When traveling by plane for the first time, every passenger must be wondering between round-trip airfare and one-way flight ticket. What is a round trip flight ticket? What are the advantages of round-trip airfare? And how to buy cheap round-trip air tickets? These are questions that are often asked by first-time airline ticket buyers. Vietnam Booking will help you answer these questions in today’s article.

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What is a round trip flight ticket?

Buying a round-trip or two-way ticket means buying a code that includes both the out and back for your journey, instead of two separate tickets for the way out and back. In other words, a round-trip air ticket allows you to depart at one point and return to that point after your trip.

For example, if you take a flight departing from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, your return ticket will help you return to Hanoi after your trip to Ho Chi Minh is over.

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Who is round-trip airfare

?Any passenger can book a round-trip air ticket. However, this type of ticket is more popular with tourists or those traveling on short-term business trips with a fixed schedule.

Round trip tickets are only really suitable when you have arranged your trip schedule, know the specific departure and return dates. Because for some airlines, if you are not present on the outbound flight, your reservation for the return flight will be cancelled. Or in case you cannot take the return flight and want to modify the flight time, flight itinerary or refund, change the ticket, the fee you have to pay will be much higher than the one-way ticket. Moreover, the procedure for editing and refunding air tickets is often very complicated, so Vietnam Booking advises passengers to clearly define their own schedule early to be able to book round-trip air tickets with many incentives. from airlines.

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Round-trip airfare for passengers traveling on business or short-term travel – Photo: Internet

What are the benefits of buying round-trip airfare

?When choosing to buy cheap round-trip air tickets, passengers will be more active in hunting promotions from airlines. If you book a one-way ticket and wait until the next day to buy more return tickets, the chance of catching ticket discounts is almost non-existent, you will even have to pay a higher cost for a flight.

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Book now

“Is it cheaper to buy a round trip ticket than a one way ticket?” This is a question that many passengers are interested in. Vietnam Booking would like to answer that when you buy a two-way ticket, you will reduce a part of taxes and accompanying surcharges such as passenger service fees, ticketing fees, etc. Domestic flights usually do not have much difference between the two. this type of ticket. But if you fly an international route or fly with foreign airlines, buying a two-way ticket will save you a lot of money compared to buying two one-way tickets.

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Where is the best place to book a cheap round-trip air ticket

?After learning about the concept of a round-trip ticket and its advantages, many passengers wonder about booking a round-trip flight ticket. Where to get cheap price and nice flight. Vietnam Booking is a reputable airline ticket sales address chosen by many customers for their flight journey.

Website www.riclix.com has a user-friendly interface, providing a tool to help find the cheapest weekly fares with just a few clicks. This is very important when hunting for super-saving round-trip tickets because the fares of airlines often change. In addition, we provide a secure payment method and absolutely keep your information confidential.

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Vietnam Booking air ticket office in Hanoi

Another important thing to hunt for cheap round-trip tickets is to stay up to date with the latest offers from airlines. Big deals like Vietjet’s 0VND offer are often launched unexpectedly, without prior notice and ended in a short period of time, making it difficult for many passengers to buy tickets. So, to easily update fare offers of more than 200 domestic and foreign airlines, please leave your gmail below so we can assist you.

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In addition, if you have any questions about return ticket conditions, transportation regulations, paperwork, etc., please contact hotline 1900 47 98 for the most dedicated and accurate answers.