English is an interesting language with a huge vocabulary. So we will certainly encounter countless synonyms when learning English. But not all words are the same in terms of usage. For example, Envy and Jealousy translate into Vietnamese as envy, but the two words are not exactly the same in terms of usage. Let’s find out through this article!



/ˈɛnvi/: “Envy” is a two-syllable word with the stress placed on the first syllable.

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Definition: (according to the Oxford dictionary)

(uncountable noun): The desire, the unwillingness to be satisfied by the luck, achievements, … of others.

Envy – envy when someone else has what you want

Usage and example:

envy (of somebody): His envy of her success is very clear.

(His jealousy of her success is obvious.)

envy (at/of something): She felt a touch of envy at her best friend’s ideal conditions.

(She’s a little jealous of her best friend’s ideal condition)

They looked with envy at her high-quality wardrobe.

(They look at her high-quality wardrobe with envy)


to be a person or thing that other people admire and that causes feelings of envy (according to the Oxford dictionary)


Her aesthetic taste of fashion is the envy of the girls.

(Her aesthetic sense of fashion is the envy of girls)

green with envy: (according to the Oxford dictionary) very strong feelings of envy

Example: Her colleagues were green with envy.



/ˈdʒeləsi /: Jealousy is a 3-syllable word with stress on the first syllable.

Jealousy – one of the negative human emotions

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Definition: (according to the Oxford dictionary)

(uncountable noun): The state or feeling of being jealous: Feeling or showing an envious resentment of someone or their achievements, possessions, or perceived advantages.)(countable noun): An action or a remark that shows that a person is jealous

Usage and example:

His aroused jealousy as he saw his wife with someone else.

(His jealousy surfaced when he saw his wife with someone else.)

I’m tired of her petty jealousies.

(I’m sick of her petty acts of jealousy)

Distinguish from Envy and Jealousy


In common cases, “Envy” and “Jealousy” are used with the same meaning: “the feeling when you want what someone else has” (according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary). So in this case the two words can be used interchangeably.

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Their envy/jealousy of his achievement is easy to see.

(Their envy of his achievements is conspicuous.)

Her youth and looks aroused extreme envy/jealousy in her rivals.

(Her freshness and eye-catching looks create the utmost envy of her opponents.)

Different point

However, in some specific cases, Envy and Jealousy will have separate and irreplaceable meanings:

“Envy” is the desire to possess what others have and “Jealousy” is the fear that you will be robbed of what you have. In particular, “jealousy” is widely used to mean “jealousy” in love affairs. It is defined as “the feeling of sadness or anger because someone you love is intimate with another person.”


I felt a twinge of envy for the people who lived there.

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(I feel envious of the people who live here)

The extreme jealousy will lead to unforeseen consequences.

(Excessive jealousy will lead to unintended consequences)

According to the Cambridge dictionary, “Envy” is the wish that you had something that another person has. “Jealousy” is the unhappy and angry feeling because someone has something that you want. It can be said that “jealousy” has a heavier and more negative meaning than “envy”.


My envy of her is the ability to talk to people she’s never met before.

(My envy of her is her ability to start a conversation even with people she has never met.)

However, there’s no point wasting precious time and effort on petty jealousy.

(However, there is no point in wasting precious time and energy on petty envy.)

How to study effectively

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Check out the fun quizzes below to reinforce what we’ve learned!

Part 1: Choose the right word

Mai says her (envy/jealousy) arouses when another woman looks at her boyfriend. She is consumed with (envy/jealousy) if he looks at another woman I feel a pang of (jealous/envious) of their optimistic results. Their rich natural resources are the (envy/jealousy) of the entire world. I can see your (envy/jealousy) of him stealing your favorite toy. What I love myself the most is letting (envy/jealousy) consume me like this. There is enough scope for (envy/jealousy) and healthy competition, but not hatred and (envy/jealousy). It would be selfish to take (envy/ jealousy) of him, and I could truthfully say I wasn’t.

Part 2: Watch the video and save how Envy and Jealousy are used in a real-life context


Hopefully through this article you can learn how to use the two words Envy and Jealousy correctly. English is very diverse, so don’t forget to improve your knowledge every day! You can refer to the following articles to increase your knowledge of synonyms: