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piston /”pistən/ noun (engineering) Piston

piston Giải thích EN: A smooth metal object shaped like a cylinder that fits inside the cylinder and moves cyclically (up and down) in the cylinder.Actuating piston: starter piston alloy piston: aluminum alloy piston axial piston pump : axial reciprocating piston pump balance piston: balancing piston balancing piston: balancing piston bimetal piston: bimetal pistonbrake piston: brake piston concam and piston oil pump piston: counter-balanced piston: counter-balanced piston: damper piston: damper pistondifferential piston: differential piston : disc piston displacement piston : displacement piston double diameter piston : piston double diameter double piston : double piston double piston engine: d two-piston engine driving piston: dry piston compressor: dry-piston compressordummy piston: flat-top (ped) piston free running piston engine : piston stroke light-alloy piston: light-alloy piston multiple piston compressor: multi-reciprocating piston noncontacting piston: reciprocating piston noncontacting piston: piston non-contacting operating piston: piston activeopposed piston engine: reciprocating reciprocating piston engine: reciprocating piston engine: reciprocating piston engine counteroscillating piston flowmeter: oscillating piston flowmeter oval piston: oval piston pent crown piston: beveled piston tiltpercussion piston: piston impact piston (pin) circlip: piston pin attenuatorpiston air compressor: reciprocating air compressor : reciprocating blowerpiston bore: piston boss bushing diameter: piston pin bushing piston compressor: reciprocating compressor connecting rod: piston cooling oil connecting rod: piston cooling oil : sweep volume of pistonpiston displacement: displacement range of pistonpiston displacement: displacement piston drill displacement: reciprocating drill piston drill: reciprocating drill piston engine: reciprocating engine land: piston piston land: piston lifter piston lifter: piston liner piston liner: piston liner of piston piston pin boss: piston pin lug Piston pressure gauge: piston manometer : piston ring piston ring : piston ring groove piston ring groove : piston ring groove piston ring sticking : ring jam p piston seat: piston piston skirt: lower body piston slap: knocking piston piston speed: speed of piston piston travel: piston type metering pump: piston type metering pump piston: cylindrical plunger plunger piston: reciprocating cylinder piston power piston: thickening piston (increasing load)primary piston: main piston (brake)primary piston: front pistonprimary piston: primary piston pump piston: piston pump radial piston pump: radial piston pumpradial piston type engine: radial piston enginereciprocating piston compressor : reciprocating piston compressor element: piston rod type measuring element rotaryrotary piston engine: rotary-rotating piston engine: rotary reciprocating piston enginesecondary piston: rear piston secondary piston: secondary piston separating piston: piston separating piston: reciprocating piston Skirt of piston: lower body piston sliding piston: sliding piston sliding piston: distributive piston solid piston: solid piston pump: solid piston pump split skirt piston: body piston Khesteam admitted above the piston: steam above the piston (in the steam hammer)steam admitted below the piston: steam below the piston (in the steam hammer) steam piston: steam pistonstep piston: differential piston piston: step-stuck piston: piston jamtipping piston: top of stroke of piston: top of stroke of piston: top of stroke reciprocating cylinder piston engine a piston rod in an engine or compressor to pressurize the fluid contained in the cylinder. o piston § piston under crown : piston crown § plunger piston : sinking piston § pump piston : pump piston § seized piston : stuck piston § sliding piston : sliding piston, delivery piston § stuck piston : jammed piston § thrust pistons : stall piston (to absorb axial thrust) § trunk piston : sinking piston § piston pin : piston pin § piston prover : reciprocating tester § piston pump : piston pump § piston ring : piston ring § piston rod : piston rod § piston stroke : piston stroke

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