HANU is the abbreviation of Hanoi University, one of the top universities in language training in the country. If the students are still wondering, wondering what HANU is, please read carefully the information below to be able to consider more about your choice of university entrance exam.

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1. What is HANU? General information

HANU stands for Hanoi University

English name: Hanoi University

Short name: HANU

Enrollment code: NHF

School address: Km 9, Nguyen Trai Street, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi

Website address: www.hanu.edu.vn



What is HANU school? HANU is the abbreviation of Hanoi University, one of the best foreign language training schools in the country. Founded in 1959 with the predecessor School of Foreign Languages ​​Complementary, in 1967 changed to Hanoi University of Foreign Languages. Recently, in 2019, the school celebrated its 60th anniversary, affirming its standing position in the field of teaching.

Initially, the school only specialized in training languages ​​such as English, Korean, Chinese, German, Japanese, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian. In addition, the school also has more majors in teaching Vietnamese language and Vietnamese culture to foreigners.

In the past 20 years, the school has expanded to add another major in economics and modern science taught in English such as: Tourism and Travel Service Management, Business Administration, majors. Finance-Banking, Accounting, Information Technology, International Studies. The school also has a major in corporate communication, which is taught in French.

In general, Hanoi University is a school that focuses on foreign language training for students. Therefore, it is not surprising that the students attending the school have a better foreign language background than the general level of students at other universities. This is also the only school in Hanoi with 11 different languages ​​​​training, along with 9 majors taught in English and 1 training program in French.

2. Training programs at HANU

The training program at Hanoi University, specifically, that you can refer to is as follows:

– Formal foreign language training: The school is currently training 10 popular languages ​​such as: English, Russian, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Western Spanish and Italian. These majors are all trained under the bachelor’s system, with a 4-year study program.

– Majors taught in regular English: These majors include: Business Administration, Tourism, International Studies, Computer Science, Finance-Banking, and Accounting. When studying these majors, you can both learn the in-depth content of each of your favorite majors and hone your foreign language skills.

– Non-formal training majors: Besides the regular majors, Hanoi University also has non-formal training courses for students from other schools or working people who want to study more. Specifically:

In-service university: For English, Chinese and Japanese languages. The duration of study is 4 years. Upon completion, learners will be awarded an in-service bachelor’s degree.

Second university degree: for those who already have a university degree in a full-time foreign language and want a full-time bachelor’s degree.

Specialized in university training: For those who already have a College degree and want to have a University degree. The school will grant university degrees in all fields of the formal training system.

Post-graduate training: Post-graduate training of Master’s and Doctoral degrees. Master training in English language, French language, Russian language, and Chinese language. Doctoral training for subjects who already have a Master’s degree in the Russian language.

Vietnamese studies: Training at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, certificates can be obtained at all levels.

Language classes: Training 18 foreign languages, including: English, Arabic, French, Russian, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak , Polish, Thai. Issue certificates A, B, C for all subjects.

– Training programs associated with foreign countries: Some training programs that the school has links with universities abroad:

Joint training with universities in China: Students study for 2 years at Hanoi University, 2 years at a Chinese University, and are awarded a university degree in China.

Affiliated with Oxford Brookes University (UK) with the Bachelor of Applied Accounting program.

Associate with La Trobe University (Australia) with bachelor’s and master’s programs in Business Administration.

Affiliated with Victoria University (Australia) with a Master’s program in English teaching theory and methods

3.Why should you choose HANU to study

?After carefully researching this school, you will find that this is the right school to nurture your dream of learning foreign languages. .

– Teaching quality: Hanoi University has a team of good teachers with solid expertise, 90% of the lecturers are formally trained and have taught in many different fields. world famous university. Hanoi University is always proud of its highly qualified faculty. Because of its expertise and modern teaching methods, this school has trained many generations of excellent students, providing quality human resources for the domestic and international labor market.

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All study programs at Hanoi University are taught in foreign languages, so in addition to the necessary knowledge and skills for the job, students will have the ability to use the language fluently, thereby expand job opportunities than training programs in Vietnamese. The study program at the school is also designed according to the advanced foreign curriculum that is updated according to the reality in Vietnam.

– Good study environment: When studying at Hanoi University, you will have many opportunities to exchange and exchange cultures with many international friends as well as teachers and lecturers from many different countries. In the world. The school welcomes thousands of students from 22 countries, every year welcomes hundreds of international professors, lecturers, and experts to visit and exchange teaching and learning experiences for lecturers and students. students at school.

Meeting foreign students has become familiar and part of the daily lives of students at Hanoi University. It is the combination of many different cultures in a learning environment that has brought diverse colors to Hanoi University.

The teaching-learning environment at Hanoi University is very serious, especially without negatives, studying for real-life exams to train students to be honest, independent, and self-responsible for their results. his learning. During the course of study, students are also trained many good habits such as decision making, leadership skills, teamwork, time organization, presentation, project planning, etc.

– Dynamic: The most outstanding thing of Hanoi University students is not only good at foreign languages ​​but also confidence, ability to integrate quickly, dynamism and enthusiasm. Students at the school are always active in learning, participating in many volunteer activities of the Association, the club, as well as many prestigious competitions around the world.

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Modern facilities: The school’s infrastructure system is increasingly being upgraded, perfected and renewed, ensuring to give students the best study space. At the school, there are 20 machine rooms for teaching and learning foreign languages, a professional cabin translation room, and a first-class distance learning room compared to foreign language schools in Vietnam.

In addition, other classrooms of the school are also fully equipped with computers with network connection, internal electromagnetic management network with more than 500 office computers, ensuring active and flexible study time. The school’s library is spacious, clean and beautiful, providing more than 50,000 books related to majors, more than 2,000 CDs, 200 computers connected to the network to serve the learning needs of students.

The school has a spacious, airy, clean student cafeteria to ensure food hygiene and safety, providing delicious food for thousands of students in the school. In addition, the school also has a stadium, meeting the needs of sports with many useful subjects such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, endurance running, long jump, etc.

–There are many scholarships: In order to encourage students to study well, achieve high results as well as help disadvantaged students, the school always has scholarships for each semester. In addition, due to its association with many universities and foreign partners, the university regularly receives many other scholarships from domestic and international organizations and businesses.

– Studying two programs at the same time: Students can study two regular programs at the same time. This not only saves study time, but also helps students get the desired degree.

– Opportunity to exchange abroad: Hanoi University has many joint programs with foreign countries, so students have many opportunities to study abroad at universities of the UK, Australia, Austria, Italy and get granted full-time degrees in Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Applied Accounting, Tourism, Business Economics, Insurance, Statistics.

4. Job opportunities after graduation at HANU

With good training quality, Hanoi University has trained human resources that are highly sought after by the labor market. After graduating from the school, students can be employed and work in many positions. Some notable examples are:

4.1. Linguistics Graduates

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in languages, students can have many job opportunities in positions such as:

– Interpreting: Students of language majors can work as interpreters for meetings, work exchanges, technical documents, and production.

-Translation, translation: Translating book, newspaper, movie documents from foreign countries into Vietnamese requires high accuracy.

-Teaching foreign languages: Foreign language centers are now developing very strongly across the country. So, with language proficiency in All four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing can be used as lecturers and assistant teachers at these centers.

-Sales, Customer Care: In some companies that have many products and services aimed at foreigners, they need sales and customer care positions to be able to communicate and exchange. , sell products and serve customers in many different countries.

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4.2. Information Technology industry

With the rapid development of technology, the demand for human resources in this industry is always high, so graduates can work in positions such as:

– Technical, managerial and executive officers in the field of information technology at domestic and foreign business organizations. Learners will have an advantage in an international working environment, requiring skills in foreign languages, exchanging and learning information with foreign partners.

– Consultant, bridge engineer, customer care specialist for foreign enterprises, especially Japanese enterprises, or associated with Japanese enterprises.

– Programmers, system administrators, IT system security administrators for businesses.

– Participating in projects as a project manager on information technology at home and abroad. Research staff, lecturers on information technology at institutes, research centers and training institutions across the country.

4.3. Tourism and Travel Management

Graduates of the Tourism & Travel Management program at Hanoi University meet the new requirements of the labor market. Human resources are dynamic, creative, have foreign language ability and interdisciplinary knowledge, in-depth in tourism and travel. Therefore, after graduation, students will have many job opportunities, study to improve their qualifications and develop themselves. After graduation, students can work in the following positions:

– Diplomatic agencies, international organizations, reception units of the State and businesses, receptionists in restaurants, large hotels, have a lot of contact with domestic and foreign tourists.

– State management agencies in charge of tourism; media, marketing and sales companies, Large event companies;

– Groups, companies dealing in tourism, hotels, restaurants, sightseeing and entertainment areas, resorts, sports and entertainment centers;

– Students can start their own businesses and manage and operate small-scale establishments dealing in tourism – travel services – marketing and sales – event organization;

– Agencies and units teaching and researching in the field of tourism, doing research projects on the topic of developing tourist attractions in the country.

– Continue to study at a higher level such as masters and doctorates, thereby accumulating experience to become leaders and senior experts in the field of tourism.

4.4. International Studies

Graduates have many career opportunities, working in agencies and organizations such as:

– Working as a project assistant, project/programme officer, communication officer – external affairs, fundraising officer, coordinator in domestic and foreign NGOs and organizations.

– Working in many positions such as research officer, market development and planning officer, officer in charge of social responsibility (CSR); public/community relations officer; sales/marketing staff; administrative staff in foreign and domestic enterprises, joint venture enterprises; foreign-invested enterprises; multinational corporations; state-owned companies, private companies; social enterprise; startup project.

– Working in positions as research staff, analysts, lecturers teaching Department of Development Studies in domestic and international research-teaching agencies such as universities, research institutes, training centers, educational institutions in the field of social sciences and development research…

Working as a policy and strategy researcher, public relations officer, foreign affairs officer, specialist, reporter, editor, journalist in state administrative agencies such as Ministries, departments, branches, mass organizations, security and defense agencies, media agencies, press

=> In addition to the above typical positions, students of Hanoi University after graduation can also apply for jobs in many different positions. The skills cultivated during the study are very useful to students, making them able to confidently apply for many different positions. Therefore, when recruiters see that you have been a student at Hanoi University, they will appreciate you more, which also means that your career opportunities are greatly expanded.

5. Admission information of HANU in 2020

5.1. Admission test scores in 2019

If you are aiming to take the entrance exam to Hanoi University in 2020, knowing the admission scores of each major in the previous year (2019) is essential for you to have You can set goals for yourself.

No. Sector code Subject combination Subject combination Grade 1 7220201 English language D01 33.23 2 7220202 Russian language D01, D02 25.88 3 7220203 French language D01, D03 30.55 4 7220204 Chinese language D01, D04 32.97 5 7220204 CLC Language Chinese – High Quality D01, D04 21.7 6 7220205 German Language D01, D05 30.4 7 7220206 Spanish D01 29.6 8 7220207 Portuguese Language D01 20.03 9 7220208 Italian Language D01 27.85 10 7220208 CLC Italian Language – High quality D01 22.42 11 7220209 Japanese language D01, D06 32.93 12 7220210 Korean language D01 33.85 13 7220210 CLC Korean language – High quality D01 32.15 14 7310601 International studies D01 29.15 15 7320104 Multimedia communication D01 22.8 16 7320109 Corporate Communications D01, D03 28.25 17 7340101 Business Administration D01 31.1 18 7340115 Marketing D01 31.4 19 7340201 Finance and Banking D01 28.98 20 7340301 Accounting D01 28.65 21 7480201 Information Technology A01, D01 22.15 22 7810103 Tourism and travel service management D01 32.2

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Subjects of enrollment

Candidates for admission to Hanoi University are as follows:

Graduated from High School

Be healthy enough to study.

Satisfy the criteria in the university admissions regulations

5.2. Target for regular university enrollment in 2020

No. Training majors Code combination of subjects for admission Target 1 English 7220201 Math, Literature, ENGLISH (D01) 300 2 Russian language 7220202 Math, Literature, russian (D02) or ENGLISH (D01) 125 3 French 7220203 Math, Literature, FRENCH (D03) or ENGLISH (D01) 100 4 Chinese Language 7220204 Math, Literature, Chinese (D04) or ENGLISH (D01) 225 5 Chinese National CLC 7220204 CLC Math, Literature, Chinese (D04) or ENGLISH (D01) 75 6 German Language 7220205 Math, Literature, GERMANY (D05) or ENGLISH (D01) 125 7 Spanish 7220206 Math, Literature, ENGLISH (D01) 75 8 Portuguese 7220207 Math, Literature, ENGLISH (D01) 50 9 Italian 7220208 Math, Literature, ENGLISH (D01) 75 10 Italian CLC 7220208 CLC Math, Literature, ENGLISH (D01) 50 11 Japanese Language 7220209 Math, Literature, JAPAN (D06) or ENGLISH (D01) 175 12 Korean Language 7220210 Math, Literature, ENGLISH (D01) ) 100 13 Korean Language CLC 7220210 CLC Math, Literature, English H (D01) 75 14 International Studies (taught in English) 7310601 Math, Literature, ENGLISH (D01) 125 15 Development Studies (taught in English) 7310111 Math, Literature, ENGLISH (D01) 50 16 Multimedia (taught in English) 7320104 Math, Literature, English (D01) 75 17 Business Communication (taught in French) 7320109 Math, Literature, FRENCH (D03) or ENGLISH (D03) D01) 50 18 Business Administration (taught in English) 7340101 Math, Literature, ENGLISH (D01) 100 19 Marketing (taught in English) 7340115 Math, Literature, ENGLISH (D01) 50 20 Finance – Banking (taught in English) 7340201 Math, Literature, ENGLISH (D01) 100 21 Accounting (taught in English) 7340301 Math, Literature, ENGLISH (D01) 100 22 Information Technology (taught in English) English) 7480201 Math, Literature, English (D01) Math, Physics, English (A01) 200 23 Information Technology (taught in English) CLC 7480201CLC Math, Literature, English (D01) Math, Physics Management, English (A01) 50 24 Management of tourism and travel services (taught by English) 7810103 Math, Literature, ENGLISH (D01) 100 25 Tourism and travel service administration (taught in English) CLC 7810103 CLC Math, Literature, ENGLISH (D01) 50 Total 2600 26 Languages Vietnamese & Vietnamese Culture 7220101 Admission according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training for foreigners studying in Vietnam. See also: Download My Talking Tom Hack Game, Download My Talking Tom Mod Money 4 300

5.3. Detailed HANU tuition fee

Tuition fees for training courses at HANU is also one of the things that you should consider and consider before choosing to study at a university. Below are the regulated tuition fees for full-time bachelor’s programs in the 2020-2024 semester:

Subject of study Total credits Credit level for basic subjects, majors, internships, graduation theses Tuition fee for 1 re-study credit Total tuition fee for the whole English language training program 151 480,000 VND 72,480,000 French language 151 480,000 VND 72,480,000 VND German language 151 480,000 VND 72,480,000 VND Russian language 151 480,000 VND 72,480,000 VND Chinese language 151 480,000 VND 72,480,000 VND Japanese language 151 480,000 VND 72,480,000 VND Korean language National 151 480,000 VND 72,480,000 VND Italian language 151 480,000 VND 72,480,000 VND Spanish language 151 480,000 VND 72,480,000 VND Portuguese language 151 480,000 VND 72,480,000 VND Corporate communication (French) 151 480,000 VND 72,480 .000 VND Business Administration (English) 148 650,000 VND 480,000 VND 83,450,000 Travel and Tourism Services Administration (English) 151 650,000 VND 480,000 VND 84,890,000 VND Finance and Banking (English) 148 650,000 VND 480,000 VND 83,450,000 Accounting (English) 148 650,000 VND 480,000 VND 83,450,000 Marketing (English) 148 650,000 VND 480,000 VND 83,450,000 International Studies (English) 147 650,000 VND 480,000 VND 83,820,000 VND Information technology information (English) 148 650,000 VND 480,000 VND 83,450,000 Multimedia communication (English) 151 650,000 VND 480,000 VND 85,400,000 Research and development 147 650,000 VND 480,000 VND 83,310,000 High quality Chinese language 163 940,000 VND 480,000 VND 127.460,000 High quality Korean language 163 940,000 VND 480,000 VND 127.460,000 High quality Italian language 163 770,000 VND 480,000 VND 109,270,000 High quality travel and service management (English) 152 1300,000 VND 480,000 VND 132,820,000 High quality information technology (English) 153 1300,000 VND 480,000 VND 133,300,000

So, through the above article, you probably already know what HANU is as well as the information surrounding Hanoi University – the top foreign language school in the country. We hope that the above information has brought you a lot of usefulness to be able to choose the most suitable school.