One of the most important intermediary jobs is the Marketing Executive position, doing sales and marketing work and acting as a bridge between these two departments.

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1. Job Description

A Marketing Executive can be understood as a manager of Marketing staff, the main job is to manage and control the relationships that exist between their products and objects (consumers, customers), creating new events. Perfect similarity between customer’s product and consumer demand, thereby boosting sales. In addition, Marketing Executive is also expected to promote the quality of products & services to gain the high interest of customers (or consumers).

Developing a new marketing strategy is a fundamental part of this job. To be successful, your day job will be very different and will require a lot of research and market analysis.

A Marketing Executive usually works directly under a Marketing Manager, where you will receive instructions and sales targets. In addition, you are also the point of contact with customers, which is a highly social job that includes contacting, communicating and networking with other entrepreneurs as well as partners and suppliers.

2. Working environment

A typical office job, you will work from 8 am to 5 pm, this time frame can vary slightly depending on the regulations of the place you work.

Even so, you will not be stuck in the office forever, you will be able to travel to research the market (if your product is distributed widely), attend and organize conferences and events and many other mortuary jobs.

With a solid background and a good sense of the market, a Marketing Executive working for media, events, advertising or market research companies can go on to start their own company.

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By promoting efforts goes hand in hand with performance and that includes taking on the additional responsibility of managing larger and larger teams. A Marketing Executive can become a Marketing Manager and most likely a Marketing Director.

3. Opportunities and challenges of being a marketing executive

Every interview is a completely different conversation. Especially with the job position as a marketing staff, it is difficult for candidates to predict what the situations will be for them. With the requirement of creativity and logical thinking at the top, the marketing staff interview is often randomly opened with rather indifferent questions, such as: Do you think that curtain is there? Does it fit the room? Did my tie match the shirt? What do you think of this vase?… All are very unexpected to start a smooth and open conversation. There will be less heavy atmosphere when interviewing marketing candidates, because more than all other positions, employers want candidates to reveal as much as possible and that way they will easily exploit the necessary qualities. available for future work.

In an interview, T.A was asked the question:

– If you had to choose between a Prada shirt worth a few million VND and a Viet Tien shirt worth 150,000 VND and no charge, which one would you choose?

– I will choose the Viet Tien.

– You don’t like branded goods?

Yes, but it doesn’t suit me, at least not at the moment. If I had an expensive designer shirt, I would have to spend a lot more money on designer pants, shoes, and belts to match. Otherwise, people will also think the shirt is a fake. With the Viet Tien shirt, I can use the same pants and shoes I have.

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This very astute answer scored the decisive point, bringing T.A to the position of Strategy Marketing Executive at a large foreign consumer goods company.

5. Essential skills in the profession

Self-management and self-motivation are extremely important;

Good communication and presentation skills;

Creative thinking to create new campaigns;

High presentation and communication skills;

Confident, tactful and persuasive;

Good time management and organization skills;

Highly disciplined (of course, this is needed by all industries)

Good “reciprocity” skills, because you will have to work with many people of different positions and ages from colleagues to partners;

Ability to motivate groups;

Good logic and knowledge of statistics;

Willing to work long and often under high pressure;


Business acumen and good budget management ability.

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Hope the above information will help you to understand more about a marketing executive position and good luck if you intend to apply for this position.