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In Vietnam today, it is not difficult to find a bank that can meet the financial needs for business activities or consumption of individuals and businesses. From large and small banks, both domestic and foreign, have been trying to show themselves to gain market share as well as contribute to building a more developed financial industry in the country. Among them is NCB – one of the “senior” names in the banking sector.

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Which bank is NCB?

What bank is NCB?

Navibank is the forerunner of the current National National Commercial Joint Stock Bank (NCB).

After 25 activities in the market with many ups and downs, NCB has now partly affirmed its brand in the hearts of people with its steady growth rate and won many awards. expertise at home and abroad.

Financial and monetary services provided by NCB to customers

NCB provides a full range of financial and banking service models for individual or corporate customers. As follows:

NCB’s “digitized” e-banking

Using Internet Banking conveniently and accurately is considered a top priority for banking users in the current 4.0 era. In addition to helping them to query their accounts, perform transfer transactions, and even make automatic payments for electricity, water, internet, etc. right at home, NCB’s e-banking now also works. get more than that.

NCB iziMobile helped NCB win the award “The best mobile application bank in Vietnam in 2019” awarded by British Banking and Finance Magazine – Global Banking & Finance Review

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That must include the initialization of NCB iziMobile and the continuous updating of user support features. The most recent is helping customers open their own online accounts quickly through biometric factors as well as electronic signatures, limiting waiting time when having to go to the bank. When using NCB iziMobile, users can enjoy some incentives such as: plus 0.2% interest rate compared to over-the-counter deposit if saving on e-banking platform, 24/24 interbank money transfer 7 free, get free or discount some payment services,…

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Should you deposit your savings in the National Commercial Joint Stock Bank

? Surely this is a question of many users who intend to save money. Here are some reasons that users might consider using this service at National Commercial Joint Stock Bank:

The bank has a long history of operation: with 25 years of building its brand and constantly innovating itself to meet the trend of the global economy, NCB deserves the trust and cooperation of customers. , investors, business partners, etc. Banks with high savings interest rates: NCB is currently one of the “top” banks with attractive savings interest rates, up to 8% for savings service packages. 24 months. In addition, NCB also supports a variety of other savings packages to ensure it is suitable for individuals and businesses. Many preferential policies for customers: if you are a customer using the long-term savings service at NCB This will also have the opportunity to receive preferential programs on payments, loans (if needed), …

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Should I deposit my savings in the National Commercial Joint Stock Bank?

Evaluate customer service of NCB National Commercial Joint Stock Bank

The staff of National Commercial Joint Stock Bank NCB has a serious and professional working style in the process of communicating with customers as well as when solving professional problems. All requests and questions are answered in detail and accurately, bringing a reliable experience to users. In addition, if customers encounter problems while using the bank’s services, NCB will also provide dedicated support through the 24/7 customer care call center system.

In addition to financial and monetary services, the after-sales service when using products is also something NCB is particularly interested in. The clearest proof for this is the fact that NCB has signed many agreements with large business units such as Nguyen Kim Electronics, CGV Cinema, etc. to bring gifts and incentives to customers. NCB’s customers use the service there.

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Working hours of National Commercial Joint Stock Bank NCB

Working time at National Commercial Joint Stock Bank NCB is regulated as follows:

During office hours – weekdays from Monday to Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (lunch break is from 12:00 to 13:00). Customers who need to come to transactions at counters and branches of NCB should arrive 15 to 30 minutes earlier than the break time for the best support. Outside of this time, transaction activities will not be settled. When coming to work at the bank, customers should take the initiative to bring their identification documents to easily make transactions Checking and handling procedures.Out of office hours: NCB serves transaction activities at the bank on Saturday morning from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. Not open on public holidays and New Year according to current law.

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If you have any questions to answer or suggestions, complaints, etc., you can contact us through the contact channels of National Commercial Joint Stock Bank NCB according to the information below:


Customers can directly contact the customer service department for quick feedback and support


Above is some information about NCB that Money Full Wallet provides for reference purposes, thereby helping people know which bank NCB is. If you are looking for a bank with many years of experience in the industry, good customer service, many incentives, etc., you can consider choosing to use the services here. Hope everyone will have a good experience at NCB!