One of the most important moments in life is the moment when you have to truly become an adult. You have to take care of your own life, take care of everything yourself, find a job, your own family. It’s at the moment of graduation that you suddenly realize you’ve grown up and have to grow up. Graduation ceremony is an important milestone that cannot be missed, so have you wondered what an English graduation ceremony is, the possible paths to choose after graduation.

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1. What is the English graduation ceremony

?In the Vietnamese – English dictionary, the graduation ceremony in English is called Graduation Ceremony or Graduation for short.

Graduation ceremony is the graduation ceremony, this ceremony marks an important milestone for each student, this is an event organized by the school, marking the training process after years of book lights.

Graduation ceremonies are held by many training institutions for their students, to celebrate and say goodbye to a graduating student. Graduation ceremonies have many types, often based on each level of the training system, such as high school graduation ceremony, university graduation ceremony.

Subjects participating in the graduation ceremony depend on each case. For example, the high school graduation ceremony will be for the final high school students, marking the end of the 3-year high school journey, or the university graduation ceremony for the students who have finished their years of study and worked hard in the lecture hall. .

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2. Graduation Ceremony – Preparing for the next path

After studying at universities, we will have a graduation ceremony to mark the end of our studies and we must go on our own path.

2.1. A full-time job

Most graduates choose a career to pursue as well as to start their graduate life. This is called adult life.

To get the perfect and desired job, make sure you’ve worked hard enough in college, accumulated enough experience for yourself, or look back to see if you’ve built a resume. to make the perfect CV or not or build a personal brand to affirm yourself how far you have done. This can be done through recruiters, events to connect with employers. Get yourself a perfect CV to introduce yourself to employers.

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When applying for a position or a job, you must know your strengths as well as your weaknesses, do not try to hide your weaknesses from the employer. But don’t be too pushy about flaws, no employer will hire an employee with too many weaknesses. Show the employer your good points and experiences.

2.2. Start-up – A risky start

If they can’t find their passion for the job, the thoughts of young people will turn to Entrepreneurship. With the thought of being the boss, being able to create your own work, not having to listen to the boss’s arrangement will be quite interesting, isn’t it? But this is a job that puts a lot of challenges, has to solve a lot of problems, has to put oneself in front of the storm. To become your own boss is to face problems such as financial management, human resources, products, markets, etc. You will be under pressure from many sides and can also trade time, youth for entrepreneurship.

Starting a business gives students many benefits. You will be able to decide for yourself the projects, which may succeed or fail, but you are the one to decide. You will grow after the decisions you make.

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2.3. Continue practicing like you never graduated from school

Those student-only internships are completely wrong. Many students deal with the internship as a must to get out of school without seeing the benefits of the internship. Internships help students have workplace relationships while still studying, help students have social skills that schools do not teach, and add experience to their CVs later.

Choosing to continue an internship helps you gain more work experience. Many students choose foreign internship programs to increase the reality of living capital, experience the foreign working process as well as to increase their own understanding. This is the reason that many foreign students are willing to give up their summer vacation to go to other countries to practice. The internship will also bring a stable salary to serve life, this is one of the motivations for students who are not really ready to graduate. Many businesses also support interns with travel expenses, or support for meals, accommodation, you will not be too surprised before you have to really take care of everything for life.

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2.4. Study, learn more, study forever

Job Students who choose to study further are usually those who are passionate about the industry, want to learn in-depth, deepen their understanding of the discipline as well as improve their expertise. There are many cases where students choose to study another major because this is when they find their passion.

But this learning will often be quite hard and stressful. Because when I look at my friends who have a stable job or some success, but I still have to go to school, many people feel sorry for themselves, In addition, they have to learn from the beginning, study with other students. New students entering the school, the younger ones, will not be so simple. Must really love and be determined enough, persistent enough to be brave enough to pursue your passion again.

Whatever path you choose, be persistent and put your heart into it. If you don’t know which path is right for you, my advice is to try a few jobs to find your passion and the right path for you. Remember that you are fresh out of school, you are young and you may be wrong many times before you make the right decision. There are many paths you can choose after graduation, but define your goals, have a plan for yourself, take advantage of your youth and start taking action.

3. Today I graduated – The most important holiday of student day

Graduation is the moment when life changes, it means that life will enter a new phase, it’s time to become an adult, it’s time to become an adult, it’s time to fulfill your dreams and take responsibility for every action. own thoughts or actions.

I once read somewhere: “Youth is like a shower, even if you get wet, you still want to be immersed in that rain again”. Crying is not showing your weakness, but crying here can be because you are happy, mixed with a little sadness of separation. That’s why cry when you still have friends by your side to comfort each other and share your regrets.

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This is the moment when you have to grow up, accept the separation and also face the pressures of life. Life pressure can be simply rice, shirt, rice, money, but it can also be pressure of success, pressure of unfinished dreams and ambitions. When you finish the last moment at the graduation ceremony that is when you will have to go into life, you must realize that you have lost the protection of the school, the family. Now you must know what you want to do, what you are doing and what you will do. Will you follow your dreams or will you follow reality to face life? At that sacred moment, you will have to stop dreaming about life, think realistically, think about the future as your future plan.

In the face of pressure after graduation, you will experience the most sacred time of your life. It can be said that this is a sacred moment because it is an honorable moment to receive a certificate that affirms your efforts after studying, and to receive affirmation from the person who taught you. These are moments that not everyone gets to experience. When it comes to this moment, we often think about the past time, about the memories we had with friends and teachers. In these moments, give yourself the opportunity to shed tears, because the tears now will not have a chance to be raised again.

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Graduation is the end time and also the beginning moment. The end of a learning process but also the beginning of an adult life. There will be difficulties but all must go through, please prepare right from the time you are still in school to have a full and confident luggage after graduation. The article has provided readers with what English graduation is as well as sharing about the sacred graduation moment, the possible paths to choose after graduation. Whatever path you choose, do your best for what you choose to be successful.