HHT – What is the attraction that helps the series “Sex Education” season 2 become a phenomenon?

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In the character Otis there is always a sharp contrast. He is mature, calm when playing the role of psychotherapist, but sometimes impulsive when faced with his own problems such as love, sex or his relationship with his mother. Compared to season one, Otis in season two seems to have lost a little bit of cuteness and kindness before returning to himself in the final episode.

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Thought this was a hole in the character’s psychology, but in fact Otis is developing according to his life situation. Thanks to his parents who are both therapists, he knows how to be a good therapist. However, he was only 16 years old – the age of puberty with many psychological changes. What 16-year-old boy knows what to do with his feelings? It is important for young people to recognize their own mistakes, and find ways to correct them with all sincerity.

Like season one, Maeve is once again the most inspiring character in the series. She always had to make a living alone, was ridiculed for many years because of a false rumor, had to have an abortion alone, was expelled from school, got into enough trouble because of her drug dealer brother and drug-addicted mother. But “stepping” on everything, Maeve still went to school, still excelled in studies, and even won the Champion of the puzzle competition.

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Despite all the hardships, Maeve still helps Ruby (season one) and Aimee (season two) when they are victims of anonymous threats/sexual assault. Fate is not easy sometimes, but we can always change it through our unremitting efforts. The movie Parasite has a saying: “There is no such thing as ‘rich, but good’. She’s good because she’s rich.” Maeve proved the opposite. You can still be a good person, even if you are facing all kinds of difficulties in life.

Sex education does not hesitate to touch the most sensitive issues, but still retains the spirit of lightness and humour. Season one touched on the issue of abortion, while season two dealt with sexual assault and its psychological consequences. Again, the empathy and connection between the girls is a great strength to help them overcome their fears.

While going to school by bus, Aimee was harassed by a pervert on the bus. She chose to remain silent, even when encouraged by Maeve to report it to the police. Aimee tried to convince herself that everything was fine, but the reality was that the incident took a toll on her psyche. Only when she heard stories about sexual harassment from a group of female friends and words of encouragement, could Aimee remove the guilt inside her.

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The detention room scene in episode 7 is probably the first time that the #MeToo movement has been shown in the cinematic language in such a gentle yet firm manner. Sexual harassment, no matter how small, is still sexual harassment. The scene of 6 female students sitting together on the bus is definitely the best image of season two. After all, every girl needs to work together against sexual harassment.

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Season 2 continues to exploit the anxiety of “school star” Jackson. He was officially “swallowed” by swimming practice, or rather, the pressure from his mother’s expectations. Finally, he dared to confront his mother to express his wish. Perhaps this is a message to young people, be brave to overcome the pressure of your family to pursue your passion. Maeve is no longer around, but he has found another “Sun” named Viv. It is unclear if the writer intends to push the relationship between Jackson and Viv beyond friendship. But at least season two has proven that beautiful friendships can still form between two seemingly “unrelated” opposite sexes.

The most controversial twist of season two is probably when Eric chooses to go with Adam. Eric chose someone who bullied him during his teenage years, instead of someone who was kind to him. But is it true that Eric is blindly diving into a toxic relationship? Not really, because Adam has changed, as well as publicly accepting his feelings for Eric. Moreover, speaking like Eric’s mother, doesn’t make me shine.” Only when he is with Adam can Eric truly be himself. Simply put, choose the person your heart belongs to.

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What to expect in season three?

The new character Isaac suddenly became an “international enemy” overnight. It was his selfishness that prevented Maeve and Otis from being together in season two. He truly loved Maeve, but at the same time he was a manipulator. Even so, the ending is also reasonable, because it forces viewers wait another year until season 3. Will Isaac have a chance with Maeve, and force the “boat” Otis x Maeve to wait another season?

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And yet, season two also “suggests” that now the most unexpected character – Ruby is having feelings for Otis. From there, season 3 will probably see the “encounter” between Maeve and Ruby. However, there is a high possibility that the “war” will end peacefully, because the understanding and respect that the girls have for each other is the most meaningful thing that makes Sex Education in both seasons 1 and 2. 2.