As we all know, there are many different types of tickets, in which the promo ticket is the most popular ticket chosen by the passengers. Because with a promo ticket, passengers will have to spend a low amount of money being promoted by the airline. However, there is a feature of this type of ticket that makes it rare to appear on the ticket market that the promo is only open for sale on promotional occasions.

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So what are the features of this ticket? Please also follow the information below to understand more about this ticket and have a perfect trip with the promo ticket!

Firstly: In the minds of passengers, cheap tickets often have much more limited advantages than regular tickets, so a lot of people think that promo tickets will not be able to meet the functions and requirements. requirements compared to normal tickets, right? However, that is a misconception. While promo tickets can change flight times, the flight date is up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure time. However, the new fare must be equal to or higher than the current fare. If the new fare is higher than the current fare, the passenger will have to pay the difference in fare to change the date and time of the flight. If the flight with the same time as the flight date is priced lower than the current fare, the difference will not be refunded to the guest. For promo tickets, the change fee is applied per passenger/flight/number of changes.

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Second: Can your itinerary be changed if you buy a promo ticket. The answer is definitely yes. Passengers are still allowed to change the itineraries to and from on the purchased ticket, but there will be change fees and fare difference up to the present time you use the transfer.

Third: In all cases, most promo tickets are non-refundable for any reason, except for reasons coming from the airline.

Fourth: If you are using a promo ticket and intend to change the passenger’s name, you will be disappointed because the promo ticket class does not allow the passenger to change the name compared to the original passenger name. Furthermore, the purchased promo tickets cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

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Thursday: All passengers who buy promo tickets are entitled to 7 kg of hand baggage free of charge, just like other passenger ticket classes. However, the fare will not include checked baggage, but only a discount when checking in the first 15 kg of luggage. If a passenger has checked baggage, they need to pay the checked baggage fee before boarding Vietjet Air to be able to fly.

Friday: For passengers who want to cancel their tickets at any time or are 30 minutes late for the domestic flight and 45 minutes for the international flight, that passenger will lose the entire fare. Because then the check-in counter is closed, the passenger will have no way to save his ticket anymore.

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Above are some notes for passengers using promo tickets. Passengers can choose any type of ticket for their trip. Many people ask the question that: So when participating in a flight, is it possible to book a promo ticket in the afternoon, not to book this ticket in the return and vice versa? We would like to answer all those questions as follows: Passengers can absolutely buy promo tickets for any way going or returning, can buy return tickets or just one way.

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Each airline has many types of tickets for you to choose from and the choice of ticket depends on the amount of money you have as well as your preferences. If you have a budget, you should buy a business class ticket, and if you have a limited budget for an air ticket, you should choose an economy ticket or a promo ticket.

So where to buy promo tickets here is also a question that needs to be answered by many people. Currently, you can buy this ticket class at all different air ticket agents, but if you want to find a reputable ticket agent to be more assured about the quality of your ticket, please Come to – Vietnam’s leading air ticket agent. will bring you the most perfect tickets. Please contact whenever you need to book tickets!