– Every time you install or delete a certain software, your drive will be fragmented. Disk fragmentation can slow down your computer. To defragment the drive, within the scope of this article, I would like to introduce 2 methods.

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When to defragment a hard drive

?While defragmentation helps keep the hard drive in tip-top shape, it doesn’t help solid-state drives (SSDs). If you’re installing Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7, this operating system is smart enough to determine when you’re using an SSD and it won’t perform traditional defragmentation. Instead, it will perform “optimization” to improve the performance of your SSD. If you are using an HDD you should run a defrag about once a month. Here are 2 ways you can choose to run hard drive defragmentation.

1. Defrag with Built-In Defrag

Built-In Defrag is a tool available in Windows 7 that helps you defragment your drive. However, this tool lacks some options, so we have introduced the second method below for your reference. To run defrag in Windows 7, perform the following steps: Go to Computer > right-click Go to C drive, select Properties > select Tools tab, select Defragment Now:

Besides, you can open the defrag tool by typing “dfrgui” in the search box when clicking the Start button.

Disk Defragmenter has 3 functions: Analyze one or more partitions. Perform defragmentation on one or more partitions. Schedule defragmentation.

To analyze, select the partition and then click “Analyze”. The information will be displayed after a few seconds.

To perform defragmentation, select the partition to be analyzed and click “Defragment disk”. The process will take about a few minutes depending on the disk space and the space used in the partition. Unlike Windows Vista, Windows 7 includes a process status update that lets you know how much time is left and what percentage of the work has been done.

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When finished, the percentage of the disk that is defragmented will be displayed.

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To schedule defragmentation, click “Configure schedule”

In Windows 7, there is a defrag command, DEFRAG.exe, which is used to schedule defragmentation along with a number of other functions.

2. Defrag with Auslogic Disk Defrag

Those who are not satisfied with the defrag tool in Windows 7 can use some other better software, such as Auslogic Disk Defrag. This software is free, easy to install with just a few clicks. Download Auslogic Disk Defrag

Once installed, run Disk Defrag in the Start menu. There will be a thank you message of the software, click “Yes”

Auslogic Disk Defrag has a lot of useful features. One of them is the ability to analyze partitions, display fragmentation status. Select the partition to be defragmented, select Defrag > Analyze.

With Auslogic Disk Defrag software, you can schedule defragmentation, file type or file type. The program also has a “Defrag & Optimize” method to optimize methods such as gathering free areas, sorting intelligently arranges the file system, moving files from the MFT storage area to the rest of the drive.

Defragmentation is very fast.

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So you have finished de-partitioning the hard drive.

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