Vocabulary of food names in English, do you know it all? Are you a big fan of Chinese, Korean or Japanese food…? Your dream is to go and enjoy all the delicious food in the world? But you are afraid that your English food vocabulary is still weak? If so, why don’t we learn about food names in English today? Join the Vocabulary Brain Hack to immerse yourself in the culinary world full of colors and flavors!

Names of dishes in English

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Vocabulary of food names in English

Are you a person with a strong passion for Asian and European dishes? So the list of dishes in English below will be a great choice for you. Let’s explore the vocabulary of the most popular English dishes below. Or you can completely learn more English vocabulary about cooking, if you want to learn more about recipes in English.

How many dishes have you tried on this list?

1. English appetizers

Chicken & com soup: Chicken & Corn Soup Shrimp soup with persicaria: Spicy shrimp soup (Thailand)Peanuts dived in salt: Salted peanutsBeef soup: Beef soupEel soup: Eel soupFresh Shellfish soup: Fresh oyster soupCrab soup: Crab soupSeafood soup: Seafood SoupKimchi dish: Kimchi

2. English vocabulary about pho

Noodle soup: Noodle soup with eye round steak: Noodle soup with eye round steak and well-done brisket: Noodle soup with eye round steak and meat balls: Noodle soup with brisket & meat balls: Pho Noodle soup with well-done brisket: Noodle soup with meat balls: Noodle soup with steak, flank, tendon, tripe, and fatty flank

English vocabulary names of dishes

3. English vocabulary about noodle dishes

Rice noodles: Snail rice noodles: Beef noodle soupBeef rice noodles: Beef noodle soup

4. Vocabulary of names of sticky rice and porridge dishes in English

Steamed sticky rice: Steamed rice: Steamed rice Fried rice: Fried rice over steamed rice: Chilli pork chop and vegetables on rice: Pot simmered Sugpo Prawns with young coconut juice and scallion over steamed rice : Clam porridgeChicken Rice gruel: Chicken PorridgePork’s Kidneys and heart Rice gruel: Heart porridge, oval

5. Vocabulary of names of vegetables in English

Vegetables: RauFried vegetable with garlic: Stir-fried sweet potato with garlicFried blinweed with garlic: Stir-fried spinach with garlicFried pumpkin with garlic

6. Vocabulary of names of cakes in English

Bread: Bread Shrimp in batter: Shrimp cake cake: Chung cake

English dishes

Vocabulary for names of dishes in English – meat

1. Vocabulary of names of beef dishes in English

Beef: Australian Stead Beef: Grilled Beef with chilli & citronella: Grilled Beef with chili & citronella Grilled Beef: Sichuan beefBeef dish seved with fried potato: Beef jerky with fried potatoesBeef stead: Beef SteakFried Beef with garlic&celery: Stir-fried beef with garlic garlicXate fried Beef fried with chilli& citronella: Stir-fried beef with satayThailand style fried Beef: Beef dipped in hot souce: Beef with spicy sauceBeef dish: Beef with Rolled minced Beef dipped in hot souce: Beef with spicy sauce

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2. Vocabulary of names of pork dishes in English

Pork: Pork Fried Pork in camy flour: Pork with fried egg noodles Pepper Fried heart & kidney: Fried minced Pork with com: Stir-fried minced pork with corn kernels

Vocabulary of dishes in English

3. Vocabulary of names of bird dishes in English

Pigeon: ChimRoasted Pigeon salad: Grilled bird with saladGrilled Pigeon with Chilli and citronella: Grilled bird with lemongrass and chili Fried roti Pigeon: Bird fried with lemongrass and chili Fried Pigeon with Chilli and citronella

4. Vocabulary of the names of rabbit dishes in English

Rabbit: rabbit Grilled Rabbit with lemon leaf: Grilled rabbit with lemon leavesStwed Rabbit with mushroom: Rabbit cooked in curry &coco juice in sasame: Fried Rabbit Chilli and citronella: Fried Rabbit with lemongrass and chili Stewed Rabbit: Rabbit cooked in wine sauce

Vocabulary of food names in English – seafood

For a crazy fan of seafood, what about the sea? Below is a set of the most basic and common seafood dishes in English that will help you to be completely confident when ordering if you go to a certain “Western” restaurant!

Lobster: Lobster Steamed Sugpo Prawn with cheese and garlic: Steamed tiger prawns with cheese and garlic Steamed sugpo prawn with coco juice in beer at table: Black Tiger Prawn in Beer at the table Sugpo Prawn throung salt: Salted Black Tiger Prawn Sugpo Prawn fried in coco sasame: Fried Tiger Prawn with Coconut Sesame Roasted Sugpo Prawn: Steamed Lobster with coco juiceGrilled Lobster with citronella & garlic: Grilled lobster with lemongrass and garlicHot pot of Lobster: Lobster hotpotToasted Crayfish & cook with grilic: Crispy fried shrimp with garlic sauceFried Crayfish with mushroom: Prawn with mushroomsToasted Crayfish & sweet-sour cook: Fried shrimp with sweet and sour sauceFried Crayfish in camy : Fried Crayfish with Cauliflower: Fried Crayfish with Cauliflower

Vocabulary of English dishes

2. Vocabulary of names of fish dishes in English

Eel: Cat fishGrilled Catfish in banana leaf: Grilled eel Grilled Catfish with rice frement & galingale: Steamed Catfish with saffron & citronella: Freshwater fish Grilled Snake-head Fish with chilli & citronella: Grilled fish with lemongrass and chili Steamed Snake-head Fish with soya source: Grilled snakehead fish with soy sauceGrilled Snake-head Fish dipped in sweet & sour source: Grilled Snake-head Fish with salt Catfish with banana inflorescense: Braised Catfish with rice frement & galingale: Grilled Catfish with rice frement & galingale : Deep fried carp with meGrilled Carp with chilli & citronella: Grilled carp with lemongrass and chili Steamed Carp with onion Simmered Hemibagrus with rice frement & garlic: Braised Salmon with garlic meSteamed “dieuhong” fish: Steamed red tilapia Fried with soya source: Deep-fried red tilapia Cooked “dieuhong” fish with soya source: Red tilapia with soy sauceRaw “dieuhong” fish : Red tilapia salad

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3. Vocabulary of names of crab dishes in English

Crab: Crab Steamed Crab: Steamed CrabRoasted Crab with Salt: Roasted Salted CrabCrab with tamarind: Fried Crab chilli & citronella: Grilled Crab with lemongrass and chili Fried Crab& Cary

Vocabulary of food names in English

4. Vocabulary of names of crab dishes in English

King Crab: Crab Steamed Kinh Crab with garlic & citronella: Crab steamed with ginger lemongrass garlic Kinh Crab with pork stew: Braised crab with pork stew -shelled crab with ginger: Steamed crab with gingerSteamed soft -shelled crab with butter & garlic: Fried crab with garlic butter5. Snail name vocabulary in English Cockle: SnailSnall: SnailGrilled Sweet Snail with citronella: Grilled Snail with lemongrassRoasted Sweet Snail with tamanind: Snail steamed meSteamed Snall in minced meat with gingner leaf: Steamed Snall with medicine herb: Boiled Snall with lemon leaf: Cooked Snall with banana & soya curd: Fried Snail with chilli& citronella: Fried Snail with banana & soya curd

6. Vocabulary of names of clam dishes in English

Shell: ClamBoil Cockle- shell ginger & citronella: Boiled clams with ginger lemongrass Steamed Cockle- shell with mint: Steamed clams steamed with garlic Steamed Cockle- shell with garlic spice

7. Vocabulary of names of oyster dishes in English

Oyster: ScallopsGrilled Oyster: Grilled cocklesTu Xuyen Oyster: Sichuan cockles

8. Vocabulary of names of eel dishes in English

Eel: EelGrilled Eel with chill & citronella: Grilled eel with lemongrass and chiliSimmered Eel with rice frement & garlic: Braised eel with garlic Grilled Eel with surgur palm: Grilled eel with guise leavesGrilled Eel with chill & citronella: Fried eel with lemongrass and chiliEel with chill coco sesame: Fried eel Steamed Eel in earth pot: Braised eel in earth pot

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9. Vocabulary of names of squid dishes in English

Cuttle fish: Squid Fried Squid with butter& garlic: Squid fried with butter and garlicSquid fire with wine: Squid with butter and garlicFried Squid with butter& garlic: Squid with garlic butterFried Squid with pineapple: Squid with pineapple Fried Squid with chill & citronella: Stir-fried squid with lemongrass and chili Steamed Squid with celery: Steamed Squid with celery Soused Squid in beer serving at table: Squid dipped in beer at the tableDipped Squid with dill

10. Vocabulary of names of tortoise in English

Tortoise: BabaRoasted Turtle with salt: Baba Roasted with saltGrilled Turtle with rice frement & garlic: Turtle hot pot with blindweed: Stewed Turtle with Red wine: Steamed whole Turtle with garlic Steamed Turtle with lotus sesame

Vocabulary of names of dishes in English – according to the form of cooking and processing

To make it easier for you to cook and prepare dishes, vocabulary about dishes in English in the form of cooking and processing is indispensable. Let’s explore now and accumulate more for your own vocabulary!

1. Vocabulary names of cooking and processing methods in English

Cook with sauce: KhoGrill: GrillRoast: QuayFry: Fry, fry Saute: Saute, sautéStew: Stew, NinhSteam: Steambaking a cake : bake beating eggs : beat eggboiling water : boil waterburnt toast : bake meat carving : chopping green onions : finely chopped onionscookbook: cookbookcutting a pepper : cut in tfrying fish fillets : fry cagrating cheese: grated cheesegrilling : bakemashing potatoes: puree potatoesmelting butter: melt pumping flour and eggs chicken : grilled chickensauteeing mushrooms : sautéed mushroomsstir-frying vegetables : sautéed vegetables

2. Vocabulary of names of soups in English

Sweet and sour fish broth: Hot sour fish soup: Lean pork & mustard soup: Lean pork soupBeef & onion soup: Beef and onion soupCrab soup, Fresh water-crab soup: Fragrant cabbage pork-pice soup: Egg& cucumber soup: Cucumber egg soupSour lean pork soup: Soya noodles with chicken: Chicken noodle soup

3. Vocabulary of names of stir-fried dishes in English

Fired “Pho” with port”s heart & kidney: Fried “Pho” with chicken: Fried “Pho” with chicken: Fried “Pho” with shrimp: Fried Noodles with beef: Mixed Fried Noodles: Mixed Fried Noodles CamFried Noodle with seafood: Fried Noodle with seafoodFried Noodle with eel: Fried Noodle with sea crab: Fried Noodle with sea crab: Fried Noodle with seafood: Mixed fried rice with seafood

4. Vocabulary of names of sauces in English

Fish sauce: Fish sauceSoya sauce: soy sauceMustard: mustard