Use of the Bat Tu is probably a very hot search term in recent times. However, in order to properly understand what is the use of the gods and how important it is to optimize the destiny, perhaps there is no document that provides a satisfactory answer for the reader. Within the scope of this article Phan Thien An, I will share an overview and limit the use of the term “Bat Tu” as much as possible to help readers better understand the concepts related to the Bat Tu.

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What is the use of the Bat self?

Using the spirit of the bowl is a five elements (of the five elements Kim, Thuy, Moc, Fire, and Earth) that complement the destiny, making the destiny if it is too prosperous, it will be inhibited, if it is too weak, it will be born. help or if it is blocked, it will be circulated.

So why not call it par Kim, Thuy, Moc, Hoa, Tho, but call it Dung Than Kim, Thuy, Moc, Hoa, and Tho

? Below is a self-illustrated Bat chart to break down each small concept to explain it to the readers in the easiest way.

Self-made octave chart at website

What is an octagon?

If you look at the table of BIG SITUATION, you can see that the Eight Characters are composed of the Heavenly Can and the Dizhi of the year, month, day, and time, which combine with just eight characters, so it’s called the Eight Words. other names are TU BINH, TU TU).

What are the Ten Gods

?The ten gods are the 10 gods that appear in the eight letters including: Talent, Genius, Quan, Sat, Female, Kiep, An, Kieu, Thuong, Thuc. These 10 gods are created by the BIRTH – DISCUSSION relationship between the five elements in the Eight Words. Therefore, each Spirit will represent a different five yin or five yang elements in the Eight Words.

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For example, in the octagon chart above:

Thuong is a god representing the five elements Kim (yang)

– India is a God representing the five elements Fire (yang)

– Sat is a God representing the five elements of Wood (yin).

– …vv

I would like not to go into depth about why there are 10 Gods and what effect these 10 Gods have in the Eight Words. Because that will lead readers off topic and the problem will become complicated.

At this point, readers have understood what the Ten Gods are in the Eight Words. So what is the use of God? Use is to use it usefully, God is one of the 10 Gods of the Eight Words => USE THANH BAT SI is to use 1 God in the Eight Words to regulate Destiny.

Going back to the example of the chart above, when considering the combinations of heaven and earth of the year, month, day, and time of birth (including birth, engraving, processing, chemistry, union, pulse, shape, harm) for analysis. , inferring the wealth – cowardice, good – bad, disaster – happiness of the master, then we get the use god of this chart which is BINH HOA (or alternatively, use the god as the seal).

Can I use a god for a lifetime

?In fact, each Bat syllable will have different combinations of Thien Can and Dizhi, so the Use God is also divided into 3 common usages below. this:

Using the gods for a lifetime: That is, using the gods will be fixed for the unchanging destiny

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– Using God according to Dai Lun: That is, using God will change according to each Dai Luan every 10 years

– Use the god according to Luu Nien: That is, the use of the god will change depending on the time of year (the Bat self-use of this type of numbers often appear less than the above 2 types)

Does everyone have the use of the Bat Tu

?The answer here is NO!!! There are a lot of people who don’t have the Eight Words. An example of a real-life case I just saw last week is below.

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The horoscope of a divinity has been harmonized

How important is the use of the Batu god in improving luck

?The use of the Bat Tu god is currently the most accurate and optimal method being widely used in developed countries. such as: Singapore, Hong Kong… When you find the Spirit of Destiny, it means that you have your destiny in your hands, what you need to do is to thoroughly apply the Spirit of Life in order to improve your destiny. . People who work as civil servants to pray for Quan, Dung Than will focus on improving their luck for promotion and promotion. People who do business in praying for Tai will focus on improving luck in the field of business, relationships in business cooperation. Those who want to study, Dung Than will focus on improving their luck to study, pass exams…

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Currently, ZaKa Feng Shui is the number 1 unit in Vietnam about the method of improving luck by using the Ba Tu god. The basic elements that ZaKa uses to use God in good luck include:

– Jewelry and feng shui items to change luck according to the use of the Ba Tu god

– Position (house, desk, departure, bed, air-conditioner …) according to the use of the Bat Tu

– Color (house, car, company logo, costume, jewelry…)

– Beautiful date and time to start (opening, breaking ground, departure …) according to Dung Than Bat Tu

– Industry standards; career according to the God of Bat Tu (oriented towards the path of the Tai bridge or the Quan bridge – ie Bat self-made Good business or the way of earning a salary is good or another better path)

– Name your baby after the God of Use

– … and many other factors depend on each person’s own Eight Characters.

Above are some of the content Phan Thien An I shared to help readers understand a little more about the use of the Bat Tu and the importance of the Ba Tu in optimizing their destiny. If you have any questions or need advice, you can contact me via facebook or hotline below: