Are you working as a storekeeper? Are you looking to improve your professional English to better serve your job? So you should refer to the accounting English dictionary for storekeepers with 35 typical terms shared by Aroma in this article right now!

Accounting English dictionary for storekeepers

Storekeeper is a very important position in a business. Storekeepers have to come into contact with many businesses providing goods, especially large ones, so they must know how to use English fluently to be proactive and flexible in their work.

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Here are 35 terms in the basic and common accounting English dictionary for storekeepers that you should not ignore:

Stock /stɑːk/ / Inventory /ˈɪnvəntɔːri/ (n): warehouseWarehouse /ˈwerhaʊs/ (n): warehouse, where goods are storedGoods receipt /ɡʊdz/ /rɪˈsiːt/ (n): Goods Issue /ɡʊdz/ /ˈɪʃuː/ (n): Post goods receipt /poʊst//ɡʊdz/ /rɪˈsiːt/ (v): input goods into the systemCost /kɔːst/ (n): costMaintenance cost /ˈmeɪntənəns/ /kɔːst/ (n): cost of insurance maintenanceWarranty cost /ˈwɔːrənti/ /kɔːst/ (n): warranty costDET (detention) /dɪˈtenʃn/ (n): storage feeDEM (demurrage) /dɪˈmɝː.ɪdʒ/ (n): storage feeWaybill /’weɪb ɪl/ ( n): bill of lading C/O (Certificate of origin) /sərˈtɪfɪkət/ /əv/ /ˈɔːrɪdʒɪn/ (n): certificate of origin C/I (Certificate of Inspection) (n) /sərˈtɪfɪkət//əv/ /ɪnˈspekʃn /: Certificate of goods quality inspectionMaterial /məˈtɪriəl/ (n): materialsGoods /ɡʊdz/ (n): goodsCargo /ˈkɑːrɡoʊ/ (n): goods (on board)Order /ˈɔːrdər/ (n): orderContract /ˈkɑːntrækt/ (n): contractEquipment /ɪˈkwɪpmənt/ (n): equipmentWarehouse card /ˈwerhaʊs/ /kɑːrd/ (n): warehouse cardConso lidation/ groupage /kənˌsɑːlɪˈdeɪʃn/ /ˈɡruːpɪdʒ/ (n): consolidationStevedoring /ˈstiːvədɔːr ɪŋ/ (n): loading and unloadingStock take /stɑːk/ /teɪk/ (v): inventoryAdjust /əˈdʒʌst/ (v): adjustStorage location /ˈstɔːrɪdʒ/ /loʊˈkeɪʃn/ (n): storage location Bonded warehouse /ˌbɑːndɪd ˈwerhaʊs/ (n): bonded warehouseCustoms declaration /ˈkʌstəmz/ /ˌdekləˈreɪʃn/ (n): customs declaration D/O (Delivery Order) /dɪˈlɪvəri / /ˈɔːrdər/ (n): delivery orderExpired date /ɪkˈspaɪərd/ /deɪt/ (n): expiration dateStockkeeper /ˈst ɑːkiːpər/ (n): storekeeperGeneral account of input – output – inventory /ˈdʒenrəl/ /əˈkaʊnt//əv / /ˈɪnpʊt/ /ˈaʊtpʊt/ ˈɪnvəntɔːri/: General import – export – inventoryInventory report ˈɪnvəntɔːri/ /rɪˈpɔːrt/ (n): inventory reportTransaction /trænˈzækʃn/ (n): transactionSignature /ˈsɪɡnətʃər/ / (n): signature ˈsɔːftwer/ (n): softwarePack /pæk/ (v): packing (goods)Packing List /ˈpækɪŋ/ /lɪst/ (n): Packing list

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The job of a warehouse keeper is not as simple as many people think, but plays an extremely important role and is associated with the production and business activities of enterprises. Therefore, it is advisable to cultivate expertise and accumulate vocabulary through specialized English training for storekeepers.

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