There are many methods of advertising communication for businesses to promote their business. But what is Pop-up advertising and it seems to be a trend that businesses are using to effectively increase business coverage to customers. So do you know how to create a Pop-up ad that “hits” customers yet?

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What is a Pop-up ad

?Pop-up is a form of logo advertising at the bottom of the screen with a size from 1/8 to 1/7 of the screen with the content and image of the unit. advertisement and has a duration of 10s.

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Interstitial Website Pop-up Ads

Interstitial Pop-up ads are very creative and new to businesses that have used this method. Instead of appearing as a sub-window on your website that you can easily see, this Pop-up ad takes up your entire website to convey the message that the ad wants to convey to customers. It shows up as a background blur and appears to be easily impressed by the customer.

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Techniques to create “super effective” Pop-up ads

Design and brand image must stand out

Design is always important to a brand, and in pop-up ads too, how to stand out is not an easy thing. Always keep in mind that this is a very important task and it will be the first thing that catches the customer’s eye when your ad appears. So, from the very beginning, invest hours in perfecting your branding strategy through pop-up ads, as the design will capture the attention of your customers. Building a brand image will be the most important factor, make sure that your brand image is attractive enough to entice customers and the “short but quality” message can reach customers in a short period of time. short.

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Make it pop-up ads

The title just mentioned above plays a huge role because it covers the meaning of your ad, whether customers want to continue reading or not depends on your title. However, the title is not the all-in-one element in a pop-up ad, have an attractive enough title, but right after the title, how to make it stand out so that customers can be interested in it. Business is another story. Send compelling messages, make a difference in your pop-up ad from the competition so customers can go directly to your homepage.

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Be brief and don’t ask too many questions

When a pop-up ad is created, what customers are interested in is the information displayed briefly, concisely, and full of the information they need. In a narrow space and short time, the content is not too cumbersome and if customers fill in too detailed information, they will feel too time consuming, sometimes become annoyed and leave. Note that, it is important that you just get their email, don’t be too wordy, keep it short and make their experience as short as possible. It is already difficult for advertising to appear and attract them, keep it as short as possible and do not force them to answer unnecessary questions.

Since Google doesn’t allow websites to be fully visible on mobile platforms, space is bound to be limited. Therefore, make sure that whenever pop-up ads reach customers, every opportunity is created to attract more potential customers, the number of users of the mobile platform can be said to be limitless. With the same size, businesses can fully utilize and optimize advertising on it. Because there are many special features in this space, pay attention to the more concise and valuable, the more likely it will be conveyed to customers. The ultimate goal of both platforms is to increase customer conversion rates, turning them into business customers.

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Understand what Pop-up is to implement strategies for your business to improve presence in the market. Pop-up advertising is currently being used by many businesses and it is a powerful communication tool to customers. Just a beautiful design, a good title, an attractive content, then surely customers can pay attention to your business. So this is a very easy tool to turn readers into potential customers for your business.