On April 1, SBS’s One Night of TV Entertainment revealed that many famous K-pop singers became victims of the “nth chat room” caused by the Deepfake app.

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Reporter Hwang Duk Hyun closely followed the investigation of the “nth chat room” case, saying that many singers became victims of the “nth chat room” due to the Deepfake application.

Previously, Korean media reported that 10 famous artists were mentioned by Cho Joo Bin – the main suspect of the “nth chat room” case in his sex chat rooms. A series of famous artists (Kang Sora – Hyun Bin’s ex-girlfriend, Black Pink’s Jisoo or members of the popular rookie girl group ITZY, Red Velvet) and their fans were shocked. when he found out he was being followed by Cho Joo Bin on his personal page.

According to The Korea Times, so far, 74 victims aged 9-24, 16 of whom are minors, have been identified. One of the teenage victims who filmed a video for Cho Joo Bin in 2017 said he asked her to use a video pen to insert her genitals. Police said they arrested 126 people in connection with this case and officially detained 19 people, including Cho Joo Bin.

According to Korean media, Cho Joo Bin grew up in a poor family and had to pick up trash to earn a living until entering middle school. The suspect’s acquaintances also said that he was obsessed with money and would do anything to get it.

Yonhap news agency quoted police chief Lee Yong Pyo of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department as saying that three members of the “nth chat room” had presented themselves to the police. Police Chief Lee said, “The three members of Cho Joo Bin’s chat room are currently cooperating with the investigation officer. I think they will help clear up the motives of the suspect of the “nth chat room”. We will punish those involved in illegal activities including those who helped Cho Joo Bin commit crimes.”

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Not long ago, a participant in the “nth chat room” jumped into the Han River to end his life because he “feels nervous about the investigations”.

The Seoul Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the charges against Cho Joo Bin. Currently, the suspect is facing an investigation without the help of an attorney because all legal representatives have abruptly withdrawn. The detention of the main suspect in the “nth chat room” case sparked a wave of anger in Korea, especially among women. President Moon Jae-in and politicians have demanded a thorough investigation and set out measures to prevent the occurrence of any similar crimes. But many Koreans believe that the main problem is that the country’s law is still lenient for sex offenders.

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According to The Korea Times, the main suspect in the “nth chat room” case Cho Joo Bin used to blackmail former broadcaster, JTBC Cable TV CEO Sohn Seok Hee. Cho Joo Bin once contacted Sohn Seok Hee saying that he and his family were in danger from journalist Kim Woong. In June 2019, Kim Woong sued Sohn Seok Hee for assault for causing an accident to escape. Earlier this year, Sohn Seok Hee was charged but only received a small fine.

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Cho Joo Bin asked for money and after Sohn Seok Hee gave one, he did not receive any further contact from Cho Joo Bin. Sohn Seok Hee said that he decided not to report to the police, which caused many reporters to wonder. Then, Sohn Seok Hee explained that the main suspect in the “nth chat room” case claimed that journalist Kim Woong had Samsung’s support and because of that, he was hesitant to call the police.

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Revealing to Yonhap news agency, a Samsung company official, who asked to remain anonymous, said Sohn Seok Hee is damaging the company’s brand image, questioning the true intentions of Samsung’s chief executive. JTBC radio when referring to Samsung in the “nth chat room” case.

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