Surely a manufacturing company cannot lack a warehouse to store production materials and sold goods. Reasonable warehouse management helps businesses balance between stocking goods for production and distribution, minimizing large inventories is very important. For that reason, in today’s article, we will learn together about a phrase specialized in warehouse management that is English warehouse release note, English warehouse entry note. And specialized terms for warehouse management.

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What is the English delivery note?

“Goods delivery note” or “Inventory delivery voucher”: delivery note.

Definition: warehouse release note is a document that tracks and details detailed statistics of supplies, tools, equipment, and goods that have been exported to parts of the enterprise as a basis for cost planning and norms. material consumption.

What is the English warehouse receipt

?“Goods received note” or “Inventory receiving voucher”: the warehouse receipt.

Definition: Ex-warehousing note is a document that tracks and makes detailed statistics of materials, tools, equipment, and goods that have been imported from the purchasing department as a basis for cost accounting and standard norms. consumables.

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What is a warehouse

?A warehouse is a place used for storing, stocking, preserving goods or supplies of an enterprise in order to supply goods/raw materials for the entire company or each department. parts quickly and with maximum cost savings.

Example of delivery note

What is the job of a warehouse manager or storekeeper

?Arrange goods, supplies, and materials in the warehouse

Neatly and scientifically arrange supplies, raw materials and goods for the best management. Establish a warehouse diagram for easy control.

Ensure standard of goods in stock

Arrange goods in the warehouse in accordance with regulations and standards. Goods according to the principle of import and export will be: the goods that are entered first will be given priority to be exported first to avoid old goods that are easily damaged over time and the storage environment in the warehouse. warehouse (mold, termites, termites, …)

Carry out import and export procedures

Checking goods and documents before exporting or entering the warehousePerform the import and export of warehouses for the relevant departments Record the import and export notes – signed by the parties involved Statistics how many goods are left in the warehouse for each item

Minimum inventory tracking

The minimum level of inventory is when the inventory in stock is exactly below the allowed inventory level, we have to export orders to ensure the production and business process is continuous and uninterrupted.

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Carry out order procedures

Make PO (order) to place orders for items below the minimum inventory level. Must always ensure fire safety rules. Periodically check warehouses and goods storage places to avoid dampness and breakage. , termites, … you affect the goods in the warehouse.

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Some vocabulary about logistics

a nonstop flight actual time of departure real time departure advance freight – prepaid freight advice of shipment – ​​shipping notice – advice note shipping advice – shipping notice – advice note agreed airport of departure airport agreed to depart agreed tare agree air waybill (AWB) – air consignment note air waybill (AWB) – note all-up weight air consignment allowed tolerances at the border at the border average survey survey average backed note support barrel barrel batch number batch number bearer bill of lading bill of lading below deck below deck berth – mooring berth – anchor bill of entry bill to bill gate of lading (B/L) bill of lading (B/L) boarding card boarding pass bonded warehouse – customs warehouse bonded warehouse – customs warehouse border – frontier border – bulk cargo border by mail – by post via mail – by post cardboard box – carton cardboard box – carton cargo – load cargo – load cargo insurance cargo plane – freight plane cargo plane – cargo plane carriage – transport (GB) – transportation (US) transport – transport (GB) – carriage (US) carriage by sea – sea transport carriage by sea receive shipping charter party boat party CIF value CIF value clearance clearance agent clearance certificate clearance certificate handling costs harbor dues – harbor fees harbor fees – berth fees harbor office port office heavy traffic heavy traffic hold home delivery home delivery house air waybill (HAWB) home air waybill (HAWB) import duties import tax import license import license in bond –waiting for clearance in bonds – waiting for clearance in bulk in transit transit inch inch inspection certificate Inspection certificate kilogram – kilo kilogram – kilogram landed terms landing landing landing card landing card landing card landing order – discharging permit – discharge permit liter (GB) – liter (US) liter (GB) – liter (US) loading and unloading charges loading and unloading charges loading area loading unit loading unit lorry (GB) – truck (US) truck (GB) – truck (US) lot multiple luggage (GB) – baggage (US) luggage (GB) – luggage (US) metre (GB) – meter (US) meter (GB) – meter (US) mile miles millimeter moorage anchor net tonnage tonnage net weight net weight on arrival on board on board on deck on deck ounce ounce outward journey journey outland forwarding road forwarding overload overload owner’s risk rate clearance documents clearance voucher clearance duty tax clearance cleared – ex-bond – duty paid cleared – old bond – paid tax collection of goods consignee consignee consignee consignor’s name consignor consignor consular invoice consular invoice container container terminal Container port containership ship container cost and freight (C&F) cost and freight (C) & F) cost, insurance and freight (CIF) cost, insurance and freight (CIF) cubic cubic volume – cubic capacity volume – custom-house volume – custom house customs – customs customs declaration form customs declaration customs formalities customs clearance customs guard – customs officer customs officer customs invoice customs invoice customs officer customs officer customs rate customs tax customs regulations customs regulations declared value declared value delivered at frontier (DAF) delivered at frontier (DAF) delivered duty paid (DDP) ght delivery weight destination Destination dock – quay – wharf pier – jetty – jetty docker (GB) – longshoreman (US) docker (GB) – longshoreman (USA) documents against acceptance documents against payment driver payment voucher duty-free driver duty-free duty duty paid unpaid unpaid entry visa entry visa packing list packing list part load part load part shipment Part shipment payload place of delivery place of departure place of departure place of destination destination port – harbour (GB) – harbor (US) port – harbor (GB) – harbor (USA) port authorities port authorities arrival port of call port of call port of departure port of destination port of destination port of discharge – port of delivery port of discharge – port of delivery porterage porter postage postage poste restante (GB) – general delivery (US) poste restante (GB) – general delivery (US) pound pao favorable rate preliminary inspection preliminary inspection product loss during loading product loss during loading protective duty protection duty rail shipment – ​​rail forwarding rail freight reply paid reply right of way road transport – haulage trucking – rummaging transport rummage scheduled time of arrival scheduled time of departure scheduled time of departure sender’s name sender name sender sender ship – vessel ship – ship shipment delivery shipowner company shipping agent shipping agent shipping company shipping cubage shipping documents shipping documents shipping instructions shipping note (S/N ) note shipping (S / N) to charter a ship to clear the goods to clear the goods for customs clearance dock ex factory – ex works old factory – old construction ex ship old ship ex warehouse old warehouse excess luggage (GB) – excess baggage (U.S.) excess baggage (GB) – excess baggage (United States) export permit export permit failure – damage failure – damage flat rate flat foot forwarder’s receipt receipt forwarding agent forwarding agent forwarding station free-trade area free trade area free carrier free shipping free delivery free delivery free delivery free in and out (FIO) free in and out (FIO) free of all average free average free of charge free on board (FOB) free on board (FOB) free on board airport free on board airport free on board free on board (FOQ) – free at wharf free on wharf (FOQ) – free at wharf free on truck free on truck free port free port freepost free freight – freightage freight freight freight charges freight payable at destination freight payable at destination freight prepaid freight prepaid freight rate freight rates from port to port from port to port full container load (FCL) full container load (FCL) goods handling cargo handling goods train (GB) – freight train (US) freight train (GB) – freight train (US) goods wagon (GB) – freight car (US) freight wagon (GB) – freight wagon (US) goods yard (GB) – freight yard (US) freight yard (GB) – freight yard (US) ) gram – gramme gram – grammar gross Gross weight gross weight hand luggage hand luggage to handle with care carefully handled high seas land to rent a car to send goods to ship goods cargo – freight to ship single ticket (GB) – one-way ticket (US) single ticket (GB) – one-way ticket (US) specified port – agreed port specified port – agreed port storage – warehousing g package terms of delivery terms of delivery time zone difference time zone difference tolerance tolerance toll-free free ton tonnage tonnage trailer trailer tranship transshipment transshipment transshipment transshipment transshipment transport by rail railway transport plane transport plane unit of measurement unit of measurement unloading operations unpacked operations unpacked unpacked warehouse receipt warehouse receipt warehousing – storage warehousing – waybill storage – consignment note bill of lading – note consignment weigh weighing weight weight weight weight limit Maximum weight weight specified in the invoice

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So we have found out what is the English Depot Voucher? and the importance of logistics management to a company’s survival. We look forward to receiving comments from our readers.