As the human factor is increasingly emphasized in the knowledge economy, the human resource management industry is even more important to organizations and businesses. So you understand what is human resource management? What are the general characteristics of this job? All will be introduced and shared by us in detail in the article below.

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1. What is human resource management

?There are many different definitions of human resource management, so when this issue is discussed, there will often be many debates. However, in reality, these opinions are all true and they complement each other, because each idea belongs to a separate aspect of human resource management.

If from the perspective of the organization of the labor process: Human resource management is the field of monitoring, guiding, adjusting and checking metabolism such as energy, nerves, muscles, etc. Material factors of nature such as tools of work, objects of labor, energy… in the process of creating material and spiritual wealth to satisfy human and social needs in order to maintain and protect and develop human potential.

Human resource management is an important activity in all organizations and businesses

If looking at the basic function of the management process: Human resource management includes the planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling activities related to the attraction, use and development of human resources. develop employees in organizations.

If analyzing specifically about the activities of human resource management: This is the recruitment, use, maintenance and development as well as provision of facilities for employees in organizations.

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In summary, human resource management is understood as follows: Human resource management is the activities aimed at enhancing the effective contributions of individuals to the overall goals of the organization. To try to achieve social goals and personal goals.

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2. Job characteristics of the human resource management industry

Jobs in the human resource management industry are quite diverse, but the most common characteristics can be mentioned as:

Attracting human resources and recruiting into the business:

If the enterprise lacks employees, it will affect all production activities, providing products and services to customers. However, that does not mean that businesses can recruit anyone to make up for it. Hiring the right people for the right jobs, and hiring the right number of employees with the right qualities will help businesses grow better.

The human resource management department performs many stages such as job analysis, recruitment and interviewing to find suitable candidates, forecasting changes in labor resource changes, etc. so that enterprises can make plans, and specific solutions.

Attracting quality human resources to the business

Training and developing employees

The human resources department must always monitor the capacity of each employee and organize training to ensure the professionalism of the employee.

The training of new employees helps employees shape their expertise and participate in production according to the technical standards of the unit. In addition, former employees at the enterprise also need to be regularly trained for professional development, continuing to inherit activities that require high expertise in the enterprise.

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Perform to maintain human resources

Human resource management also needs to perform tasks that focus on promoting and effectively using human resources in organizations and enterprises. Implement employee motivation and develop good relationships in the enterprise. Related jobs such as signing labor contracts with employees, resolving labor disputes, improving the working environment, healthcare, insurance, etc.

In human resource management, it is necessary to know how to maintain effective human resources

Besides taking into account the ever-changing desires of employees, managers with human resource management responsibilities must also adapt to changes in the economy, in the regulatory environment, and changes in the environment. change in new management methods.

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With today’s increasingly fierce competitive environment, businesses cannot simply maintain everything in its old state. But to create new ideas, solutions, … to match the times and trends more.

Through this article, you must have understood what is human resource management? What are the general job characteristics of the industry? If you want to learn more specifically about human resource management, along with solutions to make administrative activities easy, fast and effective. Then visit the website: to consult information and receive advice from professional human resource management experts!