Candle is a fan of one or more Korean groups and is starting to join the community, Kpop fan group but is confused by the terms used by the members. This article will help you to learn more easily what is Deabak, Aegyo, OT, Maknae? terms that Kpop fans must know.

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1. What is Maknae

?Maknae is the term used to refer to the youngest member. If you are the youngest in the family, you will be called the maknae. In K-pop groups, the smallest member of the group is called the maknae.

In addition, Golden Maknae is used to refer to an all-round, complete Maknae; a person with many talents. The youngest member of BTS, Jeon Jungkook, is called the Golden Maknae because of his multi-talented talent. He is good at drawing, painting, basketball, archery, boxing, etc.

2. What is OT

?OT in Kpop is an acronym for One True. In the Kpop fan community, people often use OT with the number of members of their favorite group. As BTS’ fandom A.R.M.Y often uses OT7 to mean love, care and support for all 7 members, leaving no one behind and for them the group is only perfect with these 7 people, can’t burn or add anyone. Just like Super Junior fans use OT13 or OT15, which means supporting the original 13 members of the group, or the whole 15 people counting 2 new members later.

In addition, there is also OTP which is an acronym for Only True Pairing which means a combination of your favorite characters or members of the group. For example, my OTP is Bnior (a combination of JB and Junior)

3. What is Deabak

?Deabak is a Korean middle name meaning “great win/great success/so amazing” used by Kpop fans when expressing surprise similar to “Wow”. In addition, Deabak is also used to encourage someone to continue pursuing their dreams.

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4. What is aegyo

?Aegyo is a word for super cute, lovely, poetic, innocent actions that make the opposite person unable to hold back. For example, many K-pop stars cover Gwiyomi with cute and childish moves that make their fans say “Aegyo”.

5. What is Hardship

?Hardship is when you passionately associate 2 objects, you have the belief that these 2 objects have a strong real affection, and these 2 objects are also a couple( couple) get the most attention from you out of all the other couples you’re shipping.

6. Some other terms


Kpop fans are divided by level as normal fans, followed by Stan and finally Sasaeng fans. Stan often refers to true fans who always follow and support everything that belongs to their idol at any time. See more details in the article What is Stan.


is a word for fans who are crazy about their idols. Sasaeng fans don’t mind doing crazy things like catching a taxi to follow their idol all day or breaking into the bathroom to take pictures. In Vietnam, many sasaeng fans even ask their parents to spend a lot of money to go to idol concerts.


This is a shortened word for “omona” which means the same thing as “Oh” used to express difference.


Ulzzang is a combination of “ul” (face) and “zzang” (most), used to refer to people who have a really attractive appearance. There are many celebrities who were an ulzzang before becoming idols in Korea. With the word momzzang, too, it is compounded by the word “mom” (body – body) and “zzang” used to refer to a person with a beautiful body.

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Bagel girl

Is an acronym for Babyface Glamor Girl, used to refer to those who have an innocent, cute face but have a super standard, sexy, seductive body and hot curves.

Chocolate Abs

It’s a word for male idols whose abs are as solid and shiny as chocolate bars.


A word used to describe a woman with a standard figure with an S-shaped curve.


The word for guys with bulging muscles and an admirable figure, the absolute Manly!


Chaebol is the word used for the rich, successful or otherwise rich. You will see in a lot of Korean movies, the male protagonist is a chaebol – a rich, successful guy who falls in love with a beautiful, lovable Cinderella.


Is a word used when idols show bare faces without any makeup.


It’s a word for idols whose faces are more innocent than their actual age like Jang Nara.

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Eye smile

is a word for the cute expression of idols when they smile, their eyes will narrow to look like anime characters making them even cuter.


A combination of “Self” and “camera” that has the same meaning as “Selfie” for the act of taking pictures of yourself with a camera, phone, etc.


Meaning sweeping, used to describe a newly released song that has beaten competitors to the top of the charts in a short time. Triple Crown

A word used to describe an idol’s song that won on all 3 music shows: Mcountdown (on Thursdays), MusicBank (on KBS on Fridays) and Inkigayo (on SBS on Sundays) or won consecutively. 3 consecutive weeks in a program.


is an acronym for “commercial film”, which means promotional films.


A word to describe your favorite member of the group. You will treat your bias in a special way than other members of the group. Also, Ultimate bias is just your favorite idol in Kpop. See the detailed article on What is Bias.

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Only the s.e.x.y dance moves performed by idols are extremely attractive.


A word used by Kpop fans before something unbelievable or offensive. It is similar to the word “Really” in English.


Simply put, comeback refers to an artist returning to the stage and promoting their new song or album.


It is a fraud by the group’s management company when buying albums by themselves to create virtual sales or buy high positions on music charts.

MR Removed

Is an acronym for Music Record Removed is a song that only has the singer’s voice because the background noise has been removed as well as the accompaniment. With these songs, you can easily judge the idol’s voice.


It is a combination of the two words “Mollae” and “Camera” which means to do something secretly. You will often see these words in reality TV.


A video of an idol performing by fans from concerts or events. These videos can be kept by fans or shared on social networks.


A combination of “Net” and “Citizen” used to refer to the online community.


Is an acronym for Social Networking Services which means social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


Sub-unit is a small group. Usually in a group, the members are divided into subgroups.

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Hopefully through the article Deabak, Aegyo, OT, What is Maknae? Terms that Kpop fans must know can help readers learn more terms to easily approach the Kpop fan community.