What is a deputy accountant in English? This is a form of calling in the company as well as in the industry. Titles in corporate companies are very diverse and almost all of the papers are written in English about the titles you are holding. Today blogvieclam will explain to you and introduce what is a deputy accountant in English? learn more about deputy accountant

Not only office workers used in foreign businesses need to know the various English titles in the company because now a lot of papers and documents use these basic English words. Therefore, if you do not study English, it can lead to the fact that you will not understand or misunderstand the content related to that company. And that’s something no one wants to happen at work, right? Therefore, this post will summarize for you common English titles in your business for you to use more effectively.

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1.Diverse titles in the company

Director (n) /dəˈrektə(r)/: Director

Deputy/Vice Director: Deputy Director

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): CEO

Chief Information Officer (CIO): chief information officer

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Chief of Operations

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): chief financial officer

Board of Directors: board of directors

Shareholder: shareholder

Executive: member of the board of directors

Founder: the founder

President (Chairman) /’prezidənt/ (/’tʃeəmən/): The President

Vice president (VP): vice president

Manager /ˈmænɪdʒə/: dominate

Department manager (Head of Department): head of department

Section manager (Head of Division): Head of Section

Personnel manager /,pə:sə’nel ‘mænidʤə/: HR manager

Finance manager /fai’næns ‘mænidʤə/: finance manager

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Accounting manager /ə’kauntiɳ ‘mænidʤə/: head of accounting department

Production manager /production ‘mænidʤə/: production manager

Marketing manager /’mɑ:kitiɳ ‘mænidʤə/: marketing manager

(Common titles)

Other diverse English titles:

Supervisor /ˈsuːpəvaɪzə(r)/: Supervisor

Team Leader /ti:m /’li:də/: Team Leader

Boss /bɒs/: Boss

Assistant /ə’sistənt/: assistant manager

Secretary /’sekrətri/: secretary

Receptionist /ri’sepʃənist/: receptionist

Employer /im’plɔiə/: employer (generally)

Employee (n) /ɪmˈplɔɪiː/: public employer, employee (generally)

Officer (staff) /’ɔfisə/ : Officer

Labor/ labor /’leibə/: workers (generally)

Labor/ labor union /’leibə ‘ju:njən/: union

Colleague (n) /ˈkɒliːɡ/: partner

Expert (n) /ˈekspɜːt/: Expert

Collaborator (n) /kəˈlæbəreɪtə(r)/: collaborator

Trainee (n) /ˌtreɪˈniː/: Trainee

Apprentice (n) /əˈprentɪs/: Apprentice

2. Common titles in English are clearly classified

2.1. Types of companies

Company: enterprise

Consortium/corporation: corporation

Subsidiary: subsidiary business

Affiliate: business link

Private company: private enterprise

Joint Stock company: joint stock enterprise

Limited Liability company: limited liability company

2.2. Titles in English at the establishment, departments in the company

Headquarters : headquarters

Representative office: representative office

Branch office: branch

Regional office: local office

Wholesaler: of wholesale goods

Outlet: retail store

Department : room, department

Accounting department : accounting department

Administration department: administrative department

Financial department : finance department

Personnel department/ Human Resources department (HR) : personnel department

Purchasing department : purchasing department

Research & Development department : research and growth department

Sales department : sales department

Shipping department : transportation department

(Some titles are in English)

2.3. Titles in English in the company:

chief executive officer: chief executive officer manager: to manage

Director : director

Deputy/ vice director: deputy director

The board of directors

Executive: member of the board of directors

Founder: founder

Head of department: head of department

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Deputy of department: deputy head of department

Supervisor: supervisor

Representative: representative

Secretary: secretary

Associate, colleague, co-worker: colleague

Employee: employee

Trainee: trainee

3. Activities related to titles in the company

Establish (a company) : to establish (a company)

Go collapse : to close

Merge : merge

Diversify: diversify

Outsource: outsourcing

Downsize: reduce manpower

By company with: do business with

Franchise: franchise

(Activities related to title)

4. Information about titles in common English in some countries

In many corporations and companies in the US (and some other countries), the highest position (top position) is the Chairman or President (Chairman), below that will be the Vice president (Vice President), officer (Vice President). or director) – the person who runs, decides on important things, then the general manager, manager – is the person in charge of a specific job.

In British businesses, the highest title is Chairman, then Chief Executive Director or Managing Director (these two positions are equivalent but Managing Director is used more).

Then there are the directors called chief officer/director, lower is the manager. Board is the term for all the directors and they meet in a room called a boardroom.

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The titles in English are diverse in Australia and Singapore… : Managing Director is equivalent to CEO, equivalent to general director (director general or general director) in our country. however, in the Philippines, the Managing Director is called the President.

Titles in English in big Japanese companies are a bit “cluttered”. For example, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines – the largest shipping company in the world, operating a fleet of approximately 45.5 million DWT – includes both Chairman and President. Chairman is considered to be greater than President (although the same translates as “chairman”).

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The President Executive Director is the president of the business, the Senior Managing Executive Officer is the senior CEO (up to 3 people hold this position), then there are 9 CEOs (Managing Executive Officers), followed by 8 directors (Executive Officers). Each of the above people is in charge of a part of the job with different levels of need.

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Hopefully this summary will make you have a broader view of English titles. Especially when looking at someone’s name card, you will know what role they hold, whether it is necessary or not for you to have an appropriate communication method.