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Accounting News How to distinguish e-invoices converted to paper invoices

Although e-invoices bring a lot of advantages to both sellers and buyers, in the process of using it, there will inevitably be some cases where buyers need paper invoices.

So how to distinguish electronic invoices converted to paper and ordinary paper invoices?

Below is the accounting news to share with you How to distinguish e-invoices converted into paper invoices

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1. What is a convertible e-invoice

?During operation, although the seller uses an electronic invoice, there are some cases where the buyer still requires a paper invoice and to secure the invoice. legally valid, circular 32/2011/TT-BTC clearly stipulates this.

Accordingly, e-invoices can be converted into paper invoices for goods circulation needs, buyer’s invoice management, referred to as convertible invoices, with the following requirements:

Invoices can only be converted once and signed by the legal representative of the seller and stamped by the seller.

On the converted paper invoice, clearly state “CONVERT INVOICE FROM ELECTRONIC INVOICE”

Customers (buyers) contact invoice issuers (sellers) to be issued paper invoices converted from electronic invoices.

2. Distinguish between electronic invoices and paper invoices

With the above converted invoice template, we can easily recognize the difference between a convertible invoice and a paper invoice including:

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Sample: The contact number of the E-Invoice is specified as having no connection, so the contact number parameter will be 0.

For example: 01GTKT0/001 for paper invoices will be a number between 2 and 9

Symbol (Serial Number): The symbol of an electronic invoice is specified as E.

For example: VN/17E for ordered paper invoices, the last symbol is P, or for self-printed invoices, the last symbol is T.

In addition, on the converted print of the E-Invoice, there are some other indicators such as:


Must have Printer to convert, date – time to print conversion.

3. Contents that need to be included on e-invoices and convertible invoices

Article 6 of Circular 32/2011/TT-BTC stipulates the mandatory contents on e-invoices, including:

Invoice name, invoice symbol, sample symbol, invoice number

Seller information

Buyer Information

Order details

Electronic Signature

Invoices in Vietnamese

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