Currently, No Brand, OEM products sold on the market are receiving a lot of attention from consumers? So what does No Brand mean, what does OEM stand for? What products are called No Brand, OEM? Let’s find out with the Shopping Library.

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What is No Brand

?No Brand translated into Vietnamese means “no brand”. This is a general term for unbranded products, unregistered items, not of any brand on the market.

No Brand goods are still supplied on the market, most of them have good prices, the quality has not been accurately measured, but still meet the consumption needs of some customer segments.

And selling “without brand” has now become a profitable business that many individuals and units are interested in.

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What is a No Brand

?Many people still mistakenly believe that No Brand is a product from a brand of the same name. Because in Korea, there is a brand called No Brand, specializing in providing fast-moving consumer foods such as instant noodles, confectionery, etc.

But really not, No Brand here is used to refer to products without a brand, without a label.

What is selling without brand

?Also a revenue-generating and profitable activity, many business people have chosen No Brand products to supply in the market. school. With low prices, many units also sell unbranded goods at the same price, in order to stimulate demand, advertise products, and sell in large quantities.

With these good prices, in the world, startup ideas for non-branded sales were born and gradually developed. In the US, Startup Brandless has produced and sold cosmetic, food, … unbranded products, with the same price of 3 dollars.

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With this business model, Brandless can cut brand tax, distribution costs, and packaging if it follows the traditional method. Therefore, Brandless products are sold at about 40% cheaper price but still have good quality.

What is OEM

?OEM products are custom-made products with distinct specifications and quality standards.

In addition, OEM goods are also understood as a part, a detail that constitutes a product. The company places an order to import these OEM components to assemble them into products and distribute them to the next businesses.

As such, the product will carry the brand or trademark of the ordering company or the distribution company, not the OEM business.

OEM goods in Vietnam market

In Vietnam, the concept of OEM goods is somewhat different. These are products imported directly from genuine factories to return to Vietnam for assembly.

For example: Some businesses trade in motorcycles, import components from genuine factories to Vietnam. Then, use them to assemble and pack into complete motorcycles.

Therefore, the quality of the product will be different from the officially assembled products at the factory. But this difference is not very clear because all components are manufactured in the same way.

Therefore, in the market, the cost of OEM goods is often lower than that of ordinary goods.

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With this feature, in the industries of assembling cars, motorcycles, electronic equipment, etc., there are many business units. As a result, genuine or used components, as well as imitations and counterfeits with OEM labels, are very diverse. When buying goods, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish.

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Learn about OEM goods

Many customers are still confused between OEM, FAKE, counterfeit, etc. Therefore, finding out information about OEM products, distinguishing OEM from ODM is very necessary, to avoid buying fake and poor quality goods.

Concept of OEM and FAKE goods

FAKE goods are imitation goods, fake goods, replicas of genuine goods. They have poor quality, low durability, easy to detect.

OEM goods are genuine, imported directly from the manufacturer.

Despite such a clear difference, the line between OEM and FAKE products is very thin. This is what makes consumers feel confused when choosing and deciding to buy.

Comparison between OEM and ODMODM (Original Design Manufacturer) is understood as the original design manufacturer. These are specialized units in charge of designing and building products according to requirements.

Thus, ODM is only involved in the product design and formation process, while OEM is involved in manufacturing and creating actual products.

On the other hand, the OEM can also be the company responsible for manufacturing goods according to the orders ordered from ODM companies.

How to distinguish OEM products

?It is quite difficult for consumers to distinguish which goods are OEM. Besides knowledge, you need practical experience.

To avoid buying fake OEM products, you should:

Read carefully about the product to buy. Most OEM products have the stamp of the genuine manufacturer, so you can rely on this factor to distinguish.

FAKE goods are usually made in China and have a short warranty period, about 3 to less than 6 months. You can pay attention to this criterion when looking to buy OEM.

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OEM Business Model

It can be seen that the OEM business model is more efficient and cost-effective than the traditional business model, helping the company to bypass part or all of the complicated manufacturing process.

Therefore, the OEM business model with a successful OEM production plan is quite suitable and especially important for start-ups. This is also a condition to access new technologies and research.

That is the reason why many OEM businesses, after a period of being a manufacturer, have R&D (Research & Development) themselves to launch their own products.

No Brand and OEM goods on the market today are provided by many units with a variety of types and models. However, consumers should know how to distinguish these quality products for long-term use.

To become an OEM supplier, you need to ensure 2 requirements:

As the 2nd manufacturer to receive orders and ensure sufficient quantity of orders from the 1st manufacturer.

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The first manufacturer will not accept the second manufacturer to bring OEM products to retail. Therefore, if you want to sell OEM products, the second manufacturer must create finished products in order to do business.

Where to buy No Brand, OEM

?If you are looking to learn and shop for OEM, No Brand products, you can follow the Shopping Library or visit the e-commerce platforms: