Describing negative personality of people in English –

Describing negative personality of people in English –

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News Describing the negative character of people in English (March 30, 2018)

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In life, sometimes we will fall into awkward situations with people whose personalities and attitudes are difficult to get along with.

How can you describe these people when you want to refer them to others? Here are 22 vocabulary and phrases to describe people with difficult personalities.

1. Aloof: Unfriendly person, or cold to others.


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Aggressive: Aggressive, always focused on getting what they want without caring about others.

3. Armchair critic: A person who always only criticizes others, rarely contributes ideas or solutions to develop the whole team.

4. Big-headed: People who always think that they are better than others, or in other words, they have an egotistical personality.

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5. Bossy: The boss always orders others to do as he pleases.

6. Busy body: The person who always meddles too much in other people’s affairs.

7. Clingy: Someone who is always clinging to others or needs others to comfort them throughout the day.

8. Couch potato: The lazy, always just sitting around enjoying, instead of helping people.

9. Cynical: A skeptic always lacks trust or thinks badly of others.

10. Full of hot air: People talk too much, but the content of those sayings does not benefit others.

11. Goody-goody or goody two shoes: Someone who is brilliant or always follows the rules, but is arrogant about it.

12. Grumpy: Someone who is feeling bad or in a bad mood.

13. Impulsive: Impulsive people make decisions without thinking and without consideration.

14. Indecisive: People without opinions cannot make decisions by themselves


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Know it all: A person who always pretends to know everything, but in reality he doesn’t.

16. Materialistic: The greedy person is always obsessed with wealth.

17. Obnoxious: An obnoxious person is someone who is always annoying and offensive.

18. Pain in the neck: A person with an unpleasant personality, sometimes this phrase is also used to refer to an inconvenient situation.

19. Picky: Picky people are never satisfied with their choices.

20. Set in one’s ways: Conservatives often refuse to change and are not flexible in situations.


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Tactless: Someone who has a tendency to offend or upset others.

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22. Thoughtless: Thoughtless people don’t care much about other people.