If you are a person operating in the field of engineering, surely you are no stranger to words such as: Maintenance, Preventative maintenance or Predictive maintenance… However, for those who do not work in this field, they must find these words difficult to understand. So what is Maintenance? The following article will answer that question and learn about the maintenance work of the engineering industry.

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1. What is Maintenance?

Maintenance in English is defined as follows: the work needed to keep a road, building, machine, etc. in good condition (rough translation: work necessary to keep roads, buildings, machinery, etc. in good condition). Maintenance is translated into Vietnamese as maintenance, protection, preservation. In the engineering industry, Maintenance is understood as maintenance. Maintenance is defined in the Vietnamese dictionary as follows: Maintenance is maintenance and repair to ensure a system or a part of it works well, has high reliability in use.

In engineering, maintenance is a process, not a specific job, this process helps to maintain the best condition for equipment and machines. Maintenance includes the following steps:

– Check the function of equipment, machines

– Repair or replace damaged equipment, machinery or parts of equipment, machinery, construction infrastructure and utilities installed in businesses, government agencies, communities broken

Maintenance comes in two forms:

– Predictive maintenance

– Preventive maintenance or Planned maintenance (Preventive maintenance / Planned maintenance), this type of maintenance is also divided into smaller forms:

+ Condition-based maintenance

+ Corrective maintenance

Routine maintenance

Maintenance is a very important process for businesses and manufacturers because they always want to maximize the life cycle of equipment and machines. If equipment or machinery breaks down or is damaged, the production line will stop, labor efficiency will decrease and businesses and manufacturers will have to spend a considerable amount of money to repair or replace. . Therefore, businesses and manufacturers always want to find solutions to minimize damage caused by equipment and machinery damage, increase their uptime, operation and availability.

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2. Learn about the maintenance work of the engineering industry

2.1. What is predictive maintenance?

Predictive maintenance is a type of maintenance process that includes the following tasks:

Monitor the actual status of equipment and machinery to make predictions and predict when incidents and failures may occur.

– Carry out maintenance before breakdowns and failures occur.

This is the type of maintenance that businesses and manufacturers prioritize because in addition to ensuring equipment and machinery are operated efficiently, predictive maintenance also helps reduce maintenance costs, in order to eliminate problems. unintended and avoid the application of preventive maintenance as much as possible.

2.2. What is Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance (Predictive maintenance or Planned maintenance, other names: preventive maintenance, planned preventive maintenance, proactive maintenance) is a type of maintenance used to control and prolong the cycle of deterioration and breakdowns. failure according to the life cycle of equipment and machinery. Equipment and machines, even though they are inanimate objects, have a certain lifespan. When it comes to the end of the cycle of equipment and machinery, users all want to replace them with better equipment or machines or replace a part of better equipment or machinery to ensure the production process takes place. out smoothly, without interruption.

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From the 50s to the 60s of the twentieth century, preventive maintenance was used in the United States and Western European countries. This type of maintenance is carried out by a team, department or an outside service company who carry out the maintenance process with specialized tools and not by technical department personnel. techniques in enterprises and production facilities. The purpose of this type of maintenance is to aim for the highest level of specialization to create the ultimate in professionalism.

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Preventive maintenance includes:

– Condition-based maintenance: A type of maintenance that uses the diagnostics of monitoring equipment and the condition of moving equipment continuously or intermittently during the inspection process. Conditional maintenance is carried out according to the needs of the factory or workshop.

Corrective maintenance: This is the most expensive form of maintenance because it is applied after equipment or machinery has broken down or malfunctioned. This type of maintenance also carries the risk of damaging other equipment or machinery or causing additional damage to the equipment itself. The cost of corrective maintenance is huge and causes significant loss of revenue due to the line Production must be stopped to repair equipment and machinery. Corrective maintenance includes restructuring and resurfacing of equipment and machinery.

Routine maintenance: Routine maintenance, or scheduled maintenance, is a type of maintenance applied to a part of equipment or machinery. Factories and production facilities need to schedule equipment and machinery to stop working, then let technical personnel check quickly to make an assessment of the condition of the engine, to ensure that the engine is operating properly. operate efficiently and accurately, avoiding any problems or falling into a state of sudden shutdown.

2.3. What is the difference between predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance?

2.3.1. How to proceed?

Predictive maintenance is carried out based on the current condition of equipment and machines, rather than on their age or service life. This is a form of maintenance used to predict when equipment will fail. Thanks to that, businesses and manufacturers can schedule repairs and remediation before the problem occurs.

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Preventive maintenance is usually carried out according to a predetermined schedule. The age factor of equipment and machinery is the basis for preventive maintenance.

2.3.2. Maintenance method

To conduct predictive maintenance, the facility will use the following methods:

– Vibration analysis

– Create thermal image

– Oil analysis

– Analysis of sound waves and ultrasound.

For preventive maintenance, the following methods will be used:

– Direct impact and improvement on the physical state of equipment and machinery: replacement of parts and spare parts; Lubrication; oil change; clean,…

– Monitoring the status of equipment and machinery:

+ Subjective: Using senses (sight, touch, smell, …) to check

+ Objective: Using measuring devices

+ Intermittent: Measure the parameters of equipment and machines manually

+ Continuity: Using test equipment

Hopefully, the above article has helped you understand what Maintenance is and the specific tasks in the maintenance of equipment and machines in factories and factories.