What are Stocks? The concept of stock appears in many different fields such as: Sales, finance, graphics, etc.

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What are Stocks? The concept of stock appears in many different fields such as: Sales, finance, graphics, etc. Let’s learn together the most complete knowledge about Stock in this article, let’s get started!

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What are Stocks?

What is Stock?

Stock in sales

In manufacturing and trading businesses, the term stock appears a lot in the form of the phrases made to stock and made to order.

Made to stock can be understood as a philosophy in production given by the manufacturer based on forecasting and production activities for inventory. The made to stock form is often applied to products with a high degree of standardization.

The meaning of stock in the field of sales

Made to order philosophy of production based on customer orders. The company will plan production and sell on demand based on the order. This method will limit inventory, but must be well managed to produce in time.


Stock in the financial sector

Stock is a very common term in the financial field, and when it comes to Stock, most people will think of this meaning first.

In finance, Stock translated into Vietnamese means stock first. Shares are certificates of money that investors contribute to the issuing company. In other words, a stock is a certificate issued by a joint-stock company or a journal entry confirming the ownership of one or several shares of that company.

The history of the birth of shares is associated with the formation of joint stock companies. Shares are a separate product issued by a joint stock company. The charter capital of a joint-stock company is divided into equal parts called shares.

The person who buys that share is called a shareholder. Shareholders are issued a certificate of ownership of shares called shares. Shares are the proof and the main certificate confirming the shareholder’s ownership rights to the joint stock company.

Ownership of shareholders in a joint-stock company corresponds to the number of shares held by shareholders. That is why stocks are also called equity securities.

Stock in the field of graphics (Stock photo)

This means that Stock Photo is understood as the images taken by the photographer (in contrast to Assignment Photo, which is the images taken by the customer on request) and the copyright on the image belongs to its author. . Why have Stock Photo ? Simply because not everyone has the ability to hire a photographer to take photos for themselves on request, and photographers, in addition to taking pictures for money, also consider it a hobby. Those free images can therefore be used as needed.

You can see stock photos everywhere: from logos on products, to images in magazines, to photos you create yourself.

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What is in stock? What is in stock?

In stock means kept in stock or available for sale or use. In addition to this definition, securities are also used as a means of providing additional goods. In the logistics industry, in stock also means the number of products left in stock.

Usually, you will often see stores or product websites that say “in stock”, so what is in stock? This word means door

There are still many products in stock with many colors, sizes, …

In stock means a source of goods available for sale to customers, distributors, manufacturers, etc. When the online or physical store has

an item in stock, it means the store has the item in stock and available for purchase right now.

Some other concepts about in stock

What is low in stock

?A common concept related to In Stock is Low In Stock. So what is Low In Stock? This phrase is used to refer to goods that are almost out of stock or are available but very little.

In addition, people also use Low In Stock to notice that this product will no longer be available after it runs out. In general, the phrase Low In Stock refers to goods that will not be imported after they run out.

What is Stock-in-trade

?Stock-in-trade is used in securities to mean all goods and equipment of a business. Stock in trade is also used in commerce and trading, so what is stock in trade? This phrase means goods available for sale at a store or store, or refers to tools, materials, etc. used to carry out commerce or business

The phrase “stock-in-trade” is also often used informally to refer to a skill or trait of a person. However, stock-in-trade is also a term used in business to describe the readily available resources required to carry out a company’s activities. It is important for entrepreneurs to understand what stock-in-trade means as the term is often used for legal and accounting purposes.

When it comes to trading, stock-in-trade refers to an activity or commodity produced by an individual or organization for a living or for profit. For example, the stock-in-trade by author Stephen King is a horror story. Fast food is the stock-in-trade of companies like Wendy’s and Burger King.

What does Back in stock mean

?Besides the concept of In Stock, you should also know the meaning of the term Back In Stock. This is the phrase indicating the goods have arrived. That is, after a period of time out of stock, stores continue to import goods, it is called Back In Stock. The meaning is also roughly equivalent to Restock.

What is Out of Stock?

Out of stock is a condition in which goods are not available for immediate sale or use. You can often see an inscription on the stalls like “be out of stock”. So what is being out of stock? When an item is reported as out of stock, it means that the item is currently out of stock, out of stock, or out of stock at other warehouses to ship.

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Or if you see phrases like “we are out of stock” on foreign sales websites or Facebook pages, it means we are currently out of stock.

In addition, sometimes out of stock is often confused with the concept of out of reach. So what is out of reach? Out of reach means out of reach, has nothing to do with categories of goods. So you should be careful to use words to avoid writing/posting these two words by mistake.

Some concepts related to out of stock

What is Overstock?

Overstock is a situation of excess / excess inventory in the warehouse. Compared to out of stock, many people often think that overstocking is a very bad thing, proving that the sale is not smooth. However, out of stock can make customers feel disappointed, they will leave the store immediately because they do not want to buy any other products.

For example, if a customer only drinks a certain brand of cold drink but you don’t have that brand, they won’t buy anything from your store to replace that beverage. Instead, they will look for that brand in overstock stores.

What does control out of stock mean?

That means controlling shortages, which means figuring out the exact amount of goods you need to buy, so you don’t have to worry about any problems arising from running out of stock in the future. future.

What is Out of Stock Management?

Stock management means managing, planning and designing your goods storage space, and closely linked with planning and inventory control to minimize out of stock. stock.

To meet consumer demand and not face running out of stock, you need to make sure you have the right amount of merchandise at the right time and in the right place. How to do that? That’s thanks to stock management. Proper inventory management methods will help you reduce out-of-stock situations because you will directly meet the needs of goods in different locations.

But that’s not the only way. In addition, you can also build a plan to order your goods based on sales forecasts. By using past sales data, you have a better chance of meeting customer demand and avoiding out-of-stock issues.

Classification of stock photos in photoshop

Stock photo royalty free

This is considered one of the most popular stocks today and has a reasonable cost. This means that all stock photo licenses will be royalty-free, so you’ll use this image over and over again and don’t have to pay royalties. Graphics professionals can save some money.

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However, the downside of this type of stock is that the images you design will not be exclusive, so anyone can buy and use them.

Extended or Advanced Licensed stock photo type

This category means that an image stock company will allow you to purchase an extended/enhanced license that extends during the permitted use of the previously licensed image. This means that an extended license will allow you to “Extend” the usage provided in your original license.

The use process includes increasing the number of copies showing the respective images and using them for resale purposes such as: print-on-demand, greeting cards, t-shirts, calendars, etc., or possibly legal other methods of use and distribution involved. At the same time, the usage process varies from company to company, so before using you need to agree to a specific license.

Stock is authorized to manage

These licensing management rights are provided during the exclusive, time-limited use of an existing image. Exclusive use here means that the user is only licensed used for a specified period of time specified in the contract.

Accordingly, the license will be issued on a per-use fee basis, which means that the stock photo is only used in a specific project, for a period of time and in a certain geographical area. . The right to manage the use of the image is also licensed, and it is resistant to dilution of the trademark. It can be easily found on the Gettyimages/Istockphoto Web sites.

Told you stock photo stock is completely free

Pixabay Editors Choice

This is a free stock you can consider choosing. However, after choosing, don’t forget to press the like button or give a star rating to the photos according to each topic. On Pixabay Editors Choice you can create your own account to post images of your own design.


Pixabay is a collection of many beautiful, high-quality and completely free photos when you need to use them. In particular, people can check the size, choose stock according to different topics and genres, etc. In order to want to choose the desired photo to meet the needs of the job.


Picjumbo stock photo is for both personal and commercial use, this is considered an easy-to-use site with over 1,500 beautiful stock Photography, everyone is free to choose. Picjumbo offers unique user experiences.


This is a stock photo store with over 64,000 Facebook fans. The advantage of Pexels is that you can search for the images you want by tools or you can use Hashtags, etc. At the same time, people can press the Like / Share / Download button for free on Pexels.

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