True Key is an automatic web login and password manager. Instead of having to remember many different passwords, with True Key, users can quickly access the website via face or fingerprint.

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True Key is a product of Intel Security (McAfee). Acting as a password management application, True Key helps you log in to your account quickly thanks to the ability to recognize faces or fingerprints, avoiding the situation of having to remember many complex passwords for each account.

True Key User Manual

You just need to log in to the True Key app and set up facial recognition, fingerprint or trusted device. From here, you can log in to your favorite apps or websites without entering any personal information. True Key will remember and fill in your password automatically for you!

You don’t want to use your face or fingerprint

?Don’t worry, True Key allows you to choose different login methods. If you are not comfortable letting the device recognize your face, you can choose two other ways: 2nd Device or Master Password. This is called the proprietary multi-step authentication technology on True Key.

Secure Password Management

True Key Windows 10 protects passwords with strong encryption technology. Your data will not be shared or sold to outside parties.

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Integrates with Windows Hello and Microsoft Edge browser

True Key leverages the power of Windows Hello by increasing the security of your True Key profile through factor authentication. What’s more, you feel the comfort, convenience and flexibility when browsing the web on Microsoft Edge.

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Install True Key for free on your smartphone, tablet or computer to sync passwords automatically.

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