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launch /lɔ:ntʃ/ noun large boat (the largest on board a warship) cruise boat noun launching (ship) transitive launch (ship) throw, launch, toss, hurl (name) fire; threats…); open (attack); launch (movement…); strike (punch…); to promulgate (ordinance…) to start, to launch to launch a new enterprise: to open a new business organization to bring (who) us, to introduce (who) to (to let everyone know) the intransitive begin to enter Launch out on a long voyage clamto launch into eternity die, die to launch into strong language cursing for a while

Scope: bridge launching bridge launching: bridge launching floating bridge launching: bridge launching floating bridge launching by launching girder by vehicle laoeasterly launching launching to the east incremental launching method incremental launching method rocket launcher launching arrangement launching base launching padLaunching bearing laolaunching by slidingla launching by slidinglaunching capabilitylaunching capabilitylaunching cradlelaunching cradle launching fibers launching fibers keychainlaunching fiberslaunching fibres firelaunching ramp cameralaunching ramp shelterlaunching ramp shelterlaunching standlaunchingstandlaunching stand

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