Thank you express sincere, increase politeness for email. Do you know how to say thank you when writing an email in English?

English Live page shares 10 thank you notes at the beginning and end of an email politely, making the reader feel appreciated and want to continue the good relationship.

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1. Thank you for contacting us

If someone sends an email asking about your services, start your reply with this sentence, showing that you appreciate their interest. This is a useful way to introduce the main subject of an email, using the same prepositions “about” and “regarding”. Example: “Thank you for contacting us regarding our current products and prices”.

2. Thank you for your prompt reply

When a client or colleague responds to an email shortly, thank it for it. If they don’t respond quickly, just drop the word “prompt” in the sentence above, or replace it with “Thank you for getting back to me”.

3. Thank you for the information

If you ask for information and people take the time to send it back, use this to show that you appreciate their actions. You can use “about” and “regarding” to refer to specific information provided. For example: “Thank you for the information about your current pricing”.

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4. Thank you for all your assistance

If someone tries to help you as much as they can, thank them.

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To show your gratitude, you can include the statement “I really appreciate your help in resolving the problem.”

5. Thank you raising your concerns

This statement shows that you appreciate the serious involvement of others in something. You can also say something like “Thank you for your feedback”.

6. Thank you for your kind cooperation

If the above statements often at the beginning of an email thank the reader for a past action, the thank you sentence at the end of the email is directed to a future action.

You use this sentence when you need the email reader to cooperate with something and thank them in advance. You can add the phrase “in advance” in the sentence: “Thank you in advance for your cooperation”.

7. Thank you for your attention to this matter

Like the one above, this one shows that you appreciate the reader’s help. This expression emphasizes that your request is very important and should be paid special attention to by the reader.

8. Thank you for your understanding

This is not a sentence to congratulate the reader on understanding the words you wrote. You use it to say thank you in advance if your action or request might inconvenience the recipient of the email. (Thank you for understanding me).

9. Thank you for your consideration

If you are asking for benefits or opportunities, for example when applying for a new job, end the email with this sentence (Thanks for your consideration).

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10. Thank you again for everything you”ve done

This sentence is used when you thank the recipient at the beginning of an email and want to thank them again for appreciating their past actions.

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