What is public relations? What does Public Relations study? What do you do after studying public relations? Where did you study public relations?

What is public relations?

What is public relations? is a branch of the social sciences and also an art, analyzing trends, predicting outcomes, advising and giving recommendations to organizational leaders, and implementing programs. planned action to serve the interests of both the organization and the public.

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What does Public Relations study?

With the strong development of media in the trend of globalization, studying Public Relations can be said to be the right choice for young people. Studying public relations, learners will be fully equipped with solid specialized knowledge in the field of PR such as: the position of Public Relations in organizations and enterprises; form of PR activities; method and nature of PR internally with the community; In-depth understanding of specific PR tasks and activities in each field…

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What do you do after studying public relations?

Studying Public Relations, graduates can take on the following positions:

PR specialist: Working as in charge of press relations, community relations, event organization, internal communication organization… at agencies, public and private enterprises, business organizations International, international and social organizations, non-governmental….Reporters, editors at newspapers, magazines, news agencies, radio stations, television stations and media channels…Experts public relations analysis and consulting: Undertaking jobs as assistant to analyze and prepare reports on the internal and external communication environment of the unit; assistant in building and implementing communication strategies in business, developing human resources, building and developing brands. You will work at companies, consulting organizations on corporate communication management, ministries and departments, departments and branches related to communication. Research and teach PR in higher education institutions , participate in research on issues related to communication, public relations, teaching assistant; The future can become a researcher, senior lecturer, manager in the field of training and research in communication and public relations.

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Where did you study public relations?

List of major universities in Vietnam offering Public Relations majors:

Academy of Journalism and Propaganda University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City) University of Economics and Finance HCMC FPT University. . . . .