Shopify platform is the second best means and support tool for online sales and online sales on the website of many units today. If you have heard a lot about Shopify but have not really understood the sales platform on this website, the following article of WEBICO will help you have the most overview.

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What is Shopify?

Shopify is one of the four largest online e-commerce platform providers in the world today, next to Bigcommerce, Weebly eCommerce and Squarespace eCommerce. Shopify platform is highly rated with over 245,000 online stores and this number is constantly growing.

With many outstanding features and its support for online sales websites, Shopify has quickly put its name on the list of the most popular and used sales platforms by many companies and businesses.

Spotify Features of Shopify

Shopify platform is designed specifically for online buying and selling activities, so it also has outstanding management features that specialize in supporting these activities, for example:

System of hundreds of sales interfaces, professional sales management with most of them free high quality Hosting with absolutely guaranteed security features and unlimited bandwidth. Whether your site has 100 or 100,000 visitors at the same time, the speed is always guaranteed at the fastest level. 24/7 online support. You can call or Chat with Shopify for support at any time of the day. Admin system to manage orders and post products professionally. There is a system to create separate accounts for customers that is simple and easy to use. The system automatically sends emails to customers to confirm orders, create accounts, retrieve passwords. Optimized SEO standards.

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How to create a shop to sell with Shopify

It’s not too difficult if you want to design a website using the Shopify platform to sell online on your website. You can follow these instructions:

Step 1: Visit Shopify homepage at

Enter your email in the box and click “Get started” to sign up for a Shopify account.

Shopify sales platform

Step 2: Shopify will allow you to try the 14-day version, you need to enter the password as the shop name as shown below

Now your site url is https://

Step 3: You need to enter some information so that Shopify can survey your sales trends and habits and offer appropriate solutions and suggestions. The questions you need to answer are also relatively basic, such as:

Have you ever sold online? What sales system do you use the most?…

Step 4: Update shop information

Next, you need to enter the information to authenticate and also to receive the proceeds from the sale. Additional information included as shown below.

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By this step, you have completed creating a sales shop on the Shopify platform. You can refer to some of the features that you can install and exploit on this platform in the next section.

How to use Shopify platform

1. Choose a theme

Go to Online Store -> Theme. Here you have 2 options, free theme and premium theme.

2. Create Collections (Almost like product catalog)

Go to Products -> select Collections and select the create Collections button (located at the top right)

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3. Create menu / navigation

This is the website navigation section, any site should have this section.

Choose Online store -> navigation and set up options according to your wishes and preferences so that your sales page has a perfect menu system.

Shopify’s management page interface

4. Customize the homepage

To customize the homepage, go to Online store -> Theme -> Customize theme.

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5. Vietnameseize and Customize Shopify

In the Online store -> Theme section you will see a… in front of Customize theme. Click here you can Edit HTML and CSS for the theme, in addition, you can Vietnameseize in the Language section.

6. Create Page/Post

To create Page or Post on Shopify you can go to Online Store -> Page/Blog Posts

7. Create Coupon / discount code

You can go to the Discounts section to create a coupon

8. Domain configuration!

Go to Online store -> Domains

You can follow the entire process that we have instructed above through the following video!

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