Sales discount is one of the methods of stimulating purchase, commonly used in marketing. The article will introduce the two fastest and most popular methods of calculating sales discount today.

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Sales discount is the percentage of the discount that the seller gives the buyer. The discount in business will have the purpose of promoting the demand to buy in large quantities of customers. This discount is often accompanied by conditions such as: payment in cash, how much quantity to buy, discount or payment before maturity, etc., which are agreed upon in economic contracts or commitments to buy and sell. row.

The essence of this method is to calculate the approximate result to give an estimate as quickly as possible. It can be interpreted as follows: Assume the original selling price is X; The discount rate is t %; Then the discount discount will be:

In steps 1 and 2, rounding to ten will make it easier to divide the numbers by 10. In step 3, we add the 5% fraction of original price (A/2) omitted in step 2 to the product A x B to get the closest discount.

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For example, the original price of the product is VND 69,000, you are giving customers a 25% discount, customers want to know specifically how much they will receive or how much they will have to pay, you just need to think about each step above. for quick results:

Round the price (VND 70,000) and divide by 10: 7,000 Divide the discount rate (25%) by 10 (2.5), take the whole part: 2 The discount is: 7,000 x 2 + (7000/2) = 17,500 Price: 70,000 – 17,500 = 52,500 VND

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After just a few seconds of calculation, you can answer customers that they will get a discount of about 17,000 VND and only have to pay about 53,000 VND for 1 product. If you use a calculator and apply method 1, you will get the exact results: 17,250 VND and 52,750 VND respectively, very close to the results of mental calculation.

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For each customer, the business will have different discount rates, so a tool is needed for the most accurate and effective management. There are many businesses that have chosen to use customer management software MISA AMIS to manage all information about customers as well as transaction history, specific discount rates. Businesses can refer here.

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