Recently, in daily life, we come across a lot of acronyms, each with different meanings. One of them can be mentioned the word “BIAS”, this is a word used by many young people, especially those who love Kpop. So what exactly is BIAS? In what cases is it used? Let’s explore with Wikisecret right here!

What exactly is BIAS?

BIAS can be understood with two different meanings when acting as a noun or as an adverb: – As a noun: With BIAS used as a noun, it means a tendency towards a certain tendency. , a certain phenomenon or towards someone.– As an adverb: As an adverb, BIAS is understood to attract the attention of the public, fans, influence a something, a community’s affection for something. This is also the most commonly used meaning of the word BIAS today.

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What is bias?

How is BIAS referred to in the K-pop world

?In Korea BIAS is a word used to describe a predisposition to something and this phrase is frequently used. used to refer to kpop fans. In other words, BIAS are fans of a certain popular group in Korea, fans of famous idols. For example, when you say T-Ara BIAS Ji Yeon, this means that you are in love with the group T-Ara and your favorite person in that group is Ji Yeon. BIAS is like a special language in the world. Kpop world, showing the love and admiration of Kpop fans for their idols. Currently, in Vietnam, there are also many young people who are passionate about Kpop and that is also the reason why the word BIAS is still widely used in our country.

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What’s the difference between Bias and Stan?

When it comes to Korean Kpop fans, people will immediately think of four different concepts, which are the names: Bias, Stan, Support and finally Sasaeng. If Support means support and Sasaeng means making fans obsessed. Then Bias and Stan have very own meanings and it is especially difficult to distinguish the two words, there are many people who may be confused between these two concepts.

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Stan is the symbolic concept of fan (fan) derived from Eminem’s song originating from an American rapper named Stan in the year 2000. The song depicts the action of fans losing reason. , fan to the point of beyond control. This word has similarities with the meaning of the word Sasaseng, but has a lower level of “crazy”.

Differentiating Bias and Stan So it can be seen that Stan and Bias are both fans and lovers of idols and oppa, but Bias has beautiful actions and gestures, showing a true fan, while Stan shows himself to be a true fan. a crazy fan with thoughts and actions that go beyond the limit. Advice for young people who are passionate about Kpop is to put yourself in Bias’ world, be like a solid, loving “back” for those who are passionate about Kpop. your idol, don’t turn yourself into a Stan, that will not bring good results for you and your idol.

Discover some of these phrases related to Bias.

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Starting from the main meaning of Bias, we also know related phrases, which are also widely used:– Bias BTS: This is the name of a Korean group with 7 members and is very popular. Favorite for fans is the teen age group. – Bias Wrecker: These are public figures, beautiful boys and girls who are admired by many people, and influence the trends that often appear on social networks today.