What is Marketing Management?

Marketing management is the process of planning, and implementing that plan, pricing, promoting and distributing goods, services and ideas to create exchanges with target groups that satisfy the marketing objectives. customers and organizations. Marketing management includes 3 main stages as follows:

PlanningOrganization ExecutingControl

More specific:

Analyze marketing opportunities Research & select target markets Design strategies Plan marketing programs Organize, implement & control marketing efforts

“Marketing management is the analysis, planning, implementation, and control of established programs in order to create, foster and maintain beneficial exchanges with the intended buyers, within the intended purpose. achieve organizational goals.”

Features of Marketing Management

It is a process consisting of successive stages that are carried out continuously. It is a management activity according to the set goals. It is market demand and customer management. It includes all the relationships of the business with its partners. and external environment.Including a set of functional activities connecting with other administrative functions of the enterprise Requires a team of professional personnel and a reasonable organizational and marketing management apparatus.

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Marketing Management Role

Marketing management aims to build and maintain beneficial exchanges with the buyers it wants to target, in order to achieve the stated objectives of the organization. Marketing Manager has the following main roles:

Maximize consumption: Marketing’s job is to create the stimulus and desire for maximum consumption, besides it will create production, hire workers and maximize revenue. Create satisfaction for customers. customers by quality and service: creating easy conditions to satisfy maximum consumer needs.

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However, satisfaction is difficult to measure, and sometimes personal satisfaction can be linked to bad things like degradation or environmental damage.

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Maximize Choices: Diversifying products entails more choices. Maximizing consumer choice will translate into costs, and goods and services will be more expensive because too broad diversification will require shorter production runs and a lower level of innovation. higher.

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