles in America

In a large corporation, the Company, the highest position (Top Position) is Chairman or President. The subordinates include Vice president (Vice President). Officer or Director will be the person who runs the company. The next subordinate includes General manager (general director) or Manager (director).

Meaning of English titles in the UK

Chaiman is a top position in the company. Their subordinates are either the Chief Executive Director or the Managing Director. The next lower level to the directors will be called Chief Officer/Director (director) and lower is Manager (director). The collection of Directors (directors) is collectively known as the Board. The Board’s meeting room is called the Boardroom.

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Meaning of English titles in Australia and Singapore

For Australia and Singapore, the Managing Director is equal to the CEO.

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Meaning of English titles in the Philippines

The head of a business is often referred to as Managing Director, synonymous with President. And they use the word President when referring to the title of CEO

Hopefully, with the article about what is a manager, deputy, manager in English, it will help you answer and know more titles. We also hope this article has been helpful to you and helps you when you need it. Good luck.