In every business, almost every business must have a planning and sales department, so does the Operation department have anything to do with the business planning department? And the stories of the mysteries of the profession that you have never known, all of which will appear in this article.

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What is Operation Department?

Operation translated into Vietnamese means “operation” in any business, there are activities and different departments will have different activities. However, the Operation department is known as the planning and sales department. After knowing that the Operation department is the planning and sales department, you probably already know what this department does, right?

The planning and sales department is a department that any business should have. This department has the function of planning, strategy and specific steps for businesses in developing certain products.

It can be said that the business planning department is a “head office” of the business, it just outlines the detailed steps for the business. That is why it is very important for businesses.

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2. Tasks of Operation department

Playing an important role in the business, therefore, the business planning department has the most important task for the activities of the business.

Operation department’s mission

Firstly, it is the department that makes annual plans, short-term, long-term and medium-term plans for the business.

– Second, organize and direct, carry out monitoring of the planned plans and evaluate those plans against the standards.

– Third, organize marketing activities, and find markets, develop products to more consumers.

– Fourthly, propose and develop training plans, fostering more knowledge for employees in the company.

In addition, the Operation department also has to perform the tasks assigned by the superiors. The volume and work of this department is quite large, but the work efficiency is not reduced.

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3. The essentials of the perfect business plan

Employees of this department often have to make a business plan to send to the board of directors of the business, showing the steps and development in the best directions. For a perfect business plan, it is necessary to ensure the following elements:

The essentials of the perfect business plan

3.1. Business idea

Business ideas can come up at any time while working. However, with those ideas, it requires people to really spend a lot of time thinking about it and how to implement it. People always think that ideas are “crazy”, but those “crazy” things become reality when you are determined to do it.

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3.2. Set business goals

With every business plan, you need to set out the goals and necessary results to achieve. For the head of a business, they will only care about the results you will achieve with that plan. In business goals, the implementer needs to be able to answer the questions “how?” and “why is it necessary?”.

3.3. Research and analyze the market clearly

To be successful with your strategic move, you don’t have to plan to do it. The business planning department needs to do thorough market research. Find out what businesses have already done in the market, in which areas they succeed and in which areas fail, and then draw lessons for their own businesses. Market research is very important, it will be the way for businesses to minimize risks when implementing a new business plan. Market research is not only the study of your competitors, but also the study of what customer needs will be if the business launches a new product in the market.

3.4. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the business

Giving the strengths and weaknesses of the business is analyzing and giving the percentage of success when the business implements that business plan. From the analysis that the business planning department gives, businesses can rely on it to promote their strengths and avoid their limitations. Increase your chances of success.

3.5. Planning a marketing strategy

A perfect business plan is to ensure the marketing strategy for the strategy. How do businesses launch products to the market in the best way? To make a marketing plan, you need to take the customer as the starting point, the customer as the center and the customer as the final point. To do this, it is necessary to answer the question “how do customers know about your products?”

In the marketing strategy, it is necessary to segment the source of customers to be able to bring the product to the market Fastest and most popular. No matter how good your product is, if users don’t know it, it is still a “faulty product”.

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3.6. Planning to use human resources

Please give a list of personnel who will participate in this project, an Operation department cannot do all that work, but requires departments to combine. Human resources are the most important and decisive factor to that business plan. It would be meaningless without human resources to perform. Therefore, planning how to use or train human resources is also a factor in the business plan.

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With personnel planning, the Operations department will coordinate with the human resources department to adjust or recruit more business for the department to improve operational efficiency for the department.

3.7. Finance

Estimate how much money needs to be to implement this project to see if it is within the allowable range of the business. Financial planning does not mean that you give numbers and leave it, but to analyze how much capital will be spent on this job and how much will be spent on that job.

3.8. Implement

The last is the implementation of that business project, if your project is approved, it needs to be put into practice today. Because ideas if not implemented will not succeed and it will forever be just an idea.

For the Operation department, it is extremely difficult to make a business plan and convince the superiors to implement it, that’s why the work of the Operation department always requires dynamic and creative people. and good under pressure.

4. To be successful with the Operation department, what skills and requirements do you need?

?For each of us, success or failure must be experienced, with each different job that will require someone to perform these skills. different capabilities. The secret to success in different job positions is different, and with the position of Operation staff, it is necessary to meet the following skills and requirements for success to come to you faster.

To be successful with the Operation department, what skills and requirements do you need?

4.1. Professional knowledge

Working in the business planning department, you need to meet the minimum requirement, which is the entry level of professional knowledge. Business is not only based on experience but also theoretical knowledge to explain the “why” questions and know how to do it. For some jobs, you just need to learn, know what to do, but for specific occupations, you must be trained at universities and colleges.

Currently, professional knowledge and qualifications are not the most important, but it will be a premise to help you perform the job methodically.

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4.2. Communication and presentation skills

Not only do they have to sit at the business planning department and make a plan, but they also have to do market research. In this communication process, exposure to the user’s needs is very important. And after the plan is made, the planner must make a presentation before the meeting, convincing his superiors to follow the business plan that has been set up. For this job, communication and presentation play a very important role in the work, it will contribute 40% to your success.

4.3. Team work skills

Nowadays, most employers want to see in their employees the dynamism and ability to work in a team. No job works independently, most have to do the work based on teamwork. Good teamwork will bring high work efficiency and save time. Not only that, the ability to work in a team also proves your leadership ability at work. Both to assert themselves and to increase efficiency.

4.4. Withstand great work pressure

With the daily workload of the Operation department, you will feel like you are “suffocated” because the work is piled high like a mountain, if in the planning and reporting phases, it can be said that you will be busy. there is no time to rest. If you can’t stand the pressure and high workload, it will lead to quitting the job. Therefore, for you to be successful is not a simple thing, at least you have to go through and withstand the pressure of work to be successful.

4.5. English and computer skills

One of the important factors that determine success and promotion opportunities is English and computer science. When you are living in the era of integration and the strong development of 4.0 technology, these two factors are always required. Not only does it help you be more successful at work, but it also helps you have more open opportunities for “promotion and promotion”.

As you can see, taking on the job of the Operation department is not easy, you will have to cultivate yourself a multitude of necessary skills. However, your success does not come naturally come, so do the work with your enthusiasm and ability.

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Hopefully with the information that gives you above, you have a better understanding of the Operation department.