Learn What is PINLOCK? Anti-fog shield anti-fog film. I received a lot of questions about Pinlock from many unique friends… when buying hats and on fanpage, by the way today MotoSaigon would like to share so that the whole family can know how good PINLOCK it is and why it “cracks” on position.

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What is PINLOCK?

PINLOCK IS ANTI-FIRE GLASS FROM BREATH??? Half wrong and half right. In fact, PINLOCK is the name of a company that specializes in manufacturing anti-fog film, which is called Anti-fog shield.

Because Pinlock is so famous for collaborating in production for major helmet brands such as: ARAI, SHOEI, AGV, HJC, LS2 Helmet…so people just call it PINLOCK for short. Like Vietnamese people, we often call 2-wheel motorcycles HONDA.

In fact, now in the world there are a few more manufacturers producing Anti-Fog film such as: FOG CITY, SKIP FOG, and a few small companies of China… But PINLOCK is currently being widely used and known by most people. .

The mechanism of action of PINLOCK

Many people still mistakenly believe that Pinlock panels are coated with a certain oil-based chemical to prevent breath mist, like the “Lotus leaf” effect. Affirming that Pinlock sheets do not have any chemicals, so cleaning and washing is normal and used continuously.

The invention of the PINLOCK mechanism was born in 1978 and it was not until 2005 that it was widely used worldwide. This mechanism is used not only on helmets but also on household appliances such as glass refrigerators, window glass, stoves, etc.

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Before learning about the mechanism of Pinlock, we must understand the reason why the helmet is foggy due to breathing ??? It is due to the difference in temperature outside and inside the hat. Especially noticeable when moving in the rain, in cold climates. The outside temperature is lower than the inside of the cone. Will create a phenomenon of face fog on the inside of the helmet. A good example is when we put a glass of ice water on a glass table. The difference in temperature between the two sides of the glass creates a layer of dew on the underside of the glass.

Principle of operation of PINLOCK

CONFIGURATION OF PINLOCK has 2 different sides (side A and side B ). Side A is the face that inhales the helmet glass. Face A has a ridge of silicon (silicon seal) running along the outer edge, the purpose of this seal is to create an air cavity separating the helmet glass and the inside of the film (face B).

Thanks to that air cavity neutralizes the temperature difference outside and inside the helmet. So the glass will not be blurred and always clear. Therefore, we must properly attach the A-side to the glass to promote the use of Pinlock.

PINLOCK has 3 standards (Performance Level) of 30, 70 and 120Level, the higher the clarity and vision, the brighter the sharper. Level 70 is the standard chosen by the hat manufacturers to give as a gift to customers when buying a hat. Genuine retail price on PINLOCK site is about $ 25 – $ 60 for Level 70, depending on the hat model. The more advanced the hat line, the more famous the hat brand, the more expensive Pinlock follows.

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In addition to transparent white, PINLOCK also produces colors such as Smoke (Smoke), Black (Dark Smoke), Yellow (Yellow) and Transition (Transparent). Especially the yellow color for moving at night is very bright and anti-glare.

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Currently, PINLOCK has officially been officially distributed in Vietnam by VIET FULLFACE Agent, with genuine selling price in Europe. PINLOCK products are being distributed by VIET FULLFACE for the most advanced level of 120. Specialized for MotoGP, SBK riders or for all-weather use with the highest durability, clarity, and sharp image. best. Thank Vietfullface.com for supporting Motosaigon to make this article.