Market size – Market size is an important factor when starting a startup. It is a measure of potential value in a chosen market and provides an idea of ​​exactly how much money can be made from innovation. Not only does it tell if a business venture is viable, but it can also help make decisions about the size of the target market. Therefore, understanding and calculating the market size is a necessity to determine specific targets on the path of development.

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It’s also one of the primary metrics that investors will want to look at when they’re deciding whether or not to pour money into your business. Being able to show potential backers that there is an existing market of considerable size can make a big difference in gaining support.

Determining market size is the first step to better understanding your startup’s potential growth rate

Market size is a multi-layered metric. In any field, it is likely that the ideas you offer may not be accessible to all territories. So, excluding unnecessary metrics may make it easier to determine the potential of a startup’s current offering of goods and services.

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Likewise, the potential market you can serve can be further tailored by factors such as geographic area, which creates specific customer demographics. It is important to get useful numbers for startups with products or services. This is why many analysts focus on specific areas or categories of necessity rather than the broad sector.

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Knowing the market potential allows startups to make informed and realistic decisions. Therefore, knowing how to calculate the market size is a necessary step to determine the direction of development and attract investment.

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Market size in both volume and value can change over time due to supply and demand trends, price inflation, and exchange rates, so it is important to periodically update the target market size calculations. Targeting is an important factor for startups in the development process in stages.