In today’s home design, many people like the design of a mezzanine floor. This design style brings novelty to the housing space. So do you know what the English name of the mezzanine is? Let’s find out with Hoang Hai Furniture in the article below.

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What is mezzanine in English?

Mezzanine in English is Entresol, also known as loft or mezzanine, it is the part used to divide the space between the ceiling and the floor. This is an intermediate floor between the floors of a main building, so it will not normally be counted among the overall floors of a building. Mezzanine floors usually have low ceilings and are located on the first floor.

What is the English mezzanine?

In the development of today’s life, mezzanines are used more in different models of houses and buildings to create comfort, cool space and aesthetics.

The purpose of mezzanine design

Everything in the world is born with a certain purpose. Designers are also not free enough to design a mezzanine in the house that is not used for anything. The mezzanine is designed to:

– Use the mezzanine floor as a common room or a living room for households using the ground floor to sell goods for business.

– The mezzanine has a small area, very suitable for use as a study room, office or worship room.

– The mezzanine is designed to be a bedroom for families with many people.

Use the mezzanine floor as a warehouse for business goods.

– Used as kitchen combined with dining room.

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mezzanine design purpose

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Constraints when designing mezzanine floors

Sometimes the design of the mezzanine floor also brings limitations for homeowners because of the following limitations:

The mezzanine floor creates a cramped feeling for people in the house. For houses with a narrow area that want more space to use but cannot expand, the design of a mezzanine is a good idea. However, it can also make the house cramped and narrower.

– Causing difficulties when constructing heat-resistant ceilings.

– Limit the use of plaster ceilings, decorative pendant lights or chandeliers.

– Do not use partitions to divide more mezzanine floors because it will make the space secret.

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According to regulations, the mezzanine floor area only accounts for about 80% of the floor area.

In addition, the construction of mezzanine floors also depends on the regulations of each planning unit or each district.

– If the building owner or the homeowner fills the atrium on the mezzanine floor, it will be considered as building in excess of the allowed number of floors and will be fined.

– For individual houses, if the change of architecture inside the work does not affect the structure of the whole, the bearing capacity will not be penalized for illegal construction.

Limits encountered

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What types of mezzanine are there

?– The front mezzanine makes a strong impression when guests enter the house, creating a new and attractive space feeling if you know how to coordinate more colors and pay attention. to blocks, it will leave a feeling of excitement in the minds of others.

– Mezzanine behind (quite common for townhouses and townhouses). It creates a beautiful space for the living room, which can be observed on the ground floor, creating good conditions for a common living space.

Besides, it also has the disadvantage of making the ground floor space behind low, causing a cramped feeling for the mezzanine space.

– The mezzanine on the side is a modern, unique and strange design, but it requires a large enough area for construction.

– The mezzanine in the room is usually arranged above the toilet to make a study and work space, creating a sense of privacy and comfort.

Industrial mezzanines can be installed in high-ceiling spaces such as warehouses. This semi-permanent structure is usually free-standing, removable and movable.

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Industrial mezzanine structures can be supported by columns, structural steel or shelves. Depending on the length and running speed of the mezzanine floor, different materials can be used for the mezzanine floor.