As an unwritten rule, wherever there is an artist, there is a “lens” of the paparazzi, also known as Paparazzi. And they have become “nightmare” of many artists. So what is Paparazzi? When did the term Paparazzi appear? The information in our article below will help you better understand this Paparazzi profession!

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What is Paparazzi?

In English, Paparazzi is the plural noun of the word Paparazzo. This term is used to refer to professional photographers who specialize in “hunting” photos of famous people or influential people of interest to the community. In which, people working in the entertainment industry such as actors, singers, musicians, etc. become the “fat prey” most influenced by the “hunters”. The photos that Paparazzi have are usually taken secretly (without the consent or permission of the “taken”) anywhere, at any time, and the results of those photos can be shocking. essay.

Typically, the scandal of actor Vuong Dai Tri and actress Dong Khiet kissing has exposed the fact that Phan Viet Minh was “cuckold”. Or the fact that actor Van Chuong had an affair with the famous actress Dieu Di was brought out into the “light” causing Van Chuong’s typical male image to collapse and his marriage with Ma Yi Loi almost collapsed. go to the last step…

What is Paparazzi?

The entertainment scandals collected by Paparazzis can have only a few lines of text with a few photos and become hot news on social networks in about 2-3 days but it takes Paparazzi months to collect. collect information. For example, when Bach Bach Ha had an affair, Paparazzi had to go to Thailand and monitor day and night to collect such shocking information.

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In the process of finding out what Paparazzi is, it is surprising that in addition to the above meaning, Paparazzi is also known as the name of a song. It’s a song on Lady Gaga’s debut album about the singer’s efforts to overcome all difficulties and challenges on the way to success in work and love. Not only that, Paparazzi is also the title track on the second Japanese album of the Korean group Girl’s Generation (SNSD) released in June 2012.

It can be seen that Paparazzi has many different meanings, but the most commonly known and used are still “photographers”.

What is the origin of the Paparazzi?

The term Paparazzi is derived from a character in the film La Dolce Vita by Italian director Federico Fellini. The film was released in 1960 about a photographer named Paparazzo (played by Walter Santessco).

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Fellini found inspiration for his character in the late 1950s when he met an Italian photographer named Tazio Secchiaroli (founder of the Roma Press Photo news agency).

At that time, director Fellini was overwhelmed by the regular appearance of American movie stars walking the streets to the Italian studio Cinecitta and the image of Secchiaroli and his colleagues constantly “following ” to get the best photos of the stars.

Besides, an incident that Fellini remembers most was when Secchiaroli took a picture of Egyptian king Farouk and two strange women (not the king’s wife) drinking coffee. In a fit of rage, the king smashed Secchiarolia’s camera and was photographed by someone else.

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Where did the Paparazzi come from?

Inspired by these “enthusiastic” paparazzi, Fellini set out to build his own Paparazzo character. Since the time when the film La Dolce Vita was released all over Italy, the term Paparazzo (singular word for Paparazzi) began to be associated with photographers who specialize in “prying” into the private lives of celebrities. .

Time magazine once published an article with the title “Paparazzi on the Prowl” along with a picture of a “paparazzi” blocking the way the princess was visiting Rome. And from there, the term Paparazzi appeared. throughout Life, Cosmopolitan and many other publications.

Immediately after Paparazzi’s “wide coverage” nationwide, Fellini spoke up explaining that he did not mean to demean or humiliate photographers, but simply wanted to mention events. help inspire your character. Besides, he also admits that he, like the public, is curious and attracted to the photos “collected” by Paparazzi.

Federico Fellini – “Father” of the term Paparazzi

What do people think about the Paparazzi profession

?Paparazzi appeared and became the subject of a wave of fierce controversy about professional ethics and journalistic ethics. Currently, there are two groups of people with two different views such as:

One side believes that Paparazzi is invading people’s privacy because they are using other people’s pictures without permission. One side Others think that thanks to Paparazzi, the community can see the “hidden corners” behind celebrities, shocking celebrity scandals. That makes celebrities more cautious in their actions.

No matter what, Paparazzi’s photos always bring “expensive” information, causing a great “shock” in public opinion.

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Is Paparazzi dangerous?

This is one that many people are interested in when learning what the Paparazzi profession is. Photographers often have to work in difficult conditions, requiring a good angle, clear and especially discreet to not be seen by the enemy. Therefore, the Paparazzi may face many dangers that they never expected. Not to mention that Paparazzi being discovered will have to suffer trouble before the law, even “suffer” the anger of the subjects being “sneaked” and the risk of an accident or revenge by the enemy, etc.

Is Paparazzi dangerous?

The most typical is the case of the death of a Paparazzi that shocked and surprised many people. In the process of working, because he was engrossed in taking photos of Justin in a Ferrari, he was killed by another car.

Indeed, the value of “behind photos” of celebrities is very generous, but sometimes it makes people in the industry pay a “not cheap” price at all, even the life of the celebrity. themselves.

Hopefully, the above information will help readers understand what Paparazzi is, what Paparazzi means and information about Paparazzi profession. If you have any suggestions or share more information about this profession, please leave a comment below the article to let us know!