What is performance review? Is it really important in the corporate governance process? Discover what you didn’t know about Performance review with SEMTEK.

Performance Review – one of the three important steps in the process of Enterprise Performance Management. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, 72% of employees say their performance will improve if they give accurate feedback.

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However, for most companies, feedback is provided to employees only a few times a year as part of the annual review process. And perhaps we have already recognized the flaws with this traditional assessment process.

The flaw of traditional assessment is bias and sentimentality. Another example from Gallup: “74% of employees believe their performance appraisals do not accurately reflect what they have achieved at work.”

Clearly, traditional assessment is no longer relevant to today’s knowledge workers who want accurate and frequent feedback.

Last year, Adobe revealed that more than 47% of its employees seek new jobs after receiving inaccurate performance reviews.

$3,000 per US employee is the average spend during performance reviews (including employee time and technology), according to a survey from the Corporate Executive Board’s Fortune 1000 list ( CEB). What does this number say? Companies are paying a hefty price to get inaccurate results and waste time.

Performing an accurate employee performance appraisal is essential because the results will tell them where they stand. If they don’t give them performance feedback, managers have been unfair to them, even harming their career advancement.

Find out what is Performance review

?Performance review is an assessment of employee performance and capacity during operation and work. Performance review is part of the process of evaluating employee performance and development. In the working process of an employee or an organization, the assessment helps to discover the advantages and disadvantages of the apparatus or policies to develop the enterprise organization.

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3. Improve performance management system

Today, more than ever, leading companies want efficient, data-driven performance conversations.

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Companies are making a connection between data usage and improved results from Reviews. This means gathering employee performance data from one-on-one communications, goals, feedback, and recognition in one place. Reviewing the performance management process helps companies eliminate emerging deviations.

4. Employees need to have regular communication about work performance

Although the company-wide review only happens a few times a year, this doesn’t mean the exchange stops. Modern companies need to move towards constant conversation about performance and growth.

Consider incorporating performance into a one-on-one communication between managers and employees. If that meeting takes place every two weeks and focuses on planning the upcoming work. then consider Reviewing and giving feedback on previous work. This is the time when managers give instant feedback to ensure quality work throughout the year.

5. Value of Review

Over 63% think Reviews are worth their time.

Getting feedback can be intimidating. Can you imagine how employees would feel if you asked “Can I get back to you?” While getting feedback can be challenging, it doesn’t mean employees don’t find it helpful or worthwhile. We often avoid putting ourselves in uncomfortable positions even. rest behind is great benefit.

In fact, the majority of employees who take surveys receive value in the feedback they receive from reviews. It allows people to take the time to think about their own performance, identify personal strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and take specific development actions.

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All these 5 benefits are related to the employee management process. It will be an effective tool for administrators.

Complications that can occur when Performance review is incorrect

Declining employee productivity

Performance review is not true to what the employee created. They will feel frustrated about their efforts to contribute. Administrators do not accurately grasp the employee’s situation to improve. This affects the growth of the business.

Subjective assessment of the employee’s performance review.

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One of the serious mistakes in assessing an employee’s ability is to evaluate based on feelings, not based on results and capacity that that person achieves. Master Reviews influence on employee performance. They will not be motivated to work. and devote to the business.

Sometimes, Performance reviews are frustrating for employees.

Their efforts are appreciated. Employees’ trust in managers will gradually disappear. They may even leave their jobs.

Negative perception

Employees in the company do not really understand the meaning of the Performance review,. they will have an objectionable attitude. If not psychological influence of a group of employees in the company. Sometimes it has serious consequences for the development of the business.


Hopefully with the information about “What is performance review”, you have more knowledge about this field. It will help you avoid mistakes when Performance reviews employees, .promote the benefits it brings. Good luck with your work and business.

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