Starting from 2007, the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications (now the Ministry of Information and Communications) has officially issued the first 11 numbers for mobile networks. From here, make the market development of mobile hot quickly, the first appearance of many novelties on the market, many people received. But by 2014, the MIC issued planning new telecommunications repository. And one of the basic objectives is to meet the development needs powerful mobile communications continued to boom in the next phase of the future.

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The first number ranges from 11 to 10 MobiFone number is what program?

And after planning landline area code on the first end of 02x, at present, a number of fixed telephone area code before will be used as a mobile network code. And the number of mobile subscribers 11 will be transformed into the new mobile network code. So coming all mobile subscribers in Vietnam will have a uniform length of 10 digits, creating a uniform, stable and easy to manage.

2.Dau number 0121 Mobi what changed? This must be the concerns of many customers when they are owned sim 11 without knowing the first change to the public? As mentioned, the current head next to No. 090, 093, 089, MobiFone there are 11 specific early as 0120, 0121, 0122, 0126, 0128. The head of the house of this 012x MobiFone later will move out of one end of the 10 numbers according the plan.

According to the plan made by the state, 11 of MobiFone subscribers will be transferred to the first use of 07x. Specifically, the number of network subscribers 11 include the first MobiFone number 0120, 0121, 0122, 0126, 0128 will be converted into 070, respectively, 079, 077, 076, 078.

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Thus started the beginning of 0121 will be converted into number 079, made up of 10 identical phone number as the current network. When the number of MobiFone converted still have 7 last number is kept intact.

the beginning of 0121 will be converted into the first number 079, made up of 10 identical phone number as the current network.

Under current rules, when changing the number of subscribers, service providers now have 60 days advance notice to subscribers on all means of mass communication. And allows simultaneous calling the old way and the new way of parallel within 60 days. Additionally, the conversion process will ensure that the network does not affect the contact information of customers so you can feel secure about this change.

To convert the first batches of this number in the phone book, you can consult the manual for the Android platform and iOS platform to ensure no lost contacts.

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Beginning of 0121 turned into the beginning of what today? Hope this question has been answered fully in the article above. Correspond anxieties of many customers to worry when using sim 11 upcoming change to 10-digit number.