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How to make Facebook ads effective but cost-optimized

?More than 100 million VND/month spent on Facebook advertising for a product in the food industry. processing – Snack food online. If you are looking for a solution to make Facebook ads more effective, congratulations, this is the article you are looking for.

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I think you will need that:

We suggest you a reputable and quality wholesale warehouse by going to google to find “lami wholesale warehouse” to see.

Don’t go around the three kingdoms – straight to the point – hopefully helping you learn how to save more than 30% of the cost of making Facebook ads effective – please don’t splurge money on your online marketing!

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Success and failure when doing Facebook Marketing is different in that: MARKETING THINKING

With the Facebook Marketing project I implemented for the product CHEAP, or the average advertising cost 3 million/day. Number of orders collected from 100 orders or more.

So what are the reasons that drive this project to be so successful?

The direction to make a difference from the competition Advertising content stimulates the taste buds of customersTarget the right customers.

1. Direction of the product

– Difference

Before launching the product, the elderberry product also had many online sellers. Their prices are mostly under 220k/kg.

Right at the beginning, I determined that I would hit the quality direction and the price I offered was considered the highest in the market (220k – 240k/kg).

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When I started selling, there were a few cases of RICE that were produced without hygiene. This is the disadvantage. But I knew the disadvantage turned into a competitive advantage and declared: my products are of high quality, so the price is higher than in other places.

The lesson here is >> Don’t just focus on the cheap, You can sell for a high price but prove to the customer “why you should choose me despite the higher price”

– Build content

The potential customers that the project targets are office workers who have a stable income, so the message is that homemade snacks are hygienic and have certificates, not prices. cheap or affordable.

In building the content of my Fanpage, I completely follow the direction of building a story with the message “Mother-made Rice, Home-made Rice”

Making content with stories helps customers read the content more diligently, thereby better understanding their products. Once the customer understands, it is extremely easy for you to close the order.

The lesson here is >> Don’t sell if customers don’t understand the product. When customers understand about your product, they will be interested and eager to buy your product. It is also a factor that helps you reduce BOOM goods.

– Freeship mentality

Even I like Freeship. Admittedly, this is the common psychology of customers. And I rely on this to UPSALE by calling them to buy 2kg for freeship.

And up to 4/10 customers agree to the above conditions to get Freeship.

The lesson here is >> In times of increasing advertising costs, try to maximize profit per order. This way you don’t need to increase your advertising costs, but your profits will still increase

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2. Ads that stimulate customers

In the content of running ads, I applied the AIDA formula.

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First to get attention

First impressions are extremely important, so in Facebook ads images need to make customers pay attention and stop.

Applied in practice, when running ads, I used the image of a piece of burnt rice plus onion fat and a cup of fish sauce to attract attention and stimulate customers’ taste.

To do this well, you need to determine with that product what will make customers stop:

+ Food and drink are delicious

+ The clothes are beautifully designed.

+ Beauty products must state the problem customers are having

Create interest and desire

With the story between the driver and the owner, I thought it was normal, I integrated it to focus on HOW I create quality products, and want what reaches consumers to be the best.

Not only that, I also describe more PRODUCTS to stimulate customers again. They will imagine from themselves the TASTE of the burnt rice and finally the drooling.


At the end of the article, I close with a call to action “Please always support this little girl to have a future to buy diamonds for you guys! “

So the customer knows what to do.

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Where the source of goods converges and the best way to sell

> Experience selling cosmetics online on facebook

3. Target customers and how to run ads

How to advertise Facebook effectively? – A question causing many people who have been doing online business on Facebook to have a headache.

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If Fanpage content and advertising messages have an impact on the success or failure of a campaign, the targeting method is also an indispensable part of a campaign.

Example: 1 simple campaign of “Online snack food” – Location: HCMC– Age: 25-35– Language: Vietnamese, English– Hobbies/Behaviour: target customers with food preferences , shop online, have a taste in fashion…– Gender: all

All of the above factors are targeted based on the target customer segment that the product is targeting.

One piece of advice for you: You should run a test before choosing the most accurate target audience for your Facebook ad campaign.

4. Time + timing when running Facebook ads

For each advertising campaign, there should be a specific running time and it is necessary to determine when the ads are most effective.

– About Ad Runtime:

It should be divided into certain stages of running ads:

For example: For food products, the most effective time to run is usually around the first 10 days of the month and 2 Thursdays and Fridays of the week, .. during this time the customers of the order are many. It can be explained that due to the high demand for rest and food at the weekend, the number of customers flocking in these 2 days is quite large.

– About the time to run ads:

Depending on the type of customer that you are targeting, you need to determine which times of the day advertising on Facebook are most effective.

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With these times, Facebook users often have time online and can access ads, can interact with ads, making Facebook ads most effective and cost-effective.