Today we Tam an gifts shop will answer all questions of customers. Often call and ask questions to us. About reserve USA stem cell products.

Usually we get questions like: What is a Reserve? , reserve price created in Vietnam, what is the effect of reserve, what is the reserve component.

Yes today we will answer 2 main questions that are reserve? , Price reserve in Vietnam. The rest of the questions we have explained in the Vietnamese article .html

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1 What is the reserve?2 What is the reserve price in Vietnam?3 Using the reserve to strengthen resistance against NCov-194 Witnesses using the reserve product in Vietnam 4.1 Ms. Tuyen 0981358xxx in Vung Tau4. 2 You use reserve to beautify and improve your health5 Instructions for use and maintenance of reserve5.1 Instructions for preserving reserve

Reserve What is it?

Reserve in English means reserve substance, a stored energy source for the body. As for the food industry, and the nutrition industry in general, Reserve is a stem cell product of natural origin, founded in 2009 by the company Jeunesse Global . intended for consumers to use to promote health.

Reserve products are produced from 7 main ingredients including: berry, Pomegranate, green tea, aloe vera, cherry, blueberry, grape.< /p>

reserve is known for many uses, and works quite quickly such as :

Reserve Jeunesse is supplemented with essential antioxidants to help prolong the life of cells. help restore and promote health. Reserve Jeunesse Fruit Gel includes powerful antioxidants extracted from acai berries, pomegranates, green tea, aloe and red grapes to help fight the harmful effects of free radicals Anthocyanins found in Reserve Jeunesse help to improve cardiovascular function. Helps to lose weight effectively Eliminate toxins in the body Reduce headaches Stabilize blood pressure Unique combination of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, along with anthocyanins help regenerate skin, make skin firm , healthy and beautiful from the inside Nutritional support for gout patients REserve is known as a nutritional drink to help people with diabetes.

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In addition, gel reserver can also be used to beautify directly by taking the excess solution after each drink and rubbing it on the face.


What is the reserve price in Vietnam?

Currently we are the distributor and importer of reserve by official route to Vietnam, with the following price

US Reserve is priced at 1,850,000 VND Reserve Singapore is priced at 1,650,000 VND Reserve Malaysia co price 1,500,000 VND

Why is the same reserve product but there are many places selling different prices, basically the reserve product is imported from the US for about 1600,000 VND 1 product 30 packs , but because we import in large quantities, the product price will be cheaper, but it will cost tax, and transportation, so the price we sell is 1850,000 VND.

To match balance and profit from the business. As you know business is to be profitable. For more expensive products, it can be due to many reasons we did not mention.

If you are a smart consumer, please choose wisely

Also As to why other sites sell at a lower price, it’s a mystery to us, but we can confirm that any product that costs less than we offer is a poor quality product.


Use reserve to strengthen resistance against NCov-19 disease

Currently, acute pneumonia NCov 19 is breaking out globally at a dizzying speed and with complicated developments. complex. Unpredictably, our Vietnamese government is closely and effectively controlling it to prevent the NCOv 19 situation from spreading.

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Medical experts recommend:

Increase use vitamin-rich foods Eat nutritious food, and drink plenty of water Avoid gathering in crowded places, voluntarily use face masks to protect your body. Do not spit indiscriminately

We Tam An gifts shop recommend that you use reserve products with American origin to help the body have the best health.

Witnesses use reserve products in Vietnam

Ms. Tuyen 0981358xxx in Vung Tau

<3 slip ability. Was introduced by a friend to a product that supports health promotion, and helps the body eliminate toxins along with restoring stem cells.

Helps patients recover faster.

I didn’t believe in the product but then, seeing that my mother’s health deteriorated rapidly due to radiation therapy, she took the risk to buy it and bring it to the doctor who said this product can be used because it is of natural origin.

During the time of radiation treatment, Tuyen’s mother still drank reserve and reserve in moderation, helping her mother get better, making the treatment process easier because her mother she has good health and signs of recovery very quickly.

But after being away from treatment, the poison takes a long time to be discharged, so using reserve to support cancer treatment is to support health, not It’s not as rumored that reserve is used to treat cancer.


I use reserve to beautify and improve health

She said After giving birth, the body’s hormone level of collagen decreases, making aging problems appear.

She said that using the first 10 packs did not work. But Because the product is easy to drink and delicious, I regret that I should continue to use it all, but when I used the package of 20, I found that my skin was full, and had vitality, the body was stronger, the skin began to stretch. and no more wrinkles

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