What is HRM software? HRM (Human Resource Management) software is human resource management software in the enterprise.

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HRM software is a technology application that helps businesses manage their human resources comprehensively and professionally, from building organizational structure, managing personnel records, time attendance, salary calculation, managing health insurance, social insurance, and personal income tax. , Recruitment, Training, Personnel Evaluation through KPIs… The information about personnel is shown specifically through specific reports to support HR department and business owners to have appropriate strategies for the business. Karma.

What is HRM software

?From the perspective of specific tasks, human resource management is all the activities of an organization to attract, build, develop, utilize, evaluate evaluate and maintain a workforce that matches the organization’s job requirements in terms of both quantity and quality. Includes management decisions and activities that affect employee-business relationships.

Basic functions of human resource management

Human resource management is a way, measure, and method of an organization that affects the relationships of employees and workers’ collectives with the material elements of nature in order to create rhythmic activities. medium of a given organization to exploit all the great potential of human beings in the process of creating material and spiritual wealth for people and for social progress.

Human resource management includes job analysis, recruitment, training and development, performance evaluation, motivating employees to work hard…

Human resource management is considered an important and central stage in the establishment, maintenance and development of enterprises, indirectly finding and applying the best methods to contribute to the organization’s goals. through the development of human talents. Create opportunities to protect and develop human resources of enterprises.

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Along with the development of IT, HRM software was born to better support businesses in enterprise resource management.

The role of HRM software in enterprise resource management

Nowadays, HRM software is used by many businesses in human resource management

The role of human resource management in an enterprise is to manage, maintain and maximize human resource strength, which is an operational process that satisfies the needs of both the enterprise and its employees. The role of human resource management is increasingly important for businesses. The unity of human resource management strategy is associated with the common strategies of the enterprise, which interact with each other. Most businesses realize that people are an important factor creating competitive advantages for businesses and also a key competitive advantage, decisive for businesses. Human resource management is both a means and an operational goal of the system for businesses to maintain and develop.

Today, the role of human resource management is increasingly important because of the fierce competition and the increasing skill level of employees. The gray matter, knowledge and experience of these employees will be a decisive factor for the competitiveness of the enterprise and also a challenge for managers when creating favorable conditions and environment for this team. development and dedication.

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What functions does HRM software need

?In order to meet the needs of intelligent human resource management by software, many technology enterprises have created human resource management software to serve the needs. customer management. However, a good HRM software is the right software for businesses to help businesses better manage human resources. The functions required with an HR management software are:

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1. Manage personnel information in full detail

Detailed information about employees such as: name, gender, contact information, address, date of official contract signing, form of contract signing, educational background, insurance information, working history … will be updated on the software to facilitate the process of searching and retrieving information.

2. Create a Smart Recruitment Process:

Allows updating candidate profile information on the software, creating recruitment criteria on the software, setting up the recruitment process, recruiting requirements, planning recruitment, updating resumes. Candidate Profile, Interview Schedule, Recruitment Report. All these factors are implemented on a single software Training Management: Manage training planning to improve personnel quality, increase labor productivity. Detailed management of training classes, information of students participating in training classes, costs and training progress, evaluation of training results, student learning outcomes.

3. Management, evaluation and classification of employees:

HRM software supports businesses to come up with a KPI tree that allows setting evaluation criteria and scores for each criterion to effectively evaluate employees according to the criteria and evaluate the number of automatic refund points set by the business. pre-programmed. 4. Timekeeping, salary calculation, social insurance management

Allow calculation of wages according to the standards of the enterprise such as: marking the number of working days according to the number of working days, timekeeping by the hour, timekeeping overtime, registration for overtime, leave, compensatory work or maternity. Automatic calculation of salary according to social regimes, insurance, company regimes, taxes. Allows to integrate timekeeper with software and extract information to excel file.

Allows management of insurance information for employees such as social insurance, health insurance or allowances, monthly allowances, social insurance regimes of employees when leaving, increasing wages or transferring.

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5. Report on personnel situation

HRM software allows monthly HR reports, HR increase and decrease reports, Employee birthday reports, Reward reports, employee discipline, Employee increase and decrease reports by department, Employee reports department transfer officer, Report on the list of employees whose contract is about to expire… helps the manager have a comprehensive view of the enterprise’s resources.

Currently, on the market, there are many reputable HRM software providers, in which 3S HRM software provided by ITG is highly appreciated. Especially, the software is integrated with ERP business management software to help businesses manage comprehensively on a single software.

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Technology application in human resource management is an inevitable trend for integration, especially in the era of industrial revolution 4.0. Hopefully, the information that the article gives helps you to understand more about what HRM software is and its role in the business. To learn more useful information about HRM software, you can visit here or contact ITG for advice.