According to the traditional culture of some Eastern countries, each year of birth will correspond to one of the 12 zodiac animals: Rat, Ox, Dan, Mao, Thin, Snake, Horse, Mui, Than, Rooster, Tuat, Pig; and fate, the personality of each person will be partly determined by the zodiac that that person holds. According to folklore, among the 12 animals, there are ages that are compatible with each other and there are ages that are incompatible. That’s why, before big things like getting married, building a house, doing business… a lot of people often look at age to find the right person, wishing for everything to be favorable. how to act? How to understand the Four Elements to have a peaceful life? Let’s learn through the teachings of Master Thich Truc Thai Minh with the following article.

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“Four elements of impulse” in Buddhist perspective

According to folklore, there are 3 groups of animals that are in conflict with each other called the Four Elements, each group includes the following animals:

– Tiger, Body, Snake, Pig

– Rat, Horse, Rabbit, Rooster

– Dragon, Dog, Ox, Mui

Thus, through Master’s sharing, we can see that the age of the zodiac sign does not determine each person’s xinxing and the Four Elements is an incorrect concept in Buddhism. In order for the public to understand clearly and have the right view. More correctly, Master explained: “I’m a pig, but I’m not a pig. Holding the sign of a snake, but I won’t be like a snake. Can’t you see, out of thousands of these people, only these 12 traits are represented? So this is not correct. When we understand the Buddhadharma, we see that these are incorrect theories. We believe it is wrong view. We have to be righteous! Our mentality changes every day. The public watched many clips online, tigers and pigs also lying together, playing together. That is something that often happens. So if we believe in this, it is wrong view.”

For Buddhism, there is no age conflict (illustration)

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From Master’s explanation we know that believing in the concept of the Four Elements is believing in wrong views. We need to learn to understand the Buddhadharma in order to have our own right views, no longer be afraid of wrong views, and keep our blessings as Master has taught: “If the Buddha teaches wrong views, we lose our blessings. There should be happiness, but because of wrong views, it will lose happiness. We have to have the right opinion, the human mind comes from thought; and thoughts can be changed.”

Can two people of the age of “Four Elements” get married

?In life, there are many cases of falling in love but not being able to get married due to the concept of the Four Elements, so they are prevented by their families. Regarding this case, Master shared: “Although the two of you have an age called the four elements, but really both of you know how to cultivate and both know how to listen to each other, be patient, and listen to each other, the age of impulse is also in the same place. together, in harmony and love”. Thus, Master also affirmed that the age of the Four Elements does not determine the happiness of a husband and wife, but it is important to be patient, listen to each other and cultivate morality. When we are prevented by our parents, we must understand this clearly to be able to convince the family.

Master also gave the example of couples in the fourth year of life who were forbidden by their families, but when they were analyzed and taught by Master, they lived together in harmony and happiness after many years of marriage. Master affirmed: “Destiny is not important; Age doesn’t matter, don’t put too much weight on us, but put our weight on how we are? You have to look into this place carefully.”

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According to Master, each of us needs to cultivate morality, cultivate merit, and not depend on life and age. Blessings will help us get good retribution, meet good people, and have a fulfilling married life. We will receive blessings when we do good deeds such as giving alms, helping others, cultivating a better mind and body, etc.

The age of the Four Elements does not determine the happiness of the couple, but the important thing is that the husband and wife know how to be patient, listen to each other and cultivate morality (illustration).

How does the “Four Elements” family behave towards each other to be happy

?Many families with members in the Four Elements age group share that those members are in conflict with each other. , feel that the family is not harmonious and business is also not favorable. In this regard, Master shared: “If you know how to cultivate, you can live in harmony with each other. If everyone knows how to be patient, to be patient, and to listen, we will see that they are in favor of their wives and husbands. We remember the old saying: A husband and wife who know how to be patient is a warm family, but a warm family will dry up the East Sea. But according to the wife, according to the husband is due to the disposition. Mindfulness must be cultivated by oneself to be good. To cultivate, one must study and study the Buddhadharma to cultivate. So for Buddhism, there is no age conflict.”

Master affirms that there is no such thing as age conflicts and he advises everyone to train their minds to live in harmony with each other. From that harmony, everyone will support and help each other to work together smoothly.

Husband and wife have peace with each other because they know how to be patient and listen listen to each other (illustration)

How to transform fate to not depend on the “Four Elements”

There are many notions that people of conflicting age often have incompatible personalities, so they clash with each other. However, Master also affirmed that this is not a correct concept. So what to do to not depend on the Four Elements and be able to get along with everyone? Master explained: “People’s xinxing changes every day, every hour, every minute, constantly transforming. Some people are very hot when they are young, but when they grow up, they are cool and gentle. Some people are very formidable when they are young, they grow up to be very gentle people. That’s a change of heart. We remember the sentence that Uncle Ho taught: “Doesn’t have to be calculated. Much of it is due to education.” This sentence is a very profound philosophical sentence of the education industry. There is a very famous saying: “Sow a thought, we reap an action. Sow an action, reap a habit. Sow a habit, reap a character. Sow a character and reap a destiny.”

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Thus his fate is from his thoughts. We can change our thoughts to change our fate, it is not because the Rats, Ox, Tigers, and Rabbits determine our character. We remember our destiny by character; personality back due to his thinking is the original. When our thoughts meet the true Buddhadharma to practice, we change each thought, then we change our destiny. Thus, we need to transform, starting from thinking and then gradually transforming our “destiny”, so as not to be dominated by the concept of the four impulses anymore.

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We need to transform from thinking and then gradually transform our “destiny” so as not to be dominated by the concept of the Four Elements (illustration).

Through Master’s teachings, we have gained correct understanding of the Four Elements and how to transform to have a peaceful and happy family life. Wishing you Buddhists will study the Buddhadharma, practice morality as Master has taught, so that the mind is always at peace, no longer afraid of wrong views; thereby achieving success in life.