What is the date of Halloween in 2020 and the origin of the meaning of Halloween is not known to everyone. Let’s find out this special day 31/10!

Halloween or carnival takes place on October 31 every year. For many countries around the world, Halloween is very popular with many educational and humanistic meanings behind the ghostly disguised images. The Halloween trend has come to Vietnam for a long time and is very popular with young people. Let’s discover it all in this article!

Why does Halloween take place on October 31

?Halloween festival originates from the holiday “The Celtic Festival of Samhain” of the Celts who lived about 2,000 years ago in what is now part of the territory. England and the North of France.

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On the night of October 31, “The Celtic Festival of Samhain” was held by the Celts to commemorate and honor Saint Samhain, the lord of the souls of the dead. They believe that Saint Samhain allows souls to return to earth to visit family and celebrate Tet on the night of October 31.

The end of October is also an occasion for the Celts to offer sacrifices to thank them for what nature has given them, and to pray for a prosperous new year and a bountiful harvest. In honor of Saint Samhain, the Celts used to light large bonfires on the hills to pay respects to the gods and to ward off evil spirits.

After that, each person will take a ember from that fire, put it in turnips or gourds and squash and bring it home. In order not to be disturbed by wandering spirits, they dress up and carve horror faces on those gourds and squash. This custom is still handed down to this day on Halloween.

In 43 (AD), the Celts were conquered by the Romans and ruled for about 400 years. During this period, the Roman festival of Autumn was celebrated with the celebration of Saint Samhain of the Celts. One of these two days is named Feralia in honor of the deceased.

The second festival is used to honor Pomona, the Goddess of Fruits and Trees. Perhaps this is the cause of the custom of predicting the future used in the Halloween game of biting the apple hanging from the end of a string.

In the early centuries AD, Christianity was widespread in Europe, the number of saints was so great that the number of days in the year was not enough to pay homage to each of them. Therefore, the Catholic Church established All Saints’ Day to honor the Christian saints, especially for those Saints who do not have a dedicated day to celebrate.

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Initially, this day was celebrated on May 13 every year, then it was moved to November 1, before All Soul’s Day (November 2).

Halloween’s original name is All Hallows’Eve, which means the night before All Saints’ Day. “Hallow” was an Old English word meaning “holy” and eventually changed to Halloween as we know it today.

As such, Halloween is the result of many transformations over the centuries. Now, the holidays in Halloween no longer have a religious meaning, but everyone considers it a fun festival with apples, black cats with “ghost” and “skeleton” costumes. … of All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

This year’s Halloween festival will fall on Saturday, October 31, 2020, promising that Vietnamese youth will have more exciting activities. Many Halloween spots in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City always attract young people and every year there are many new attractions for young people to explore and experience.

The meaning of Halloween

?Halloween day is held every year on the last day of October, starting in the evening until 12 at night, people will dress up as scary characters. or any character they like, then go door to door to get candy and congrats.

An old legend has it that Jack is a greedy, stingy teenager who only knows how to hide money but never gives anyone anything, even he used to play freely with the devil. . It is said that Jack tricked the demon Satan into climbing a tree, when it did not notice the young man carved a cross on the tree, “trapping” the demon on it. Jack’s purpose at that time was to make a deal with the demon, to make it stop teasing him.

Later, due to many sins, when he died, Jack could not go to heaven and could not go to hell. Jack has to wander to many places to find shelter. The only warmth that warmed old Jack in the cold was the candle glimmering inside the pumpkin he carried with him.

Through Jack’s story, there are two meanings that Halloween wants to convey, namely: educational meaning and humane meaning.

Life should not be stingy, stingy or excessively greedy, should be compassionate, charitable and help those in difficulty. At the same time, it is forbidden to play with the devil, should understand that, “devil” in the figurative sense means threats, deceptions, threats, making others afraid and even mischievous things that cause harm to others. others and for society as a whole. Not to mention that, dealing with the devil will be very easy to be tempted, to follow the dark, sinful path.

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Jack is just an imaginary character, but in fact it is a metaphor aimed at embodiments in life. After the mistakes of his youth, when Jack died, he became a ghost, with no place to hide.

The tradition of European and American festivals – Halloween has given Jack a full day to return to the underworld. On this day, Jack can have fun, because the living person at that time disguised himself as a devil to help Jack’s soul have a place to mix and drive away loneliness.

Why does Halloween have a pumpkin symbol

?Every year at the beginning of October, shops selling toys and souvenirs hang a lot of pumpkin lanterns and children look at them. knowing that Halloween is coming. So why is this festival associated with the image of a pumpkin and it is almost impossible to replace it with any other vegetable?

When moving from Ireland and Great Britain to the United States, residents found that pumpkins, a typical agricultural product of this land, could easily be gutted, portraying scary, cunning faces. Then, they put the candles in the pumpkin intestines to illuminate, guide the wandering evil spirits.

The pumpkin is also associated with the story of the miser Jack-O’Lantern in the Irish folklore. Since then, pumpkin is associated with the symbolic image of the Halloween festival season. At this time (October 31 night, November 1 morning), people will hang pumpkin lanterns in front of their houses in the hope that ghosts and spirits will not disturb them.

To the Chinese, the pumpkin also has a feng shui meaning. The Chinese believe that pumpkin is a great symbol of wealth. Therefore, hanging pumpkins with motifs in front of the house has the effect of attracting fortune and prosperity. The Chinese also often hang a pumpkin-shaped box in front of the window with the desire to make their dreams come true.

Westerners believe that yellow symbolizes success and wealth. Therefore, they often decorate their houses with pumpkins during the Halloween season with the desire to bring luck and happiness.

Halloween is associated with some popular images such as Witches, black cats, and owls.

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In the olden days, if someone dressed up as a witch for Halloween, they had to bring a black cat with them. Because, many people believe that black cats are close servants of witches.

Besides black cats, owls are popular images in Halloween. In the Middle Ages in Europe, owls were associated with ghosts and witches. Every time the owl cries, it is an omen that someone is about to die.

Differences in Halloween in different countries

Let’s take a look at some identifying features of countries and regions with extremely impressive Halloween holidays!

Halloween in North America

Halloween was introduced to the United States by Irish and Scottish immigrants and has become a major folk festival in the United States and Canada. On this holiday, children often play “trick or treat”.

They will put on costumes and masks and go from house to house, knocking on the door to meet the owner and say “trick or treat.” This sentence means: “If you want us to not play bad, then treat us to something.”

To avoid being played badly, the owner often gives them candy, cake, fruit, maybe they even give them money.

Halloween Festival in Mexico

In the fall in Mexico, monarch butterflies fly back to nest on fir trees and people here believe that these butterflies are the embodiment of the souls of the deceased.

On Halloween, Mexicans decorate their home altars with bread, candles, flowers, and fruit. Candles are lit in memory of deceased ancestors.

At night, they dress up in ghostly costumes and parade through the streets with a living person placed in a coffin. After that, they will visit the cemetery, decorate the graves of their loved ones and stay there all night.

Halloween festival in European countries

In the UK, the focus of Halloween is the burning bonfires on the streets. Unlike other places, these bonfires are not meant to ward off wandering spirits but to reference the story of Guy Fawkes, who intended to blow up Council House in London in 1605. Guy Fawkes’ effigy burned during the carnival.

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In Germany, people celebrate Halloween with extreme joy. In addition to the pumpkin lights, the carnival is the activity that attracts the most people. In the costumes of the traditional characters, of the witches…, they dance, sing around the big bonfires day and night…