What is the term HJ in the massage industry in disguise? Do you know the HJ techniques that “industry” girls often use to make men crazy, climax in a moment? The skill of making love sometimes needs to be learned too!

In sex, lovemaking has a lot of terms that make you first contact will be surprised and sometimes not understand at all. In previous articles, Poliva introduced you to terms such as CIA, BJ, and FJ. In this article, let’s find out what HJ is right here.

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What is HJ? do you know?

What is the term HJ?

HJ is an acronym for Hand Job, which means making love with your hands – your partner turns your hand so that the other person can enjoy the feeling of orgasm and climax quickly.

However, in order to create a “lift” for the lover easily, when HJ, the woman often “gifts” other stages such as cuddling, kissing, using lubricating gel and massaging the private area…

Secret revealed: HJ massage technique for men to like

Actively making love, stripping his clothes

Particularly, the part of taking the initiative to make love, approaching him to make love is enough for them to arouse desire and fire up the fire. However, if you take the time to unbutton your shirt, loosen your belt, and gradually strip them off, he’ll enjoy it even more. Mentally refreshing and stimulating will self-regulate, making it easy for the “little guy” to get an erection without much effort.

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HJ is hand sex, stimulate your partner to orgasm with your hands

Using lubricants increases excitement

When HJ – hand sex will not be like direct sex, less lubricant is produced, so it sometimes creates a feeling of pain, burning, decreased pleasure. To overcome this situation, PGAs often use lubricants that make the penis more stimulated when touched.

Buying lubricants in pharmacies is not difficult. Just ask the pharmacist, you will get the most dedicated advice.

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The best way to hold the “little guy”: Not everyone knows

Many women are afraid of their husbands and lovers’ pain plus a sense of shyness, so when holding the little boy to HJ, they only dare to hold it lightly. Many people only dare to hold the boy with their thumb and index finger. This is completely wrong. This grip is not gentle but the wrong way.

The way to hold the little boy happy is to use all 5 fingers to hug the whole body of the little boy. You should push, pull up and down so that the outer skin layer drops about 2/3. Occasionally touch the tip of the penis and rub it gently. I’m sure he’ll be happy.

When HJ don’t forget his other G-spots

Don’t forget to approach other sensitive points on his body

Don’t just focus on each “little guy”, hustling up and down for the penis. Those who have sex skills must know that the two pearls below the “small penis” are also extremely stimulating points for men. Use another hand to touch them. Use your fingernails to gently scratch his young thighs, attack his stomach and chest to make him go crazy with your magical hands.

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Use other lovemaking aids

PGAs always have a few lovemaking tools available to make the rain more dramatic. You can consult online, find out his preferences before buying them.

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Work hard to practice HJ so that when you practice proficiently

If you want to practice HJ well, you can make friends with … cucumbers

If you have never HJ or feel that your HJ skills are too weak, practice hard. You can immediately use supporting tools such as bananas, cucumbers, carrots, etc. to practice. This is too easy, isn’t it?

What is HJ? Is it difficult to do HJ for men? Surely with the sharing in the article you already have the answer.

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