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Watching: What is Restraint


resttraint /ris”treint/ noun to put a restraint on someone restraint old simplicity; moderation, not excessive (literary) self-control, self-control

restraint restraint system: passive restraint system of restraint: effect of restraint end restraint: elastic restraint end restraint: end restraint restraint: side restraint a sliding restraint: movable restraint yielding restraint: restraint restraint of displacement lateral restraint: lateral restraint: lateral restraint hold, restrainField: building restraintchild restraint system child restraintcoefficient of elastic uniform restraintcoefficient of elastic uniform restraintcondition of restraint linkrelative restraintrebound restraintrestraint of loadsforcerestraintconstraintrestraintrest of trade : restraining business restraint division restraint restraint voluntary wage restraint restraint budget restraints contract in restraint of trade voluntary restraint of exports voluntary restriction of exportswage restraint

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Collocation Dictionary

restraint noun

1 limit/control on sth

ADJ. effective | voluntary talks on voluntary wage restraint | conventional what happens when the conventional restraints on human cruelty are removed | physical Sometimes the care workers need to use physical restraint on the hospital patients. | budgetary, economic, expenditure, financial, fiscal, monetary, pay, spending, wage | contractual, judicial, legal, regulatory | cultural, moral, social

VERB + RESTRAINT impose, use | remove

PREP. without ~ Prices continued to rise without restraint. | ~ on/upon The government imposes restraints on spending.

2 behaving in a calm/moderate way

ADJ. great, great, remarkable | mutual the mutual restraint shown by police and protesters. | sexual

VERB + RESTRAINT exercise, show Journalists have exercised remarkable restraint in not reporting all the sordid details of the case. | appeal for, call for

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PREP. ~ by The government called for restraint by both sides.

WordNet Dictionary


the of act controlling by restraining someone or something

the unlawful restraint of trade